Skill-Lync is an up-skill platform for engineers that offers various courses that you can take to upgrade your skills and abilities. These courses are done through an online medium to help instill employable skills and provide experience to students. 

However, before signing up, you may wonder, how can I learn from Skill-Lync's online course? So, in this blog, we talk about how the Skill-Lync online courses work, how it is better than other online courses, and how it can be beneficial for you.   



Let's look at some key features that can help you make the most out of our online course.


Support Engineer

Support engineers are mentors who will guide you in various ways throughout the course. You will be assigned a Support Engineer immediately after you enroll in a Skill-Lync course. The Support Engineer will provide you with the study plan for every week and also keep track of how much you are keeping up with the course. 


Get Access to Videos Every Week

Skill-Lync will provide you with a set of videos every week based on your course. These videos are an easy way of closely understanding the domain of your interest. You will need to go through these videos and understand them as they would help you to create projects or assignments. 


Work on a Challenge and Project Every Week

While enrolling in a Skill-Lync course, you will have to be prepared to work on new assignments and projects every week. Skill-Lync aims their students to not only be good in their course but also do better in their jobs. That is why Skill Lync will make you work on industry-relevant projects to make you better for the future. 


Doubt Clearing Sessions

Skill-Lync organizes various doubt clearing sessions to address all the queries a student might have. You can contact your Support Engineer every day between 8 am to 10 pm regarding your doubts. You can contact them in the following different ways:


  • Phone Call: You can directly call the Support Engineer that has been assigned to you by Skill-Lync. Hence, as you can see, help is just a phone call away.
  • WhatsApp Group: Skill-Lync has a WhatsApp group where you can ask about your queries. Not only your support engineer but other Skill-Lync support engineers and alumni who have already taken the course are present in the group who will help you to clarify your doubts.
  • E-mail: You can also e-mail Skill-Lync with your doubts at [email protected] and receive guidance via e-mail.
  • One-on-One Video Call: If your doubts are not fully addressed through phone call and WhatsApp group, Skill-Lync will immediately schedule a one on one video call with their support engineers. Here, you will share your screen with the support engineer so that the engineer can identify your doubts and provide you with proper clarification.
  • Group Video Call Session: Skill-Lync organizes three group video conference sessions every week. You will join other students to present your queries to be clarified by 2 to 3 support engineers on a rolling basis. The advantage of a group video conference session is that even if you don't have any doubts, you can watch other students clarifying their doubts and level up your knowledge.


Skill-Lync is very determined to provide hassle-free learning to its students. Unlike other platforms, Skill-Lync tries to clarify doubts of their students as fast as possible so that they don't end up skipping important parts of the course. 


Advantages of Skill-Lync's Online Course

The pandemic has taught us that classroom learning is not the only way of learning. In fact, online courses have become more popular during the lockdown, and have become the most reliable way of learning.

Let us look at the benefits of pursuing a Skill-Lync's online course


1. One-on-One Support

As already mentioned, you will be assigned a Support Engineer who will clear all your doubts. The one-on-one support helps the student since the mentor can pay close attention to every detail of the students. 

The mentor helps students grow and think realistically by enabling them to apply the theory in real-world problems. 


2. Work on Industry-Relevant Projects

The primary objective of an industry-relevant project is to add valuable work experience to your portfolio. Moreover, these projects teach students problem-solving skills that they can use in real life and open up many horizons in the domain of their choice.


3. Build a Portfolio

When you enroll in the Skill-Lync course, you will be provided with a profile where all your details and the projects you have worked on will be displayed publicly. Portfolios provide evidence of your skills and abilities rather than just words. 

You can put the link of your portfolio in your resume or LinkedIn page and gain an edge over your peers in the job market.





Skill-Lync's online courses teach you the core concepts and their relevance to the real world and help you think from a more practical perspective. 

With an online course, the videos and resources are available even after completing the course. Additionally, Skill-Lync provides guidance and counselling via calls and chats, so you don't miss out on the benefits of a classroom environment. 

Skill-Lync is focused on helping students develop the all-important skills that they may not receive from formal classroom training. 


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