Skilled Mechanical Engineer seeking full time role in the core domain where my skills in CAD can be utilized for the benefit of the company.


Junior Engineer

Sona Comstar

07 Aug 2018 - 25 Aug 2020


Software Skills


CATIA V5Not verified by Skill-Lync


SOLIDWORKSNot verified by Skill-Lync

Autodesk AutoCAD

Autodesk AutoCADNot verified by Skill-Lync

Autodesk FUSION 360

Autodesk FUSION 360Not verified by Skill-Lync

Area of Expertise

Surface modelling

Surface modelling Not verified by Skill-Lync

Plastic design

Plastic designNot verified by Skill-Lync

BIW Fixtures design

BIW Fixtures designNot verified by Skill-Lync

College Information


Institute of Aeronautical Engineering

27 Aug 2014 - 21 Apr 2018

School Information


Narayana Junior College

16 Apr 2013 - 28 Mar 2014


T.V.R. Model High School

02 Mar 2011 - 23 Mar 2012


BiW Fixture Design Methodologies Challenges

1)What is Design Methodology? Design Methodology: Design Methodology is nothing but the steps followed during the concept designing stages of fixture design.                                        Design Methodology is divided…

Design of Rest Unit & Clamp Unit

OBJECTIVE: The main aim of this project is to design two different types of rest units and three different types of Power clamp units with different riser,Blade and Clamp arm for the given Car panel.                                    …

Design of Swivel Clamp Unit & Pin-Clamp Unit

OBJECTIVE: To design 3 different types of swivel clamp unit with different riser, Blade and Clamp Arm for the given car Panel and design a pin Clamp unit for the given Car Panel with optimum use of material and space constraint also considering Panel Thickness as 1mm for the given car panel.        …

Base Unit Design Basics

1)What is the Base Unit? What are the typical parts of the Base Unit? A)Base Unit: A base unit is the unit designed to mount all the other units of the tool,also other parts necessary for a tool like pneumatic valve box,trunking cable path will also be mounted on to a base unit. Below are the some parts of a base unit…

Week 7- Base Unit Design Challenges 2

AIM: To Design a base unit for the Pin units,Clamp units,Swivel clamp units with all weldments for the given Car panel.                                       SOFTWARE USED: CATIA-V5 INTRODUCTION: Base Unit: A base unit is the…

Week 8:- 3D Finishing - Challenges 1

1) What do you understand by the 3D finish process? A)3D finish: 3d Finish is a process where the design is being completely finish and to be ready for final simulation and 2d detailing. While finishing the design the nominality is checked which ensures the easy assembly of all the units. The hole concentricity and holes…

Week 8:- 3D Finishing Challenge 2

AIM: Perform 3D finish for all units of Assembly design. Create Rough locators for Assembly.                                                3D-FINISHING:  3d Finish is a process…

Week 9:- 2D Detailing Challenge

1)What are the drawing templates? Drawing Templates:  If compared with verbal or written description, drawing offer far better idea about the shape, size & appearance of any object or simulation or location, that too in quite a less time. Hence it has become the best media of communication not only in engineering…

Week 10:- 2D Detailing Challenge

Aim: 1)Draft a Key Sheet for the Complete Fixture assembly created in challenge 8. 2)Draft a Base Unit and the Fix Pin Unit drawings with all child parts for the complete Fixture assembly from challenge 8. Key Sheet For Complete Fixture Assembly: Base Unit Drawings: Pin Unit 1 Drawings: Pin…

Week 11:- 2D Detailing Challenge 2

AIM: 1. Create 2D Drawing for each Clamp Units with all child parts and also create Child pard drawing for the same for the Fixture assembly created in challenge 8. 2. Create 2D Drawing for each Pin Units drawings with all child parts and also create Child pard drawing for the same for the Fixture…

Week 12:- Documentation Challenge

AIM:   Bill of Materials (BOM):A bill of materials (also known as a BOM or bill of material) is a comprehensive list of parts, items, assemblies and other materials required to create a product, as well as instructions required for gathering and using the required materials. The bill of materials can be understood…

Boolean Operations Week 5 Challenge 4

Base Mount Bracket: 3D Model:   Design Tree:  

Drafting Workbench

Model 1: Drawing 1:   Model 2: Drawing 2:   Model 3: Drawing 3:   Model 4: Drawing 4:

Switch Bezel Design

Class A surface: Draft Analysis of Class A: CLass B surface: Class C surface : Surface Model: 3D model: Draft Analysis of the Solid Model:    

Coin Holder Design

Class A Surface: Draft analysis of the Class A surface: Class B Surface: Class C Surface: Closed Surface: 3D Model: Draft analysis of the Close Model:    

Core & Cavity Design for Switch Bezel

Core Block: Cavity Block: Intersects: Mould Design:

Attachment Feature Creation

Sketch of Ribs: Ribs Extrude: Intersect of Coin Holder and XZ Plane: All Views: Isometric View: Side View: Top View: Bottom View:

Attachment Feature Creation for a Coin Holder

Final Model: All Views: Isometric View: Side View:   Front View:  

Door Applique Design with Engineering Features

Door Applique: Attachment panel: Design tree: Fianl model: Draft analysis of Door Applique: Draft Analysis of the Attachment Panel: All Views:  

Week 9 - Project - Master Section Development

AIM -  The Aim of this project to develop a closed surface model by using of the master section and developed B side feature for locked the degree of freedom of the component. Here we can use B Pillar master section providing by the OEM Standards. Software used- CATIA V5. ABSTRACT- The report details about the…

Week 11 - Final project

 AIM:To design and devlopment of vehicle interior door trim using Catia v5 Tool using give A Class Surface and Adding thickness to it.Also to create a Ribs and Locators as per the given Master section SUMMARY:          This Project explains in brief regarding the Design life cycle followed in automotive industry by working…



Underbody Coating


Hood design-Week 2

AIM: To Design & Assemble Hood outer panel, inner panel and the necessary reinforcements by following the Design parameters & Master section which is given to us as an input. ABSTRACT: The project report deals with the explanation of steps and procedure followed while developing the HOOD Assembly of a car using…

Course Certificates

Automotive BIW Fixture Design using CATIA V5

Completion Certificate UID : fs64me28hb1j75x0

Automotive Plastic Design using CATIA V5

Completion Certificate UID : 3tb87g5qd1if9rnu