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Exploring World to deliver New technology By current engineering Tools & concept Style I prefer literature review- sketch up- Product design (Solid works tool)- Engineering Data Extraction from the product - base calculation (Matlab)- Engineering Numerical Analysis CAE & CFD (Ansys)- validating literature data & optimization (Matlab & Ansys)- prototype building- Experimental analysis- optimization-for economical of product- suggestions to mass production


SIte Engineer

Vijay Engineering contractors .Tank Design,Fabrication and erection -HEAD OFFICE

12 Feb 2018 - 09 Mar 2020

CFD Engineer

CADD Centre | Anna Nagar

10 Jul 2017 - 11 Feb 2018


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MATLABNot verified by Skill-Lync


OpenFOAMNot verified by Skill-Lync


PythonNot verified by Skill-Lync


CanteraNot verified by Skill-Lync

ANSYS Workbench

ANSYS WorkbenchNot verified by Skill-Lync


SOLIDWORKSNot verified by Skill-Lync

Converge CFD

Converge CFDNot verified by Skill-Lync

Area of Expertise

CFD simulation

CFD simulationNot verified by Skill-Lync

3D Modelling

3D Modelling Not verified by Skill-Lync


ThermodynamicsNot verified by Skill-Lync

College Information


Hindustan Institute of Technology & Science

09 Jul 2015 - 17 Jul 2017


Sri Muthukumaran Institute of Technology (SMIT)

12 Aug 2010 - 26 Apr 2013


Panimalar Polytechnic College

06 Jul 2007 - 09 Apr 2010

School Information


Ramakrishna Matriculation School

10 Feb 2006 - 23 Apr 2010


calculation Of Organic hydrocarbons

clear allclose allclc% stiochiometric combustion for alkane,alkene,alkyne% ar = Stoichiometric co-efficient% n = Number of moles of Cn= [1:10};%alkane=CnH2n+2%alkene=CnH2n%alkyne=CnH2n-2% formula for arar_alkane=(3*n+1)/2ar_alkene=(3*n)/2ar_alkyne=(3*n-1)/2figure(1)plot(n,ar_alkane,'r')hold onplot(n,ar_alkene,'k')hold…

CHT analsis on exhaust port

CHT Conjugate Heat Transfer (CHT) interaction of solid and fluid body. CHT analysis is mostly used to find heat transfer co-efficient at the non-uniform or were important study which cannot be the calculated analytically. It requires a multi-region mesh to have a clear definition of the interfaces in the computational…

Gas tank American chopper Assembly

Gas Tank command Used sketch surface sweep surface loft Mirror split line surface offset surface knit fillet thicken sweep cut Extrude cut   Procedure with reference to the midplane sketch picture path of the upper tank of sweep is created profile is created on the right plane sweep surface. on the top view draw profile…

Linear Convection

#comment the plot is not very good but the result is right   Program for variable time step clear allclose allclcl=1n=80c=1dt1=1e-4dt2=1e-3dt3=1e-2dt4=1e-1t=0.4% calculationx=linspace(0,l,n)dx=x(2)-x(1)% initialization & B.C x-0.1 t0 0.3u=ones(1,n)n_start= 9 %0.1 x distance startn_stop= 25 %0.3 x distance endu(n_start:n_stop)=2uold=uui=u%time…

Rayleigh Taylor Instability

mathematical models Richtmyer–Meshkov instability (RMI) occurs when two fluids of different density are impulsively accelerated. Normally this is by the passage of a shockwave. The development of the instability begins with small amplitude perturbations which initially grow linearly with time. This is followed by…

Anlysis of BlockMesh with Different Gradient

Give condition Analysis of blockMesh in OpenFoam with 0.2,0.5,0.8, 1 gradient the give condition is divided into 6 block for fine gride spacing below represent the blocks and nodes Table represent node & repective co-ordinate system nodes Co-ordinates nodes Co-ordinates 0 (0 0 -0.5) 13 (0 0 0.5) 1 (80 0 -0.5) 14 (80…

Engine Chassis

CHASSIS command Used sketch projected curve sweep extrude, extrude cut fillet dome Procedure Add picture in the midplane sketch Picture with reference started design. Initially start the sweep profile. a guide is created from the bottom of the chassis profile with midplane and bottom plane diagram 3D curve by projected…

CHT analysis on graphics card

Analysis in Graphics card external flow analysis on a graphics card with source as processor & flow is laminar the base model with fluid volume Name selection Mesh case1 case2 refine mesh nearby graphics card region sphere of inflation method Inputs BC calculation code clear all; close all; clc; rho=1.225; p=(2*(65+40.505))/1000;…

