Why Skill-Lync Plus?

IEEE certificate

The IEEE Brand continues to be recognized and respected throughout the world. IEEE will be providing CEU-PDH certificates for this course.

IEEE certificate

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About this Specialization

OEMs are on the lookout for engineers with innovative ideas, and industry-relevant skill sets to push research and development in automotive embedded systems forward. Skill-Lync offers this specialization in Embedded Software Development and Validation for Electric Vehicle Applications to have you developing, programming, and simulating embedded systems for EVs at an industry level.

There are 10 courses in this specialization designed to give you an in-depth understanding of embedded C language, bare metal programming, developing device drivers, software verification and validation, and model-based development. You will also get to work with MATLAB and Simulink to model, simulate, and analyze complex physical models. This specialization will also expose you to embedded C standards, AUTOSAR, and Misra C guidelines followed in the industry.

Each of these courses comes with a set of industry-relevant projects to get you thinking on a larger scale. You will also get to work on an additional set of projects guided by leading experts in the industry, to keep you updated with ongoing developments in automotive embedded systems.

Course Overview

Course 1
Embedded C Essentials

Course 2
Fundamentals of Embedded Systems

Course 3
AVR Bare Metal Programming

Course 4
Software Verification and Validation and System Testing for Hand Code

Course 5
Device Drivers and Serial Communication Protocols

Course 6
Introduction to C++ Programming

Course 7
Introduction to Model-Based Development using MATLAB and Simulink

Course 8
Software Verification and Validation and System Testing for Model-Based Development

Course 9
Introduction to Physical Modeling using Simscape

Course 10
Introduction to Hybrid Electric Vehicle using MATLAB and Simulink

Projects Plus

Projects Plus gives you the opportunity to interact with leading experts in the field to complete highly industry-relevant projects that build your professional portfolio. You will get access to live sessions during which experts will guide you through each step of the project. As you work through these projects, you will understand how software tools are used in the real-world, and how they relate to the theoretical concepts taught. Projects Plus equips you with the job ready skills needed to work in the industry.

Industry Level Projects

Highly industry relevant projects designed by industry experts to give you the practical skills needed on the job. Take a look at some of the hands-on projects offered in this specialization.

Finite State Machine for Aircraft Landing Gear System

Dynamic Analysis - White Box Testing

CAN Driver for STM32 Controller and Analysis of CAN Data Frames

Modeling of Electric Vehicle using DC Motor Drive

Adaptive Cruise Control

Experts Behind the Courses

Our instructors have years of demonstrated experience working in the automotive engineering industry. Here’s a look at their areas of expertise.

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