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Simulation of a backward facing step in OpenFOAM
In this project, I will be simulating an incompressible-laminar-viscous flow through a backward facing step. This will be solved using the software OpenFOAM running on Debian. The solver for this simulation was chosen to be icoFoam, I decided what solver to use from this guide on OpenFOAM's website This is from their guide,…
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  • CFD
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Aim- Given is a Ogden material card which is hyperelastic (rubber). Create a 10x10x10mm solid mesh and run a pure tensile run on it with stretch ratio of 5. Compare different element formulations of solids 1,-1,2,-2 and plot engineering stress vs stretch values.   Explanation- Since this simulation is happening…
Draft Analysis When a plastic component is made, we can observe that there is a draft angle given on each side from the base which is lesser than 90 degrees. This is because in the criteria of making a plastic material the mold should release the material when finished. if the mold surfaces are 90 degrees the material…
AIM : To find out the critical frequencies of a rotating shaft in Solidworks. OBJECTIVES : To create 3D model of a rotating shaft. To perform frequency analysis on the rotating shaft and find out the critical frequencies. INTRODUCTION : For a rotating shaft there is a speed at which, for any…
Case:  Mr. D.S. Pughazhyendhii is a married man who lives in Bangalore which is a highly crowded city. His Family comprises five members including his wife, five-year-old boy, his father, and his mother. He visits his native place Madurai which is 500kms away from Bangalore once in a month. Also, he will be using…
  PROJECT 1: PART-MODELLING, ASSEMBLY AND PHOTO-REALISTIC RENDERING OF AMERICAN CHOPPER               OBJECTIVE: To do the part-modelling of all the parts of American Chopper in SolidWorks software. Get the knowledge of how to assemble all the parts of Chopper. Do the photo-realistic…
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