Gate Valve Parametric Study

Gate valve Gate valves are often used when minimum pressure loss and a free bore is needed. When fully open, a typical gate valve has no obstruction in the flow path resulting in a very low-pressure loss, and this design makes it possible to use a pipe-cleaning pig. A gate valve is a multiturn valve meaning that the operation…

1D supersonic simulation by Macormack Method both conservation non-conservation form

The property change only y direction are change in consideration 1 Dimension flow note: all the property are non dimenstion form Given length of nozzle l=3 number of mesh n=31 &  61 for grid in depended analysis     To evaluate conservation & non conservation form by Macormack method, grind independed…

Week 3 - Taylor table method and Matlab code

Central difference schemeFrom Taylor series Taking four point from the base LHS 2 point RHS side two point (d^2 u)/(dx^2 )=af(x-2)+bf(x-1)+cf(x)+df(x+1)+ef(x+2)Find the vale of a b c d e skewed RHSFor second point (i-2)f(x-2*dx)=f(x)-f^' (x) (2*dx)+f^'' (x) (4dx^2)/2!-f^''' (x) (8dx^3)/3!+f^iv (x) (16dx^4)/4! -f^v (x)…

Linear Convection

given condition length (l)= 1m velocity at all node is 1m/s except from dx point 0.1 to 0.3 to 2m/s c=1 time step dt=0.01 time t=0.4 number of time step =t/dt for different nodes with above boundary condition are compared case 1   where n=20 clear allclose allclcl=1n1=20c=1dt=0.01 %time stept=0.4 %time % calculationx1=linspace(0,l,n1)dx1=x1(2)-x1(1)%…

flow analysis in Ahmed body

Purpose for simulation Study Of flow physics on and around the car body in the prototype model. why to make fuel-efficient cars to the market by reducing pollution. the main parameres affect is the Drag force and is cost expense to calculate in the experiment so it is very easy to predict in simulation by lowering drag…

Design of Transmittion belt kickstand Fender using Solid Works

Transmission belt the sketch is created as per dimension on a plane front view. extrude command and fillet feature is used to create the part. For real-time part, the model is provided by appearance as rubber KickStand the sketch is created on different and guide curve is created for reference of a guide plane loft tool…

Rear wheel Front Fork

REAR WHEEL Rim revolve to create rim extrude and extrude cut are used to create spokes pattern are used to 3 spokes filet to finish Rim. The rotor is created by using extrude and extrude cut hole & pocket create a pattern to complete the rotor. extrude and fillet are used to create caliper, extrude and extrude cut…

literature review on FVM method

Diffusion equation Considering the Finite Volume Method for 1D Diffusion Analysis From Malasekara For Example-4.1 Pg-88  Where Area A=10e-3 & K=1000 w/mk. Where the bar is discretized into 5 nodes From general conduction equation  `Q=-KA (dT)/dx` To find Temperature in-between nodes Considering From node…

Taylor Table skewed method

Central difference scheme From Taylor series Taking four point from the base LHS 2 point RHS side two point (d^2 u)/(dx^2 )=af(x-2)+bf(x-1)+cf(x)+df(x+1)+ef(x+2) Find the vale of a b c d e skewed RHS For second point (i-2) f(x-2*dx)=f(x)-f^\' (x) (2*dx)+f^\'\' (x) (4dx^2)/2!-f^\'\'\' (x) (8dx^3)/3!+f^iv (x) (16dx^4)/4!…

Week 3 - Discretization basics

close allclc% analytical function= sin(x)/x^3;% analytical derivative% f'(x)=(x^3*(cosx)-sin(x)*3*x^2/x^6;x=pi/3;analytical_derivative=((x^3)*(cos(x))-(sin(x)*3*(x^2)))/(x^6);% numerical derivative% forward_differencing=(f(x+dx)-f(x))/dx% central differencing = (f(x+dx) - f(x-dx))/2*dx;% fourth order approximation = (f(x-2*dx)-8f(x-dx)+8f(x+dx)-f(x+2*dx))/12*dx;dx=…

2D Heat conduction steady state transient analysis

heat conduction equation (diffusion equation) `(∂T)/dt+α∇^2 T=0` `(∂T)/dt+α((∂^2 T)/(∂x^2 )+(∂^2 T)/(∂y^2 )+(∂^2 T)/(∂z^2 ))=0` BOUNDARY CONDITION Square plate with equal number of grids Length of domain l=1 Number of grid n=11 So length in x & y are same (l=lx=ly)…

