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An aspiring mechnical engineer to learn about electric vehicles and to work on automobiles


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3D Modelling

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Solid modelling

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College Information


R.M.K. Engineering College

08 Jul 2017 - 05 Dec 2020


Sri Durgadevi Polytechnic College

12 Jun 2015 - 01 Apr 2017

School Information


Velammal Matriculation Higher Secondary School

10 Apr 2014 - 11 Apr 2015


Velammal Matriculation Higher Secondary School

12 Apr 2012 - 13 Apr 2013



AIM: To write a program using matlab for otto cycle to find the piston kinematics   FORUMULA USED: `v_s = (pi/4)*d^2*l` `v_c= v_s/(cr-1)` `v_1 = v_s + v_c` `v_2 = v_c` `p_2 = p_1*(v_1/v_2)^gamma` `t_2 = (p_2*v_2*t_1)/(p_1*v_1)` `p_3=(p_2*t_3)/t_2` `v_1/v_2=cr`   `V/V_c = 1 + 1/2(cr-1)[R+ 1-costheta-(R^2-SIN^2theta)^(1/2)]`…

Second Order ODE to get the position of the pendulum as a function of time

AIM:  To solve the ODE equation represents the equation of motion of a simple pendulum with damping to get the position of the pendulum as a function of time. Fomulae used: `(d^2theta)/dt^2 + b/m*(d theta)/dt+g/l*sintheta=0` # where (d^2theta/dt^2) represents the second order ODE. # b = damping force # m = mass #…

matlab program for a curve fit for splitwise polynomial

AIM: To write a code to fit a linear and cubic polynomial for the given cp data and temperature Project Objective:Plotting the linear and cubic fit curves along with raw data points, the title label, axis and legends are to shown in graph. The main objective of this curve fit code is to set the original data line with…

matlab program for stalagmite mathematical model

AIM:  To solve a program for stalagmite mathematical model for genetic algorithm by using matlab Objective of the project: The main objective of the project is to find the minimum value of the stalagmite function with respective to the number of iterations given as input. The work flow of the project starts with creating…

Matlab program for NASA thermodynamic data file parsing

AIM: To write a function for the thermodynamic data file of NASA that extracts the 14 coefficients and calculates the enthalpy, entropy, and specific heats for all the species in the data file. OBJECTIVE: # Low temperature and high-temperature ranges are separated for the 14 coefficients. # Local temperature ranges is…

Doorbell model using solenoid block and thermistor used to find the temperature in a fan using Simulink

Study - 1: AIM: To construct a Simulink model for a doorbell using a solenoid block. Objective: The model to be designed for a situation where the switch is closed for 2 seconds and then released to Observing the physical movement of the plunger.  Model: Construction: The block used is a battery, Solenoid, ideal…

Simulink model for a washing machine using control logic

AIM: To implement control logic of a “washing machine” using Stateflow as per given sequence Objective: If the power supply is available, the system gets activated  If the Water supply is not available, stop the process & indicate through LED Soaking time should be 200s followed by Washing time of…

Vehicle modelling for Toyota prius HEV using Advisor

Aim: To simulate the following using advisor tool Objective: # To perform the simulation for finding the vehicle can travel for 45km with the FTP drive cycle # To perform the same simulation done above by changing the battery capacity # To perform gradability test for Toyota Prius vehicle.   1. To perform the…

Wide open throttle drive cycle for HEV & EV

AIM:  # To model and write the given systems of powertrain blockset. Objective: # To write the difference between the mapped and dynamic model of engine, motor, and generator  # To model calculate the miles per gallon # To run the HEV ReferenceApplication with WOT drive cycle # To compare the simulated results…

EV Drivetrain

AIM:  To find the duty ratio for acceleration operation and for the braking operation Objective: # To find the types of power converter circuits used in electric and hybrid vehicles # To find the duty ratio for acceleration operation and for the braking operation # To write about the view of the author perspective…

Week-7 Challenge: EV Model using DC7 block & DC Motor Control

AIM:  To make an EV model using DC7 block OBJECTIVE: # To Run MATLAB demo Speed control of a DC motor using BJT H-bridge # Comparing Four-Quadrant Chopper DC Drive (DC7) block with H-bridge model # To make an EV model using DC7 block   Problem 1: To Run MATLAB demo Speed control of a DC motor…

Week-11 Challenge: Braking

AIM:  To Make a MATLAB program that plots the contour of given motor speed, torque, and efficiency values Objective: # To calculate the energy required for braking for the defined driving cycle. # At high speed Why electric motor can’t develop braking torque similar to starting and to determine How…

Week 1 Understanding Different Battery Chemistry

AIM: To prepare a table that includes the materials & chemical reactions of different lithium-ion batteries Objective: # Types of batteries are separated # Type of anode, cathode, electrolyte & separator used is noted # The chemical reaction at oxidation and reduction of each battery is taken into the table …

Week 5 Battery characteristics using drive cycle

AIM: To model a generic battery charge and discharge using UDDS data Procedure: # UDDS drive cycle to be created and imported to the signal builder # Then a battery model to be created with the UDDS data file What is UDDS? UDDS stands for Urban Dynamometer Driving Schedule and refers to a United state environment…

Week 6 Fuel cell powered vehicle model

AIM: To model a fuel cell-powered electric vehicle using Simulink model Procedure: # For the electric vehicle the drive cycle should be prepared and to be imported in the signal builder. # Simulation cycle should be changed according to the given time value # Running the simulation and analyzing the results for both fuel…

Week 7 State of charge estimation

AIM: To define coulomb counting and how the BMS implements in coulomb counting for soc estimation Procedure: # The definition of coulomb counting to be explained briefly. # To mention the steps carried out for BMS implements in coulomb counting for soc estimation.   Coulomb counting: # Coulomb counting is a technique…

Week 8 Multi cell Battery Pack

AIM: To define the weakest cell limits the usable capacity of the battery pack and to suggest a solution Procedure: # Weakest cell limits are to be explained with how it works with the usable capacity of the battery pack. # To give a valid solution for the usable capacity of the battery pack within the weakest cell limits.…

Week 10 Thermal Management

AIM: To summarize a report for the thermal management techniques for electric car battery pack Procedure: # Thermal management should be explained briefly. # Types of thermal management must be explained. # Cooling techniques used for cooling the battery pack of the electric car.   BTMS- BATTERY THERMAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM…

Mechanical design of 18kwh battery pack

AIM: To model a battery pack of 18kwh energy using ANR26650M1-B cell.  Procedure: # ANR26650M1-B cell datasheet is used to refer to the data for energy calculations. # Once calculation for no. of. cells to be used for building an 18kwh energy battery pack is done then the cad software is used. # Here…

Course Certificates

MATLAB for Mechanical Engineers

Completion Certificate UID : 2c1xrzetby94nl0q

Introduction to Physical Modeling using Simscape

Completion Certificate UID : 0qnhde327gl48kbr

Introduction to Hybrid Electric Vehicle using MATLAB and Simulink

Completion Certificate UID : zwon43itrj6fhkg0

Introduction to Battery Technology for Electric Vehicle

Completion Certificate UID : xk893bs2ifqh0j6a

Introduction to Control of Electric Vehicle

Completion Certificate UID : j9mfzwp104crqgnk