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CFD simulation

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Vidyavardhaka College of Engineering

02 Aug 2015 - 11 Jul 2019

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Sadvidya Semi Residential PU College

19 Jun 2014 - 28 Mar 2015


Buds Foundation School

01 May 2012 - 15 Apr 2013


Solving second order ODE's

AIM: To write a program that solves the equation of the motion of a simple pendulum with damping.   THEORY:      A second order differential ordinary equation is which any derivatives with respect to the independent variable have order no greater than 2.        SIMPLE PENDULUM:  …

Simulink Week 1 challenge

Aim: 1. To plot a function using basic simulink blocks. 2.To run the suspension systems and compare the systems.     Study 1: To solve the given function , we can use substract, square, and products blocks.             Stop time=10seconds.            …

Genetic Algorithm

AIM: To write a code to optimise stalagmite function and to find the global maxima of the function.   THEORY:   Genetic algorithm (ga) is a method of solving both constrained and uncontrained optimization problems based on natural selection that mimics biological evolution. ga is the solver like ode45 but…


AIM: To write the code that solve otto cycle and plot PV daigram.   THEORY:      OTTO CYCLE:                          The otto cycle is a cycle of engine operation which requires four strokes of the piston:for induction, compression,…

Parsing NASA thermodynamic data

Simulation of forward kinematics of a 2R robotic arm

AIM : Simulation of forward kinematics of a 2R robtic arm.   INTRODUCTION : "A robot is a programmable, multifunctional manipulator designed to move material, parts, tools, or special devices through variable programmed motions for thr performance of a variety of tasks".            The…

Parsing NASA Thermodynamics data

  AIM: To parse the NASA thermodynamic data and to calculate the molecular weight of the species and to plot the specific heat, enthalpy, entropy for the local temperature range for O2, N2 and, CO2. Theory:                     File parsing: Parsing a file means…

second order ODE

Curve fitting

AIM: To write code to fit a linear and cubic polynomial for the Cp dara.   THEORY:            Curve fitting is  the process of constructing a curve pr mathematical function , that has the best fit to a series of data points, possibly subject to constraints.        …

genetic algorithm

Week - 4

1.     The above figure shows the actual Simulink model of the washing machine and operates according to the input condition of water and power. it consists of constants, charts, display in chart block the values and conditions assigned by state block and words accordingly. 1.power and water supply are 0, the output is…

Week-6 Challenge: EV Drivetrain

1..    A power converter is an electrical circuit that changes the electric energy from one form into the desired form optimized for the specific load. There are two major power electronics units that are employed in EV and HEV as follows   DC/DC converters DC/AC converter    DC/DC converters:    DC-DC converters in an…

Week-7 Challenge: DC Motor Control

1.Run MATLAB demo ‘Speed control of a DC motor using BJT H-bridge’. Modify the model such that armature current doesn’t shoot up         when motor changes direction from forward to reverse.  To get the above mentioned model just we have to insert "power_Hbridge" code in…

Week-11 Challenge: Braking

1. For a defined driving cycle, calculate the energy required for braking. Ans        From the above drive cycle,  lets take  3 different situations of deccelaration of which energy has to be calculated. First braking : 24-15km/hr in 4 seconds. Second braking :35-30km/hr in 1 second. Third…

Week-4 Challenge WOT Condition Part-2

1. What is the difference between mapped and dynamic model of engine, motor and generator? How can you change model type?   The powertrain blockset provides two types of propulsion models   1. Mapped Model uses a set of steady-state two dimensionsal lookup tables to characterize engine/motor performance. The…

Final Project: Design of an Electric Vehicle

Create a MATLAB model of electric car which uses lithium ion battery and induction motor. Choose suitable blocks from Powertrain block set. Prepare a report about your model including following:   Objectives:         1. System level configurations        2. Model parameters…

Week 6 Fuel cell powered vehicle model

Make a MATLAB model of fuel cell powered electric vehicle and comment on results A fuel cell is a device that generates electricity by a chemical reaction. Every fuel cell has two electrodes called, respectively, the anode and cathode. The reactions that produce electricity take place at the electrodes. Every fuel cell…

Week 7 State of charge estimation

What is coulomb counting? How BMS implements coulomb counting for SOC estimation? Definition and Classification of SOC Estimation The SOC is one of the most important parameters for batteries, but its definition presents many different issues . In general, the SOC of a battery is defined as the ratio of its current capacity …

Week 8 Multi cell Battery Pack

How weakest cell limits the usable capacity of the battery pack? What is the solution? Common multiple cell configurations for Li-Ion cells in battery packs consist of three or four cells in series, with one or more cells in parallel. This combination gives both the voltage and power necessary for Portable Computer, medical,…

Week 10 Thermal Management

Prepare a report summarizing thermal management techniques for electric car battery pack.   Battery Thermal Management Systems (BTMS):The battery pack for safety, performance (both power and capacity) and lifespan reasons should be stored in a controlled surrounding where the temperature is controlled and there is…

Project 1 Mechanical design of battery pack

Battery pack capacity: 18 kWh Cell: ANR26650M1-B  Prepare a detailed battery pack drawing along with its enclosure. State your assumptions.   Cell data: A123’s high-performance Nanophosphate lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery technology delivers high power and energy density combined…

Week 7 - Simulation of a 1D Super-sonic nozzle flow simulation using Macormack Method

