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ALIAS Projects

Week - 10 Hyperelastic Material Models
Aim- Use the given material data to build a hyper elastic material cards using Ls-Dyna. Build Mooney Rivlin and Ogden material card by finding their constants using d3hsp file. Perform uniaxial tensile test on Dogbone specimen with 100% strain (i.e. strain = 1) and compare the stress strain data in above cases. Theory-…
  • BIM
  • CAE
  • CFD
  • CSS
  • DEM
  • FEA
  • GIS
  • HEV
  • HTML

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Objective: Create code to display free edges, t edges and temp nodes for equivalence Procedure: 1. Create procedures for Free edges and t edges with possible null conditions 2. create procedure for deleting edges 3. create gui for buttons to display edges and remove edges   Code: proc freeedges {} {*nodecleartempmark…
                           ********************** Design and Assembly of YACHT  in Solidwork Aim & Objective Design and assembly of the yacht in solidework. To learn the surface modeling features in the solidwork. How to model and design using…
                                                                                    DRAFT ANALYSIS ON FAN…
Aim – Concept Modelling of Front and Rear Car Bumper Objective – Our objective here is to use the 2-D images of the car and make a 3-D surface model of the bumper, by overall experience and visualization. Introduction – Since we know before production there comes concept models and scale models which…
AIM:- To create the solid part body of BASE BRACKET from given Class-A surface OBJECTIVE:- The objective of this challenge is to create BASE BRACKET DESIGN along with solid part body from Class-A surface following OEM design standards in CATIA SURFACE WORKBENCH and PART DESIGN INPUT CLASS-A SURFACE:- SOLID PART BODY:-…
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