Correcting the normals for hypermesh file by using the TCL

Correcting the normals for hypermesh file by using the TCL

In this project, you will create a macro for resolving the normals issue that is present in your model and also you will understand how to clear it manually

  • Pre-requisites : B.E Mech/Aero/Auto/Production
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What will you do in this project?

In this project, you will create a Macro that is used to check the normals for the Hypermesh file

  • Generating the mesh
  • Understanding the TCL commands that are used for the normals checking
  • Creating the macro
  • Normal checking

  • Meshing using hypermesh
  • Creating the code
  • Checking the normals

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Project Highlights

The project is a beginner level project
  • This project is good for undergraduate students
  • If you are a working professional, this project will be helpful to understand the basics of automation
You will be using Hypermesh and Notepad++
  • You will need Hypermesh and Notepad++ to work on this project
  • Please note that the Trial version of the software will be provided for this project

Checking the normals

Force direction may be reversed in a few areas due to the inconsistent normals, so the normals checking is one of the checks that are done by the meshing team. This can be automated by creating the TCL macro which will create a user-defined window that contains few buttons. Those buttons are used to resolve the normals issue that persists in your model. Manual fixing of normals are also discussed here. 

  • Understanding the importance of Normals
  • Exploring the TCL commands that are used to clear the normals
  • Creating the user defined window and buttons for the normals


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3What are the pre-requisites for this project?

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