Advanced CFD Meshing using ANSA


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A Quick Overview

ANSA is an advanced multidisciplinary pre-processing tool that provides all the necessary functionality for full-model build-up, from CAD data to ready-to-run solver input file, in a single integrated environment. This course purely focuses on pre-processing/modeling a component for CFD analysis. If you are someone who is interested in the CFD domain this course will help you to get into the industry as a CFD modeler/mesher.

Anyone who enrolls in this course will be able to learn a CFD Preprocessing Tool which includes tasks such as geometry clean up, Geometry checks, 2D and 3D meshing operations, Wind tunnel establishments, etc. By learning how to use this tool you will be able to model/mesh any components that are required in the CFD Domain.           

At the end of this course, you will be skilled in 2D ( Surface meshing ) and 3D ( Volume meshing ). There are several complex models in the course work that will help you in practicing the techniques taught in this course.

After completing this course you will be able to apply for various CFD roles within the automotive sector and other industries.


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1Introduction to ANSA GUI and Tools

In this module you will be introduced to the ANSA Software. You will learn the Graphical User Interface(GUI) of the ANSA tool. You will get to know about different solvers and types of analysis carried out using them. You will be introduced to basic tools that will help you with geometric cleanups and other deck setups in ANSA.
The topics covered in this module are, 

  • Introduction to ANSA,
  • Geometric Tools and Topology cleanup
  • Different Tools used in TOPO deck

22D (Surface) meshing to Pressure valve

In this module you will be introduced to the Pressure valve model. You will get to know how to perform Surface Meshing to a Pressure valve model. 
The topics covered in this module are, 

  • PID creation and PID assignment,
  • Different selection techniques and visibility tools,
  • Basic Topology cleanup
  • Basic tools used in Surface mesh

33D (Volume) meshing to Turbocharger

In this module you will be introduced to the Turbocharger model. You will get to know how to perform Volumetric Meshing to a Turbocharger model. 
The topics covered in this module are, 
  • Geometry cleanup to define volumes.

  • Various Geometry checks

  • Surface meshing as per Quality Criteria 

  • Volumetric Meshing as per requirements

4CFD meshing to BMW M6 Model inside Wind tunnel

In this module you will be introduced to the BMW M6 model. You will get to know how to perform CFD Meshing to a BMW M6 model. 
The topics covered in this module are, 

  • Advanced Topology cleanup to define volumes.
  • Variable Surface meshing part by part 
  • Solving quality failed elements as per Quality criteria
  • Symmetry operation for surface and mesh elements
  • Wind Tunnel Creation 
  • CFD Meshing for Wind tunnel

5Surface wrap to an Automotive assembly

In this module you will be introduced to three different automotive models: Engine, Transmission, Gearbox. You will get to know how to perform Surface wrap to an automotive assembly for outer flow CFD Analysis. The topics covered in this module are, 

  • Geometry cleanups for surface wrap.
  • Merging of different models in one GUI.
  • Surface wrapping for an Assembly.

Projects Overview

CFD meshing to Tesla Cybertruck Model inside Wind tunnel


You will be provided with an Tesla Cybertruck Model. You have to perform Topology cleanup as per volume requirements and meshing the whole model by achieving all the mentioned quality criteria parameters.

Download syllabus


Download Syllabus


  • For students of Mechanical and Automotive Engineering
  • Professionals who are working in the quality, production, and manufacturing domains and looking for a transition to bigger responsibility
  • This course will provide a deep understanding into the pre-processing a given sheet metal or plastic component
  • You will have the confidence to clean & mesh any kind of model at the end of the course
  • This course opens the gate to the world of FEA meshing techniques and cleaning a geometry before sending it to analysis


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  • Top 5% of the class will get a merit certificate
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Frequently Asked Questions

1Who can take this course?

Any Undergraduate or Master or PHD students who are looking to learn a good tool to create high quality mesh can take up this course 

2What is included in your course?

In this course we will be looking at how to prepare your CAD model for a CFD simulation, generate the surface mesh and finally generate the volume mesh for CFD

3What will the student gain from your course?

The students will understand how to prepare complex geometries for CFD simulations and how to generate volume mesh to the provided mesh quality 

4What software skills are you teaching and how well are these tools used in the industry?

We teach ANSA in this course and it used by nearly all the OEM’s and tier 1 industries to create mesh 

5What is the real world application for the tools and techniques will you teach in this course?

The projects involved in the course are very similar to the job that you will get once you get into the industry, The course also teaches you how to generate mesh over a complete car for a wind tunnel simulation 

6Which companies use these techniques and for what?

All OEM’s use this technique to perform external Aerodynamics simulations, cabin comfort simulations, internal flow simulations.

7How is your course going to help me in my path to MS or PhD?

If your master's thesis demands you to work on a complex CFD problem, then generating the mesh can be a really hard task; learning ANSA will reduce the level of difficulty in that process.

8How is this course going to help me get a job?

It is very hard to find a fresher with a deep skill-set in ANSA. Most of the OEM’s are looking for this skill-set which is a paramount importance in your profile.

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