CFD Combustion Study

Combustion Combustion is a chemical process in which a substance reacts rapidly with oxygen and gives off heat. The original substance is called the fuel, and the source of oxygen is called the oxidizer. During combustion, new chemical substances are created from the fuel and the oxidizer. These substances are called exhaust.…

Coding basics

  A = 1     2     3     4     5 Which define a matrix in (5 rows, 1 column) B = 1                      2                      3…

Design of Oil Tank Chain Pedal using Solid works

OIL TANK the sketch is created on top plane  & midplane extrude in a different part. combine features are used to get the intersecting region of the part. shell is used to create a hollow shape. filleted edges to complete it. CHAIN profile of chain is created in midplane (front plane), chain link is created by…

Simulation of Flow through a pipe in Matlab OpenFoam 2

Matlab code i.e-wedge 45 clear all; close all; clc; % % Diameter of pipe in inch to meter % % P=3.14*d; % % A=(3.14/4)*(d^2); % % D=4*A/P=d; d=8.563/1000; %% which is simply ID of 1/8\" pipe r=d/2; theta=45; % wedge angle % % Arc length % % property of water at 30c al=2*3.14*r*(theta/360); rho=995.65; mu=0.798*10^-3; nu=mu/rho;…

Simulation of Flow through a pipe in Matlab OpenFoam

velocity profile varies according to the spatial distance in the pipe shear stress variation is the spatial distance   Entry length of laminar flow is given by `L=0.05*Re*D_h` Hydraulic diameter is given by `D_h=4A/P` `A=π/4 D^2` `P=πD` By substituting A,P in `D_h` `D_h=D` `Re=vD/ϑ` Assuming Diameter=1/8”…

CFD analysis on Cyclone Separator

Cyclone Separator Cyclone Separator is a means of separating different liquid phases (different liquid densities), or, separating particles from a gas stream. Cyclone separators often form part of a pre-cleaning stage prior to a gas or liquid being discharged. This article focuses on gas cyclone separator. gas cyclone…

BLUE Yatch Design Using solidworks

OBJECTIVE Design of yacht in Solidworks Acknowledgement Thank you learn solidworks.com Mr.J.W. Zuyderduyn for a design resource I would like to thank skill Lync, Mr Bharath Kumar, for entire 24/7 support in my design to make me to learn the concept very clearly and completed the Design Software Used to Design Solid Works…

Week 3 - Units of quantities

kinematic viscosity The kinematic viscosity (also called "momentum diffusivity") is the ratio of the dynamic viscosity μ to the density of the fluid ρ. It is usually denoted by the (ν) and has unit m^2/s ν=μ/ρ Dynamic viscosityviscosity is a measure of internal resistance. Dynamic viscosity is the tangential…

cool chopper

OBJECTIVE learn how to design American chopper in Solidworks Acknowledgement Thank you learn solidworks.com Mr.J.W. Zuyderduyn for design content parameter & concept  I would like to thank skill Lync, Mr. Bharath Kumar, for entire 24/7 support in my design to make me learn the concept very clearly and completed…

CFD simulation on Gear box

Gearbox house assemble of gears the rotation of gears can be studied to find the sloshing effect of multiphase materials slosh slosh refers to the movement of liquid inside another object (which is, typically, also undergoing motion). Strictly speaking, the liquid must have a free surface to constitute a slosh dynamics…

Assembly of Yacht

  I am already completed this challenge just resubmitting the challenge again as directed by my technical support engineer Bharath Google Drive https://drive.google.com/file/d/1oY0GQZXrutoor_6AVGO3x93tFN4gZNpt/view?usp=sharing

Independent Research Project

Effectiveness comparison of Double pipe heat exchanger OBJECTIVE To Design Double pipe heat exchanger with & without turbulator. Numerical investigation of Heat exchanger Using Ansys. To find the temperature effect of Double pipe exchanger and compare the effect with turbulator in the tube at various Reynolds number.…

Week 3 - Adiabatic Flame Temperature calculation

OBJECTIVE FINDING ADIABATIC FLAME TEMPERATURE IN COMBUSTION WITH VARIABLE CONDITION Constant Volume Process 2.Constant Pressure Process    CH4 with variable heat loss Di-carbon atoms alkanes, alkynes, and alkenes with 0.35 (35% heat loss) variable carbon atom in alkane   Introduction General combustion…

