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Radar Mast & Final Assembly of Yacht
  2021   SKILL-LYNC         MODELING OF YACHT IN SOLIDWOEKS           By ABHIJNA K                                               …
  • BIM
  • CAE
  • CFD
  • CSS
  • FEA
  • HEV
  • HTML
  • MBD

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  MODELLING AND ASSEMBLING OF SUNSEEKER PREDATOR YACHT : Objective: The main objective is to produce a detailed model of different parts of yacht with the help of blue prints and some given dimensions, and assembling the entire model. Introduction: Solid works software is a mechanical cad software which helps the…
MODELING AND RENDERING OF ROYAL ENFIELD CLASSIC 350 USING SOLIDWORKSOBJECTIVE: 1.The main objective of this project is used to create a model of different parts of the royal Enfield classic 350 using Solid works. 2.To assemble the different parts modeled for the classic 350. 3.To create a photo-realistic view of the…
  SKILL LYNC       PROJECT REPORT   MODELLING OF AMERICAN CHOPPER ON SOLIDWORKS                   BY, Vikas Biswas INTRODUCTION This project explains about the designing of different parts of chopper and assembling them to get a complete model of the…
Ultimate SOLIDWORKS Course Title: To model and assemble of an American Predator Yacht using and solid and surface modelling in solid works. OBJECTIVE The main objective of this project is to design and model all the parts of an American Predator Yacht and assemble it to create the Photo-Realistic rendering of the yacht.…
  TITLE: YATCH   OBJECTIVES 1.To model and assemble Yatch in SOLIDWORKS. 2.To understand how to use all the properties in SOLIDWORKS. 3.To know how to do rendering for the perfect outcome.   INTRODUCTION Yatch is a superyatch which made of different characteristic features like fillet, extrude, chamfer,…