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In the ever-growing competitive era, it is becoming arduous for engineering students to secure decent placements when applying at various multinational companies.

Students either lack the skillset required to apply for high-paying jobs or don't have the exposure to apply for jobs that offer decent projects or incentives.

Engineering students like you, need the assistance of organizations that provide the right education to guide you in the right way and teach you the skills that add value to your portfolio.


Skill-Lync: Delivering 100% Placements

Skill-Lync is an e-learning platform that trains you in advanced engineering courses. 

Skill-Lync has provided 100% placements from the CAE PG certification batch to all the enrolled students. Back in 2019, Skill-Lync conducted an experiment based on a very fundamental idea. 

If a student spent 60 hours per week for 12 weeks working on industry-oriented curriculum as-well-as 12+ industry-oriented projects, how much could they polish himself to be eligible to secure a white-collar job?

Skill-Lync picked seven students for this experiment, whose average percentages varied from 60% to 75%. The students were not from the elite batch of their schools or born prodigies.

Skill-Lync trained these seven students in about 3-4 industry-oriented courses for about 12 weeks or three months. 

In these three months, the students:

  • Devoted 8-10 hours watching videos related to their program
  • Worked on their industry-oriented projects
  • Satisfied their curiosity by clarifying doubts from the experts

The enrolled students did nothing else for the entire tenure of the program but, adhere to the above routine.

After the 12 weeks, Skill-Lync put them through a rigorous tool test and taught students four+ relevant skills and put them into 10+ tool tests on each expertise learned. 

Some skills taught by Skill-Lync included: 

  • Strength of Materials
  • Fundamentals of the Strength of Materials
  • Fundamentals of Finite Element Analysis
  • Fundamentals of CFD


Commendable Results Achieved

After teaching the students these skills, Skill-Lync set them up for interviews. 

All these seven students took part in about 10+ interviews, and all of them got hired by their respective companies, some of which were Equilibrium Solutions, HCL Systems, and reputable CAE Software Development streams or EASi Engineering Services. 

The level of achievements secured by these students within six months is an example of what you can pull off. All you need is: 

  • Undying focus
  • Work on industry-oriented projects
  • Learn new tech skills

All these factors contributed immensely towards securing good placements for all the enrolled students in the program. All it took for these students was six months with a sole dedication to their projects.


Assistance Provided by Skill-Lync

Skill-Lync built a support system that could answer the questions of all aspirants enrolled in various programs regardless of the date or time. 

This system helped clarify all doubts of the students, with commendable accuracy of the answers provided and minimal delays in response time. 

To achieve such a leap, Skill-Lync put in efforts meticulously to devise a support system that was convenient and user-friendly.

Breakdown of the Support System 

Skill-Lync offered three pathways of communication with the students through their support system, namely:

  1. WhatsApp Group: If a student had a simple query to ask, he/she would post it on the WhatsApp group and get a reply with the answer as soon as viable.
  2. 1-1 Session: If your query is a tedious one, you could directly get in touch with their support engineer at any time of the day, schedule a 1-1 video conferencing session and get your doubts clarified by sharing your screen.
  3. Email Ticketing System: Every time you would get stuck on a question, you would have to email it to Skill-Lync. They provide a six-hour turnaround time to clarify your doubts.

This support system, along with the industry-oriented curriculum and access to relevant and challenging projects, helped build the students a portfolio that made them stand apart from the crowd. 


Quality of Placements Secured 

Once the placement companies went through the resume of the students, they offered them positions that were not meant for freshers; even though all students who pursued a program under Skill-Lync were freshers. 

Usually, as engineers, when you see two years of experience needed, you believe that the hiring company requires you to have worked for at least two years in the field of expertise.

However, what the company asks is that you must have an engineering experience of working in a specific domain on at least 6-7 projects to gain two years of experience. 

This information is something that every engineer out there must understand to secure high-paying decent jobs, as this is what the freshers did while applying for senior positions.

Here are some positions that demand two years of work experience: 

Since the freshers prepared smartly before appearing for the interviews by enrolling with Skill-Lync, they could secure positions that were not even available for them. 

The fundamental idea here was to portray dedication, remain focused, and work on some decent projects to gain the required work experience. 


Skill-Lync Skill Center

With such exuberant results portrayed by the students enrolled in the programs provided by Skill-Lync, they have started a Skill Center to teach more aspirants to prepare them for their future interviews. 

Skill-Lync offers post-graduate programs to engineers via 'Skill Center.' Their first such program in Hybrid Electric Vehicle kick-started in February. 

Skill-Lync is not halting its progress bar at that but intends to kick-start three more post-graduate programs in cities such as Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Chennai this May. 


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