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I have completed my B.Tech from IIT Patna in 2017 in Mechanical Engineering.


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Indian Institute of Technology Patna

01 Aug 2013 - 03 May 2017

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Mayank Senior Secondary School

26 Jun 2010 - 03 Apr 2012


Gautam English Secondary Boarding School

27 Mar 2009 - 03 Apr 2010


Variation of Pressure and Volume during Otto Cycle

Introduction Otto cycle is an ideal themodynamic cycle that describes the functioning of a typical spark ignition engine. It is the thermodynamic cycle most commonly found in automobile engines. In an ideal otto cycle four distinct processes are followed : reversible adiabatic compression, addition of heat at constant…

Parsing NASA Thermodynamic Data

Objective To function that extracts the 14 co-efficients and calculates the enthalpy, entropy and specific heats for all the species from NASA thermodynamic data  To calculate the molecular weight of each species and display it in the command window. To plot the Cp, Enthalpy and Entropy for the local temperature range…

Global Maxima of Stalagmite Function Using Genetic Algorithm

Introduction Genetic algorithm is a iterative searching approach that is inspired by Charles Darwin’s theory of natural evolution. According to this thoery, the fittest individuals are able to survive to produce offspring of the next generation. Similary, best output is selected for the next iteration and it…

Simulation of Flow Over Backward Facing Step Using icoFoam Solver in OpenFOAMa and Observing The Effect of Grading Factor

Objective  To simulate the flow through a backward facing step using icofoam solver and study the effect of mesh grading factor on velocity profile. Mesh specification Number of cells along the x direction (longer dimension) = 200 Number of cells along the y direction = 10 Mesh and Geometry Geometry of the problem…

Simulation of Laminar Flow in Pipe Using OpenFOAM

Objective To simulate laminar flow of water through pipe using Hagen poiseuille\'s equation To write MATLAB code to generate blockMeshDict file for computational mesh. Assumptions The flow is laminar. The flow is incompressible. The working fluid is water (Newtonian). The pipe-diameter is constant. The flow is steady.…

Simulation of a Quasi 1-D Subsonic Supersonic Nozzle Flow using MacCormack s technique

Objective 1. To write matlab code to solve 1D subsonic-supersonic nozzle flow equation in consevation      and non consevation form of governing equation. 2. To find minimum number of iteration of required for convergence  3. Compare the normalized mass flow rate between the conservative forms and non- …

Duty Cycle Control Signal Generated for a Boost Power Converter Circuit

Introduction Power Electronics is converting and controlling flow of electrical power supply in an efficient, clean, compact, and robust manner. Power electronics technology is used in power switches, inverters, converters, voltage chopper, etc. Powers electronics are more efficient because it supplies power to requied…

Simulation of Laminar Flow in Pipe Using OpenFoaM Part 2

Objective To simulate laminar flow of water through pipe using Hagen poiseuille\'s equation To write MATLAB code to generate blockMeshDict file for computational mesh for wedge angle 10, 25 and 45. Compare the results of both symmetry and wedge boundary conditions for each angle. Mesh Generation  Mesh is created for…

Solving Second Order ODE

Objective:- To write MATLAB program to simulate transient behaviour of simple pendulum Intoduction A simple pendulum is an idealized mathematical model of a real pendulum. A weight or bob is attached at the end of a massless cord suspended from a pivot, without friction. There is no frictional energy loss. So, when…

Deriving Forth Order Approximation Scheme of Second Order Derivative Using Taylor s Table

Objective:- The objective is to derive the fourth order approximation of the skewed right-hand side scheme, skewed left-hand side scheme and the central difference scheme using Taylors table. Central Difference Scheme Stencil used for the forth order approximation for central difference scheme The forth order central difference…

FVM Interpolation and Gradient Schemes

Flux Limiters Flux limiters are used in high resolution numerical scheme to solve governing partial differential equations. Their main purpose is to avoid the oscillations that would occur due to shocks, discontinuities, or steep gradients in the solution domain. It has been observed that lower-order schemes are stable…

Flow Over a Cylinder

Objective The objective is the analysis of two-dimensional flow over a circular cylinder for different Reynold numbers and explain the phenomenon of Karman vortex street. Introduction Von Karman vortex street is a repeating pattern of swirling vortices, caused by a process known as vortex shedding, which is responsible…

Steady and Transient analysis of 2D Heat Equation using Jacobi Gauss Siedel and SOR Iterative Solver

Objective:- To perform steady and Transient state analysis of a 2D heat conduction equation using iterative solver like Jacobi, Gauss Siedel and SOR. Input Parameter Length=1 m `alpha`=1 Boundary condition Stability Criteria Time step can be calculated using CFL condition `alpha{Deltat}/{Deltax^2}<=1/4` spatial step…

Steady State Simulations to Compare The Mixing Effectiveness

Objective:- Steady state simulation of  mixing tee and compare the mixing effeciency when hot inlet temperature is `36^oC` and cold inlet temperature is `19^oC` using ANSYS Fluent. Theoritical Average Outlet Temperature Formula for momentum ratio=2 `T_{mixture}=24.667^oC` for momentum ratio=4 `T_{mixture}=22.4^oC`…

Project-1: Powertrain for aircraft in runways

1.  List of various types of aircraft with  maximum take-off weight (MTOW) and maximum landing weight (MLW)  Aeroplane MTOW (tons) MLW (tons) Airbus A380-800 633.829 394 Boeing 747-8F 493.5047 346.091 McDonnell-Douglas MD-83 80.4687 63.28 Boeing 737-500 66.1386 49.9   Helicopter MTOW (tons) MLW (tons)…

