Devireddy Ganesh Reddy

Mechanical Engineer

Week - 4 - Crash Box Simulation


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Week-6 Calculate the Stretch Ratio by comparing the ELFORM (-2,-1,1,2) with Ogden_Material Model.
Devireddy updated on Nov 21, 2021, 01:02pm IST
Aim:To calculate the stretch ratio by calculating the ELFORM(-2,-1,1,2) with Ogden Material Model. Objective: Case setup for Ogden material and behaviour has to be studied during changes in the ELFORM(Element Formulation). Procedure: 1.Import the given ogden material keyword file into the LS-PrePost. 2.Open the Material… Read more
Week - 3 Drop test Challenge
Devireddy updated on Nov 02, 2021, 02:14pm IST
Aim: To perform drop test of a simplified cellphone and a plate mimicking ground. Objectives: Importing the keyword file. Create and assign the boundaries,contacts,sections and other required for the drop test. Inputting the file into the solver. Procedure: 1.Import the file into the LS-Dyna pre-post. 2.File ->Open… Read more
Week - 1 - Consistency of Units
Devireddy updated on Oct 25, 2021, 03:36pm IST
Aim: To convert the SI unit system quantites to the all different types of parameters and to tabulate the unit system for all the different types of unit systems mentioned. Objective:To convert the multiple quantity values to different unit systems and also create a table such that there won't be any problem while using… Read more

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