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Week 8 - Challenge 3 - Coin Holder Design
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Aim- Use the given material data to build a hyper elastic material cards using Ls-Dyna. Build Mooney Rivlin and Ogden material card by finding their constants using d3hsp file. Perform uniaxial tensile test on Dogbone specimen with 100% strain (i.e. strain = 1) and compare the stress strain data in above cases. Theory-…
In this project, I will be simulating an incompressible-laminar-viscous flow through a backward facing step. This will be solved using the software OpenFOAM running on Debian. The solver for this simulation was chosen to be icoFoam, I decided what solver to use from this guide on OpenFOAM's website This is from their guide,…
Draft Analysis When a plastic component is made, we can observe that there is a draft angle given on each side from the base which is lesser than 90 degrees. This is because in the criteria of making a plastic material the mold should release the material when finished. if the mold surfaces are 90 degrees…
LS DYNA – Material_Modelling_Hyperelastic By Enos Leslie Mechanical Engineer 8th April 2023   AIM   Model a hyperelastic material by comparing data to stress/strain experimental curve data. The rubber models from Ls Dyna Deck considered are: Mooney Rivlin Constant (MAT_077, N = 1) Ogden Rubber Constants…
Dog house design for the Door Trim:Aim: Create the Dog House for the Door Trim considering the design rules and performthe draft analysis for class A and create the final close body component and performthe draft analysis.Objective:Create the Tooling axis Design the class-B and class-C surfaces and join them.Use the Close…