Week-11 Challenge: Braking

1. For a defined driving cycle, calculate the energy required for braking. A driving cycle is a series of data points representing the speed of a vehicle versus time.Driving cycles are produced by different countries and organizations to assess the performance of vehicles in various ways, as for example fuel consumption…

Exhaust Port Challenge

Obejctive  Calculation of the wall/surface heat transfer coefficient on the internal solid surface. Show the velocity & temperature contours in appropriate areas. Introduction  Engine exhaust port plays leading role in exust system. It connects to each exhaust port on the engine's cylinder head, and it funnels the hot…

Rayleigh Taylor Instability Challenge

Objective To perfom Rayleigh Taylor instability simulation for 2 different mesh sizes and explain the effect of mesh size on simulation. Introduction  Rayleigh Taylor instability is an instability of an interface between two fluids that occurs whenever a light fluid pushes on a heavy fluid. It is a dynamic…

Conjugate Heat Transfer Analysis on a graphics card.

Objective Simulation of heat dissipation of processor embedded on graphics card. Introduction Heat is continuously generated in processor. Increase in temperature of processor affects the performance of the device. Cooling fan and fins are provided on graphics card to cool the processor. Heat is conducted conducted…

Cyclone Separator Challenge

Objective To perform analysis on cyclone separator and calculate the separation efficiency and pressure drop. Introduction Cyclone separator is a device that employ a centrifugal force generated by a spinning gas stream to separate particles from the carrier gas. Its simple design, low capital cost and nearly maintenance-free…

Gate Valve Parametric Study

Objective To perform a parametric study on the gate valve simulation by setting the opening from 10 % to 80%.  Introduction A gate valve is used control the flow rate in a pipeline. It is generally used to completely shut off fluid flow or, in the fully open position, provide full flow in a pipeline. Thus…

Week 3

Objective:- To check for the geometrical errors and mesh with the given element Quality criteria for the given hood model. Procedure:- CAD Cleanup Open the CAD model in ANSA and Check for the geometry.  Check Manager`->`Geometry`->`Execute Fix all those errors that appear in geometry check. Inactivate the unwanted…

Challenge on Combustion

Objective Perform a combustion simulation on the combustor model and plot the variation of the mass fraction of the different species. add the water content in the fuel from 5% to 30% by mole and observe the effect of it on the results. Introduction Exothermic oxidation reaction of any substance is called combustion. Combution…

Week 4

Objective:- To check for the geometrical errors and mesh with the given element Quality criteria for the given bottle cap model. Procedure:- CAD Cleanup Open the CAD model in ANSA and Check for the geometry.  Check Manager -> Geometry -> Execute Fix all those errors that appear in geometry check. Inactivate…

Week 5

Objective:- Check for the geometrical errors and mesh with create volume the given element Quality criteria. Quality Criteria:- S.No  Quality Criteria  Value  1 Target/Average length   1 2 Minimum Length  0.5 3 Maximum Length  2 4 Tetcolapse  0.2 Geometry:- Procedure:- CAD Cleanup Open the CAD model in ANSA and Check for…

Tool Test-2

It took me 5 hrs to mesh this model.

Week 6

Objective:- To provide proper connection in rear door FE model at required location. Procedure:- Different parts are assigned seperate PID. Below is FE model in PID mode... Connection 1. Bolt Hinge will be attached to door with bolt.  Create 3-D point and convert it to bolt. Select the parts to be bolted and povide…

Week 8

Objective:- To practice morphing techniques with the given component. Morphing Change in design or shape of any component without any numerical inputs is called morphing. Morphing can be done on both CAD and FE model. It is used for design optimization.  Morphing is used in automotive indutries to redesign automobile.…

Project 1 - 2D meshing on the instrumental Panel

Objective Extract mid-surface and mesh instrumental panel (dashboard) with certain criteria. Introduction Instrument panel is control panel to control vehicle's operation which is located below the wind screen.  Contemporary dashboards include the speedometer, tachometer, odometer, engine coolant temperature gauge,…

Project - 2 - Meshing on the suspension Assembly

Objective:- Importing rearwheel suspension geometry into ANSA Geometry clean up of the to remove geometrical error Extract mid-surface for hollow part with thickness less than 5mm Mesh mid-surface and assign thickness Volume mesh for solid and thick part Introduction The rear suspension of a vehicle performs the same general…

Week 4-1D Element Creation Challenge

Objectives:- Mesh the Given component with the Size of 5 Units Create 1D elements on the following component with given cross-section and DOF Mid Surfacing:- Create hollow geometry by extracting surface  from the solid geametry Delete the solid Create mid-surface Meshing  Create 2D mesh using automesh command…

Course Certificates

Introduction to Hybrid Electric Vehicle using MATLAB and Simulink

Completion Certificate UID : 3i8x2snhmwb9gz45

Preprocessor for Structural Analysis using ANSA

Completion Certificate UID : cjnlg7qabvpm5ixo

Introduction to GUI based CFD using ANSYS Fluent

Completion Certificate UID : hkw2durvfay67nsx

Introduction to CFD using MATLAB and OpenFOAM

Completion Certificate UID : r90fguzcyn6stwhm

MATLAB for Mechanical Engineers

Completion Certificate UID : m0d9ryug8apx2b1f