Top 10 Embedded Systems Project Ideas in 2022


Top 10 Embedded Systems Project Ideas in 2022


Embedded systems are a combination of hardware and software used to perform specific applications. They are found in simple devices like calculators, digital cameras and home appliances. Working on projects based on embedded systems would boost your employability as there is a huge demand for embedded system engineers. The recruitment of embedded systems engineers may grow upto 20% by 2028. Have a look into some of the best projects for ECE in embedded systems.


  1. Railway Security System Using ZigBee Technology

This simple embedded systems project could protect the lives of many. From 2003 to 2015 alone, 208 train accidents have happened due to rail fractures. The railway security system is needed to check cracks in the railway tracks. An embedded system employing ZigBee technology could detect cracks automatically. ZigBee technology is used for the communication of sensors and control systems. The crack detector Robot detects  cracks and sends an alarm signal to the operator. The crack detection system partially uses AI technology for autonomous applications. 


  1. Automatic Vehicle Speed Controller In Traffic Using RF Signal

This embedded systems project idea could be used to control road accidents. Over 1214 road crashes occur every day in India. The Automatic Vehicle Speed Controller can prevent accidents by controlling the speed of vehicles in restricted areas. An RF transmitter is placed in the road zone, and the receiver is placed in the vehicle. The RF module is an electronic device used to send and receive signals. When a vehicle enters areas with an RF module, the transmitter sends information about the speed limit. If the vehicle's speed is greater than the speed limit, it takes control and reduces the speed of the vehicle. This is how the Automatic Vehicle Speed Controller works.


  1. Automated Irrigation System Using a Wireless Sensor

In India, 80% of districts in Karnataka and 72% in Maharashtra have faced water scarcity for agricultural needs. An Automated Irrigation System could effectively use the available water resources. Using this system, 90% of water could be saved compared to traditional irrigation systems. A wireless sensor is used to detect the temperature and moisture of soil and send information to the actuator. The actuator is a device which converts the signal to mechanical motion. This actuator acts according to the signal and spills only the required amount of water. The embedded system is designed to use solar energy as its primary energy source.


  1. Embedded Automobile Engine Locking System, Using GSM Technology 

In 2021 alone, 36,177 motor vehicle theft cases have been reported. An embedded system design can tackle such situations by alerting the authorised person when the vehicle is under threat. Using Global System for Mobile (GSM) communication technology, you could set a password to turn ON the engine. If the user takes more than three attempts, the engine is locked, and an SMS alert is sent to the authorised person. Take an embedded systems course which teaches about autonomous vehicles to learn deeper about the sensors used in vehicles.


  1. Embedded System for Hazardous Gas Detection and Alerting 

Local fire departments have reported around 125,000 natural gas or LPG leaks every year. It is essential to detect those leaks before a disaster happens. A simple embedded systems project might work. When there is a leakage sensor monitored by the PIC microcontroller could check the hazardous gas. When the gas level exceeds the threshold value, a notification is sent to the authorised person. 


  1. Patient Health Check with Wireless Health Monitor

A doctor needs to know their patient's condition even in remote situations. An embedded system using an 8051 microcontroller and RF technology can be used to check the patient’s temperature and heartbeat. This wireless health monitoring system is one of the latest projects on embedded systems. 


  1. Rotary Parking System

Lack of parking space has always been a concern in metropolitan areas. A project-based on the embedded system can be done to solve this problem. The Rotary Parking System uses an 89S51 microcontroller to sense the data and provide it to the liner control system. The cars are lifted vertically using chains, and even 16 vehicles could be parked in the space of two cars.


  1. Smart Home Surveillance System Based on Raspberry Pi

The Smart Home Surveillance System is primarily needed for elderly and differently-abled people. It is an embedded systems project idea which uses Raspberry Pi 4B and IoT technology to provide a safer home environment. The system uses Video Surveillance cameras and sensors to detect unauthorised persons or activities. When such activities occur, the system automatically sends an alert to the user. Voice recognition could also be used to send alarming signals to the users.


  1. Underground Cable Fault Distance Locator

Gone are the days of overhead cables and wires. . Today we use underground cables as they remain protected from weather changes. However, it is challenging to locate the exact place of a defect in underground cables. An embedded system project that uses electromagnetic signals to detect the faulty cable can be built to overcome this. The specific distance of the fault could be displayed in the LCD using the 8051 microcontrollers. 


  1. Simulation of Earthquakes and Tsunami Through GSM Network

From 1998 to 2017, earthquakes alone have caused 750 000 deaths globally. An embedded system design using GSM technology could be implemented to alert the public to evacuate the area. The Microcontroller –P89V51RD2 can detect any vibrations in the earth. This is one of the latest projects on embedded systems. 


Project-based learning could widen your skill sets and increase the chances of getting hired. Take an embedded systems course that will help you to work on an embedded system project independently. Skill-Lync provides an opportunity for you to work on industry projects through its courses. Start your career as an embedded system engineer, today! 



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