Week 4 - Handling Mixtures with Cantera

Aim To Find the Adiabatic Flame Temperature (AFT) at the stoichiometric condition using Cantera which is obtained as 2224 k study molar faction input in Cantera to get AFT Introduction General Form of stoichiometric condition `C_xH_y+a(o_2+3.76*N2)= x*co_2 +y/2*H2O+3.76*a*N2` mole base convection consider only at reactant…

Week 4 - Combustion Efficiency Calculation after Preheating

 Aim To Find Adiabatic Temperature when reactant of air heated from range 298 to 600k with 41 number of divisions which was given by recuperator using the class method in Cantera Product exit 1700k temperature with preheater of air effect of combustion efficiency with LHV=50MJ/KG. Combustion Analysis of methane Using…

Compact Notation Derivation for a simple Mechanism

Aim To Derive compact Notation Derivation For below Reaction `CO+O2 to CO2+O` `O+H2O to OH+OH` `CO+OH to CO2+H` `H+O2 to OH +O` Solution Give Problem has 7 species & 4 Reaction mechanism Species j Species 1 CO 2 O2 3 CO2 4 O 5 H2O 6 OH 7 H Reaction `CO+O2 overset(kf1) (harr) underset(kr1) CO2+O` `O+H2O overset(kf2)…

Week 5 - Literature review: ODE Stability

Introduction what is ODE  ODE is an Ordinary Differential Equation is an equation that contains one or several derivatives of unknown Function such as time & space ( For example temperature variation T(x), T(t)). The equation may contain T itself as a known function of x or t. Term Ordinary distinguishes Partial…

Week 6 - Multivariate Newton Rhapson Solver

Given Data `(dy_1)/dt=-0.04y_1+10^4y_2y_3` `(dy_2)/dt=0.04y_1-10^4y_2y_3-3*10^7y_2^2` `(dy_3)/dt=3*10^7*y_2^2` alpha=1 time(t)=10 min initial guess value y1=1 y2=0 y3=0 To Find Solve the problem using Implicit Euler Method/Backward Differencing suitable step size, reason for choosing that step size Solution solve y variable…

Week 7 - Auto ignition using Cantera

study Methane (CH4) of Ignition delay at the various condition for 10 seconds Given Data Part 1 Case 1a constant temperature T=1250 k variable pressure varies from P= 1 to 5 bar case 1b constant pressure P=5 bar variable Temperature varies from T=950 to 1450k Part 2 case2a constant Temperature T=500k constant Pressure…

Week 9 - Senstivity Analysis Assignment

Given Data Temperature=1500 Pressure=1atm  CH4 combustion To Find: combustion sensitivity analysis methane combustion 10 most sensitive reactions Temperature function of 10 reactions vs sensitivity   Solution: Theory Sensitivity Analysis the sensitivity analysis is a standard approach to investigate the influence…

Week 1: Channel flow simulation using CONVERGE CFD

Objective  To study simulation of channel flow with different mesh size Creat Geomentry x=0.01,y=0.01,z=0.01m set up  material  species N2,O2 Simulation Parameter Steady state Simulation time parameter  End time-15000 cycles Boundary Boundary Condition Region       inlet P=100001 O2=0.23…

Week 3: Flow over a backward facing step

Given Data back ward Facing in step geomentry Turbulent solving Steaty State Boundary Condition   Volume- Air inlet- 1101325 Pa  outlet-101325 Pa Turbulent-`STD k-epsi` SteatyState Simulation time Parameter End Time:15000 cycle Initial Time step:1e-6 min Time step:1e-6 max Time step:1 Max convection CFL limit:1…

Week 4.1: Project - Steady state simulation of flow over a throttle body

AIM To Determin Steady State Simulation OF Elbow Using Converge INPUT BOUNDARY CONDITION   Predefine mixture-Air Simulation Parameter Solver: Steady-state Simulatio mode- Fully Hydrodynamic     Simulation Time Parameter End Time-15000 Cyc min-time step-1e-9 Max-time step-1 Max-Convection CFL-1 Solver Parameter…

Week 4.2: Project - Transient simulation of flow over a throttle body

AIM To Determin Transient Simulation OF Elbow with variable valve Position Using Converge INPUT BOUNDARY CONDITION   Predefine mixture-Air Simulation Parameter Solver: Steady-state Simulatio mode- Fully Hydrodynamic     Simulation Time Parameter End Time-0.01 S Init-time step-1e-09 s min-time step-1e-09…

