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IEEE certificate

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IEEE certificate

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About this Specialization

The electric vehicle revolution in the automotive space brings a demand for engineers with the right set of industry-relevant skills. This specialization will give you extensive practical exposure to the software tools and technologies needed to develop electric vehicle systems and their subsystems. It will also strengthen your understanding of the theoretical concepts underlying the development of electric vehicles from a hardware, software, and systems standpoint. This entire specialization is focused on projects that require hands-on design, simulation, modeling, and analysis using industry level software - all of which are key to securing core jobs in the electric vehicle industry.

There are two tracks in this specialization, each one developed according to the latest trends in the industry -

  • EV System Design
  • E-Drive Systems

By enrolling in this specialization, you get lifetime access to all the courses. The courses and projects in each track are curated by industry experts. If you want to take your career forward in one of the tracks offered, we advise you to complete the courses and projects in it first.

Course Overview

The EV System Design track is for learners with a background in circuit design, system simulation, network analysis, analog systems, and control systems. By choosing this track, learners will get extensive hands-on experience in the design, simulation, and modeling of electric vehicles and its parts using MATLAB and Simulink.
Course 1

Course 2
Simulink Basics

Course 3
Introduction to Hybrid Electric Vehicle using MATLAB and Simulink

Course 4
Introduction to Control of Electric Vehicles

Course 5
Li-Ion Battery System Design in EV and ES

Course 6
Fuel Cell and Ultra Capacitor for EV using MATLAB and Simulink

Job Outlook :EV System Engineer
The E-Drive Systems track is for learners with a background in electrical concepts, power electronics, and semiconductor devices. By choosing this track, learners will design and model the major powertrain components. Learners will also analyze the efficiency of these components using relevant software tools.
Course 1

Course 2
Simulink Basics

Course 3
Simulink and Design of Power Converters for EV using MATLAB and Simulink

Course 4
Design Concepts of Power Electronic Converters for Industries

Course 5
Fundamentals of DC-DC Converters

Course 6
AC-DC Rectifiers, Harmonics, and Related Standards

Course 7
Advanced PCB using Altium

Course 8
Electric Motor Design using MATLAB and ANSYS Maxwell

Job Outlook :Power converter engineer

Projects Plus

Projects Plus gives you the opportunity to interact with leading experts in the field to complete highly industry-relevant projects that build your professional portfolio. You will get access to live sessions during which experts will guide you through each step of the project. As you work through these projects, you will understand how software tools are used in the real-world, and how they relate to the theoretical concepts taught. Projects Plus equips you with the job ready skills needed to work in the industry.

Industry Level Projects

Highly industry relevant projects designed by industry experts to give you the practical skills needed on the job. Take a look at some of the hands-on projects offered in this specialization.

Modeling of Electric Vehicle using an Induction Motor

Modeling an Electric Vehicle with Li-Ion Battery

Fuel Cell and Battery Power Model

EV Modeling of a DC Motor Drive using Simulink

Fuel cell based EV modeling with Simulink

Simulation of Boost DC-DC converter with Tina TI

Modeling 3 Phase Inverter for EV Application

Design of IPM Motor using Ansys Maxwell

Loss Calculation of a DC/DC Converter using MATLAB

Design of MPPT Controller

Experts Behind the Courses

Our instructors have years of demonstrated experience working in the automotive engineering industry. Here’s a look at their areas of expertise.

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