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Week - 10 Hyperelastic Material Models
Aim- Use the given material data to build a hyper elastic material cards using Ls-Dyna. Build Mooney Rivlin and Ogden material card by finding their constants using d3hsp file. Perform uniaxial tensile test on Dogbone specimen with 100% strain (i.e. strain = 1) and compare the stress strain data in above cases. Theory-…
  • BIM
  • CAE
  • CFD
  • CSS
  • DEM
  • FEA
  • GIS
  • HEV
  • HTML

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In this project, I will be simulating an incompressible-laminar-viscous flow through a backward facing step. This will be solved using the software OpenFOAM running on Debian. The solver for this simulation was chosen to be icoFoam, I decided what solver to use from this guide on OpenFOAM's website This is from their guide,…
Aim- Given is a Ogden material card which is hyperelastic (rubber). Create a 10x10x10mm solid mesh and run a pure tensile run on it with stretch ratio of 5. Compare different element formulations of solids 1,-1,2,-2 and plot engineering stress vs stretch values.   Explanation- Since this simulation is happening…
AIM: DESIGN OF RESIDENTIAL BUILDING. Stpep:1 From the file menu new archithech sheet is taken for the modeling of the building. The units are converted into feet by using  the option project units from the manage toolbar. Using the line tool layout is  drawn for the development of the modeling. All the design…
Question 1: Compute lateral stiffness of the one story frame with an intermediate realistic stiffness of the beam. The system has 3 DOFs as shown. Assume L = 2h and Elb = Elc   Question 2: For the following structures: Determine the number of degrees-of-freedom for dynamic analysis Establish the equation…
Draft Analysis When a plastic component is made, we can observe that there is a draft angle given on each side from the base which is lesser than 90 degrees. This is because in the criteria of making a plastic material the mold should release the material when finished. if the mold surfaces are 90 degrees the material…
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