Problem specification: In this challenge, you are going to simulate the isentropic flow through a quasi 1D subsonic-supersonic nozzle. You will derive both the conservation and non-conservation forms of the governing equations and solve them using the MacCormack's technique. You need to determine the steady-state temperature…

Week 9 - FVM Literature Review

What is Finite Volume Method(FVM), write down the major differences between FDM & FVM. Also, describe the need for interpolation schemes and flux limiters in FVM.  Ans In computational fluid dynamics there are 3 numerical method based solvers to solve the governing navier strokes equations these are: 1. Finite…

Week 8 - BlockMesh Drill down challenge

The main aim of this project is to simulate the flow through the backwards-facing step by using the blocks in icoFoam solver and post-process the results like velocity profile at the step of 0.085m from the start point of the blocks. The blocks are built by one by one by using the nodes of all three axis There are 5 blocks…

Week 11 - Simulation of Flow through a pipe in OpenFoam

Simulation of flow through the pipe in open Foam:   The objective of the challenge is to perform a simulation of flow through the pipe using the Open Foam tool Here we have taken a wedge-shaped body to perform the simulation. A proper code has to be written in the block-Dict file to get the desired shape. The fluid…

Week 12 - Symmetry vs Wedge vs HP equation

   Aim:   • To write a MATLAB/Octave code for symmetry boundary conditions of flow through the pipe.   • To obtain results at 10,25 and 45-degree angles of pipe flow   . To compare results of wedge boundary conditions with symmetry boundary conditions.     Theory:   The…

Week 1- Mixing Tee

Aim: We have created two versions of the mixing tee. One of them is longer than the other. Our job is to set up steady-state simulations to compare the mixing effectiveness when hot inlet temperature is 360C & the Cold inlet is at 190C.  Use the k-epsilon and k-omega SST model for the first case and based…

Week 2 - Flow over a Cylinder.

 AIM: Simulate the flow over a cylinder and explain the phenomenon of Karman vortex street. Understanding the vortex shedding for different Reynolds numbers by changing the inlet velocities accordingly. Create a monitor point behind the cylinder at a distance 4 times the diameter which can be used to calculate and…

Week 3 - External flow simulation over an Ahmed body.

Objective: Q1. Describe Ahmed's body and its importance. Q2. Explain the reason for the negative pressure in the wake region.  Q3. Explain the significance of the point of separation.    Expected results: 1. Velocity and pressure contours.  2. The drag coefficient plot for a refined case. ( For…

Week 4 - CHT Analysis on Exhaust port

Objectives:   Give a brief description of why and where a CHT analysis is used. Maintain the y+ value according to the turbulence model and justify the results.  Calculate the wall/surface heat transfer coefficient on the internal solid surface & show the velocity & temperature contours in appropriate…

Week 5 - Rayleigh Taylor Instability

Objective: What are some practical CFD models that have been based on the mathematical analysis of Rayleigh Taylor waves? In your own words, explain how these mathematical models have been adapted for CFD calculations. Perform the Rayleigh Taylor instability simulation for 2 different mesh sizes with the base mesh being…

Week 6 - CHT Analysis on a Graphics card

Statement: Perform a steady-state conjugate heat transfer analysis on a model of a graphics card. You can use appropriate materials of your choice for the simulation. Make sure to properly define the correct solid and fluid zones. Refer the video for further clarification and the model is provided below the video. Run…

Week 8 - Simulating Cyclone separator with Discrete Phase Modelling

  Aim:- To perform analysis on cyclone separator and calculate the separation efficiency and pressure drop.   Objective:- To write a few words about any four empirical models used to calculate the cyclone separator efficiency.  To perform an analysis on a given cyclone separator model by varying…

Week 9 - Parametric study on Gate valve.

Aim: To perform a parametric study on the gate valve simulation by setting the opening from 10 % to 80%. Objective: Obtain the mass flow rates at the outlet for each design point. Calculate the flow coefficient and flow factor for each opening and plot the graph. Discuss the results of the mass flow rate and flow coefficient. …

Week 10 - Simulating Combustion of Natural Gas.

Aim: Perform a combustion simulation on the combustor model using methane as fuel.   Objectives: Part I Perform a combustion simulation on the combustor model and plot the variation of the mass fraction of the different species’ in the simulation using line probes at different locations of the combustor as shown in Fig.…

Week 4-1D Element Creation Challenge

Mesh the Given component with the Size of 5 Units. Create 1D elements on the following component with given cross-section and DOF a. Rod element:- Translational DOF should be Constrained with RBE2 link Cross-Section: BOX- Dimension a= 12 mm                    …

Course Certificates

MATLAB for Mechanical Engineers

Completion Certificate UID : 375jsd4ze6uc8ig0

Introduction to Physical Modeling using Simscape

Completion Certificate UID : s5cdvuwhg4onfa2b

Introduction to Hybrid Electric Vehicle using MATLAB and Simulink

Completion Certificate UID : p87u9i4fc50zgjsk

Introduction to Control of Electric Vehicle

Completion Certificate UID : is4zkqr60dgvohbe

Introduction to Battery Technology for Electric Vehicle

Completion Certificate UID : k8i2nbpz0w7ymtoq

Introduction to CFD using MATLAB and OpenFOAM

Completion Certificate UID : pys5u4m67gizj3x1

Introduction to GUI based CFD using ANSYS Fluent

Completion Certificate UID : tndve8jlbsg3ca6f