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CATIA Projects

Week 9 - Project 1 - Door Trim Lower with Engineering Features
  ans :-      Tooling axis :-   The tooling axis of the product tells us the direction of movement where the part is being produced effectively.       There are Some advantages if we follow the effective tooling axis like       The side cores and other things can be…
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Akshay GangadharRao

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AIM     To make a full solid model from the provided master section and class A surface. INTRODUCTION: CATIA:          It means Computer-Aided Three-Dimensional Interactive Application.  It is computer aided designing software. This is software which…
                                                                                 FINAL PROJECT   ISOMETRIC VIEW:…
  AIM : To Route the Wiring harness on Given Engine and Prepare flatten view drawing in CATIA V5. Application of all Packaging rules, Industry best practices studied in this course shall be demonstrated in design. Apply Protection coverings as required. INTRODUCTION : A wire harness, also commonly referred to as a wiring…
RIBS CREATION AIM:  To design ribs on the coin holder considering every RIB design rule in the industry. THEORY: Class-B surface contains all the engineer data required for the model to be completed.  Some of the major features of the B-side are: Ribs Screw boss design  DRAFT ANALYSIS Draft analysis…
AIM - To create a door interior part from the inputs of class A surface along with master section by following the design rules followed in tier 1 and OEM industries in catia v5 SOFTWARE USED CATIA V5 OBJECTIVES Create a sketch by using Positioned sketch All the should be sketches should be Iso-Constrained Ensured Proper…
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