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CAE Simulation using SolidWorks

A comprehensive course on introduction to CAE simulations using SolidWorks. This course is highly suited for beginners

12 weeks long course | 100% Online

Learn from leading experts in the industry

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This course is full of best-in-class content by leading faculty and industry experts in the form of videos and projects

Course Syllabus

On a daily basis we talk to companies in the likes of Tata Elxsi and Mahindra to fine tune our curriculum.

Week 01 - Introduction to FEA Analysis

  • In this session, you will learn
    • Introduction to the concept of FEA, and the fundamentals of the stress-strain graph.
    • Various types of FEA analysis, and the different processes in performing an analysis.
    • Linear and non-linear simulations.
    • Different types of FEA analysis
    • Types and effects FEA analysis will have on the same model

Week 02 - FEA Analysis on a Uniformly Loaded Cantilever Beam

  • In this module, you will learn
    • How to perform a 1D/2D/3D analysis on a cantilever beam.
    • To design the model and understand how to do the static analysis.
    • How to perform a design study.
    • How to compare the results in the SOLIDWORKS.
    • How to perform analysis on a cantilever beam
    • The different conditions and settings to replicate the model within the software
    • To perform 1D,2D, and 3D analyses on the same model and you will compare the results
    • To run the simulation through a post-processor to return the results

Week 03 - Buckling Analysis of a Cyclonic Separator Stand

  • In this session, you will learn
    • How to import a neutral file and clean up the geometry for the structural analysis following which you will be introduced to the concept of buckling analysis 
    • Introduction to buckling analysis in SOLIDWORKS
    • How to increase the factor of safety of the model

Week 04 - Fatigue Analysis on an S-hook

  • In this session, you will learn
    • About the fatigue analysis and the effect of the S-N curve.
    • The types of loading available for the fatigue analysis.
    • How to import the results of the static analysis to the fatigue analysis and how to create an animation from the results.
    • Introduction to fatigue analysis in SOLIDWORKS
    • The speed and torque variation

Week 05- Drop Test

  • In this module, you will learn about the requirements for doing a drop test in a PCB board and plot the results.
  • You will learn how to perform a drop test on a model
  • You will understand the various factors that affect the drop test
  • You will post-process the simulation and identify the results

Week 06 - Frequency Analysis

  • In this module, you will learn the concepts of the vibration and the modes of vibration.
  • You will learn about the types of solvers available in SOLIDWORKS for the frequency analysis and how to perform the frequency analysis in SOLIDWORKS
  • You will have a brief introduction to frequency analysis in SOLIDWORKS
  • You will figure out the different mode shapes of a rectangular beam using frequency analysis
  • You will learn how to perform frequency analysis using a PCB

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