World Environment Day: A Greener Future with Electric Vehicles


World Environment Day


In India, 80% of greenhouse emissions are from automobiles. They emit toxic carbon monoxide, nitrogen, sulphates and other particulate matter that pollutes the air. A recent study conducted by Lancet observed that air pollution was the cause of 2.3 million deaths in 2019. 


Why do we celebrate World Environment Day?

World Environment Day is celebrated on June 5th of every year. ‘Only One Earth ‘ is the theme for world environment day 2022. The first world environment day was celebrated in 1973 to emphasise the importance of environmental protection. The UNEP was formed to help countries for sustainable development. Planting more trees, reducing fuel consumption and controlling population growth are some of the measures taken to prevent environmental degradation. The electric vehicle that runs on batteries other than fossil fuel is a proven solution to reduce fuel consumption. You can also become a part of building a greener environment by learning about electric vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles. 


Ways in which EVs and HEVs benefit the environment


  • Irrespective of the source of electricity, the air pollution caused by EVs is much lower when compared to conventional vehicles. The tailpipe emissions are nil in electric vehicles. In the long run, the emissions from coal power plants are much lower than the toxic gases released by vehicles. 


  • Electric vehicles are noise-free compared to conventional vehicles. Due to the increase in population and transportation noise pollution increases at a rate of 7.5% annually. The combustion that takes place in an engine causes noise pollution which does not occur in the case of electric vehicles. Because of air resistance and wheel spin on roads, only a little amount of noise is produced.


  • Conventional vehicles convert only about 12% to 30% of the energy from gasoline to wheels. Whereas in an EV almost 70% of the energy is transferred to wheels. EVs and HEVs are the most efficient systems with minimal energy wastage.


  • EVs have a regenerative braking mechanism which charges the electric vehicle battery during the application of brakes. This will help the driver to drive longer than the battery capacity.


  • Electric vehicles use a more sustainable form of energy. The oil that we use for vehicles is expected to be completely extinguished in the next 50 years while the coal reserves might last up to a century. In India, 99% of petroleum products and 70% of diesel products are used for transportation purposes. To reduce the dependency on these non-renewable resources our government and leading automotive players are constantly trying to build robust Electric Vehicles and Hybrid Electric Vehicles.


Though a hybrid vehicle uses an IC engine and a motor for transmission systems, pollution caused by an IC engine is partially reduced. Thus the advantages of hybrid electric vehicles are the same as that of electric vehicles. 


Become an Environmentally-Conscious Engineer




If you are one of the engineers who wish to save the environment with your innovative ideas, EV engineering is the right path for you. Currently, all HEVs and EVs use Li-ion batteries due to their high specific energy. The battery management system course will help you to learn more about it. Mahindra Electric, Tesla, Uber and Lucid Motors are some of the manufacturers of electric vehicles. Learn the necessary skills through a PG program in HEV and become an EV engineer.


Take an Oath on World Environment Day

We have only one earth and it is our duty to protect it. Become an eco-friendly engineer and create a cleaner and greener future for the world. Skill-Lync gives a 20% off on its PG programs on world environment day. Invest in skill-building today for a brighter future both for you and our planet earth!


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