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IEEE certificate

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IEEE certificate

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About this Specialization

Autonomous vehicles have demonstrated unparalleled technological developments in recent years, and are the future of the automotive industry. By 2025, around 8 million autonomous vehicles are expected to be deployed on the roads. This marks a need for engineers well-versed in the development of autonomous vehicles at an industry level, from both a hardware and software standpoint.

By enrolling in this Specialization, you will get the industry-relevant skills needed to develop Autonomous Vehicle Systems. This specialization has 4 courses designed by instructors with extensive experience in the industry. From these courses, you will understand computer vision technology, and the role of video cameras, radar, LIDAR, processors, and other hardware. You will also learn how hardware is interfaced with software in advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). This specialization will also take you through motion planning and trajectory optimization, simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM), as well as the implementation of control theory for autonomous vehicles.

Each of the courses in this specialization come with projects and challenges that require exhaustive use of the software tools and concepts learned to develop industry level ADAS models. Apart from these projects, you will collaborate with an instructor to complete guided projects. This will ensure you develop the right skills needed to apply for core jobs in the autonomous vehicle job market.

Course Overview

Course 1
Introduction to C++

Course 2
Core and Advanced Python Programming

Course 3
Data Structures and Algorithms using Python

Course 4
Applying CV for Autonomous Vehicles using Python

Course 5
Localization, Mapping, and SLAM using Python

Course 6
Path Planning and Trajectory Optimization using C++ and ROS

Course 7
Autonomous Vehicle Controls using MATLAB and Simulink

Projects Plus

Projects Plus gives you the opportunity to interact with leading experts in the field to complete highly industry-relevant projects that build your professional portfolio. You will get access to live sessions during which experts will guide you through each step of the project. As you work through these projects, you will understand how software tools are used in the real-world, and how they relate to the theoretical concepts taught. Projects Plus equips you with the job ready skills needed to work in the industry.

Industry Level Projects

2D Object Detection with TensorFlow

Trajectory Planning with Optimization Approach for Autonomous Cars

Implementing MCL Algorithm and Localizing a Robot

Adaptive Cruise Control Model Design and Development in Simulink

Development of Integrated Automated Driving Model

Experts Behind the Courses

Our instructors have years of demonstrated experience working in the automotive engineering industry. Here’s a look at their areas of expertise.

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