Devireddy Ganesh Reddy

Mechanical Engineer

Week 1 Spur Gear Challenge


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Week-6 Calculate the Stretch Ratio by comparing the ELFORM (-2,-1,1,2) with Ogden_Material Model.
Devireddy updated on Nov 21, 2021, 01:02pm IST
Aim:To calculate the stretch ratio by calculating the ELFORM(-2,-1,1,2) with Ogden Material Model. Objective: Case setup for Ogden material and behaviour has to be studied during changes in the ELFORM(Element Formulation). Procedure: 1.Import the given ogden material keyword file into the LS-PrePost. 2.Open the Material… Read more
Week - 4 - Crash Box Simulation
Devireddy updated on Nov 02, 2021, 04:11pm IST
Aim: To perform a simulation of a crash box with rectangular channel striking a rigid wall. Objective: To assign the values and other criteria to the crash box to perform the simulation. To perform the simulation and plot graphs for the energies generated during the simulation. Attach the prerequisite files. Procedure:… Read more
Week - 3 Drop test Challenge
Devireddy updated on Nov 02, 2021, 02:14pm IST
Aim: To perform drop test of a simplified cellphone and a plate mimicking ground. Objectives: Importing the keyword file. Create and assign the boundaries,contacts,sections and other required for the drop test. Inputting the file into the solver. Procedure: 1.Import the file into the LS-Dyna pre-post. 2.File ->Open… Read more

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