Week 5: Prandtl Meyer Shock problem

Shock Wave strong pressure wave in an elastic medium such as air, water, or a solid substance, produced by supersonic aircraft, explosions, lightning, or other phenomena that create violent changes in pressure. The edge of the cone forms a supersonic wavefront with an unusually large amplitude called a "shock wave, Shock…

Week 6: Conjugate Heat Transfer Simulation

Introduction  Conjugate Heat Transfer (CHT) Conjugate Heat transfer (CHT) is when heat transfer occurs simultaneously within & between fluid and solid regions The predominant mode of Heat transfer in a fluid is convection  The predominant mode of Heat transfer in Solid is conduction Converge solves the fluid…

Week 7: Shock tube simulation project

Introduction  Shock Tube Shock tubes are devices for studying the flow of high-temperature and high-velocity compressible gas. A high-temperature supersonic gas flow is initiated in a shock tube as a result of rupture of a diaphragm separating two gases in high-pressure and low-pressure chambers. The shock tube is…

Week 8: Literature review - RANS derivation and analysis

AIM To determine the following term NS Equation with expression output for Reynold's Stress understanding of the terms Reynolds stress What is turbulent viscosity? How is it different from molecular viscosity? Turbulent In fluid dynamics, turbulence or turbulent flow is fluid motion characterized by…

Week 9: Project 1 - Surface preparation and Boundary Flagging (PFI)

Introduction the most widely produced internal combustion engines were of the Port Fuel Injected (PFI) design, where the fuel is sprayed into the intake ports to mix with incoming air. In fact, many new vehicles are still manufactured with this engine design. The fuel injectors in PFI configurations are typically mounted…

Week 10: Project 1 - FULL HYDRO case set up (PFI)

Introduction PFI engine mixing fuel with air in the carburetor before it entered the combustion chamber was still the main technology being used in gasoline vehicles PFI engines use a three-way catalytic converter, exhaust sensors, and computer-controlled engine management to constantly adjust the fuel-to-air ratio injected…

Week 11: Project 2 - Emission characterization on a CAT3410 engine

    Emission characteristic Analysis On Diesel Engine with open-w and Omega shape piston Introduction Diesel engines are more efficient than gasoline engines for two reasons: (i) higher cylinder pressure and corresponding higher temperatures lead to improved thermal efficiency for the diesel engine; (ii)…


PFI Engine the Compression ratio for the engine The compression ratio is defined as the ratio between the volume of the cylinder with the piston in the bottom position, `V_2` (largest volume), and in the top position, `V_1` (smallest volume). The higher this ratio, the greater will be the…

Week 2- 2R Robotic Arm Challenge

Robotic Arm To Study position movement of robotic  Given Data Length l1=1;l2=0.5; Angle changes from initial condition theta1=45;theta2=30; 1st node position x0=0;y0=0; 2nd & 3rd position is variable using trignomenty x1 = l1*cos(THETA1) y1 = l1*sin(THETA1) % link2 position x2 = x1+ l2*cos(THETA2) y2 = y1+ l2*sin(THETA2)…

Week 3 - Solving second order ODEs

Introduction Solving pendulum problems using ODE45 Given Data L=1 metre, m=1 kg, b=0.05. g=9.81 m/s2.   Solving `b/m*(d theta_ 1)/dt+g/l*sin(theta)+(d theta_ 2)/dt = 0` g = gravity in m/s2, L = length of the pendulum in m, m = mass of the ball in kg, b=damping coefficient. For solving splitting ODE as 1st order and…

Week 4.1 - Genetic Algorithm

Genetic Algorithm  A genetic algorithm is a search heuristic that is inspired by Charles Darwin’s theory of natural evolution. This algorithm reflects the process of natural selection where the fittest individuals are selected for reproduction in order to produce offspring of the next generation. This…

Project 1 - Parsing NASA thermodynamic data

Introduction  Aim To evaluate thermodynamic properties such as specific heat (cp), enthalpy (h), and entropy (S) from the NASA file for different spices with higher to lower temperatures and plot the Temperature vs thermodynamic properties for different spices in different folders.   Specific heat (CP) specific…

Project 2 - Rankine cycle Simulator

AIM To simulate Rankine cycle with Turbine input and output condition using Matlab and steam Data function file Introduction The Rankine cycle is the fundamental operating cycle of all power plants where an operating fluid is continuously evaporated and condensed. The selection of operating fluid depends mainly on the…

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