Since the invention of computers in the 20th century, humans have become increasingly dependent on these systems to the extent where every field has now integrated with computing systems. When it comes to mechanical engineering, computers have had a huge impact.  And as a result, computational mechanics came into play. In this article, you can find a few universities in the UK where you can pursue a master's in computational mechanics.


Queen Mary University London

Course Offered:  MSc in Computational Engineering

This course teaches you advanced skills in Computational Modeling of Structures and Fluids. The students can choose different specialization modules in one of these engineering courses – Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, or Energy Engineering, Aerospace Engineering. The university has several computational research clusters such as:


Swansea University:

Course Offered: MSc in Computational Mechanics

The MSc in Computational Mechanics is in cooperation with the International Centre for Numerical Methods in Engineering (CIMNE, Spain). This course is accredited by the following universities.

  • The Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE)
  • The Institution of Structural Engineers (Istruct E)
  • The Chartered Institution of Highways and Transportation (CIHT)
  • The Institute of Highways Engineers (IHE)

The MSc in Computational Mechanics provides training in the application of the finite element method as well as state-of-art-the numerical and computational techniques to solve and simulate challenging problems. This Course also trains in the development of new software for the improved simulation of current Engineering Problems and improves the knowledge on Computational Mechanics. The University houses The Zienkiewicz Center for Computational Engineering and the IMPACT center which works on subjects such as FEA, numerical technologies, materials, and processing.


Imperial College London:

Course Offered: MSc in Applied Computational Science and Engineering

Imperial College London is consistently rated among the top five UK universities and the top 10 worldwide. The MSc in Applied Computational Science and Engineering will educate future domain-specialists in computational science. This course will expand your knowledge of Numerical Methods, Computational Science and helps you to face large scale Industry-Oriented Challenges.  The Imperial Networks of Excellence aims to establish and grow connections around an important multidisciplinary area that is being explored at an earlier stage than the centers. Some of the research centers and labs at the universities are:



Apart from these universities, there are tons of universities present which offer masters in general studies like advanced mechanical engineering where they cover computational mechanics subjects partially, like the Cranfield University or the University of Sussex. You can pursue a master's in those universities if you wish but should you hope to specialize in the field of computational mechanics wholly, these three universities would be a great fit for you.

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