Four Reasons how Skill-Lync will help you get employed in 2022


                                                                           Skill-Lync will help you get employed in 2022


2021 was the first time in two years that the global economy started to function and create jobs across domains. It was also the first year where electric vehicles started to become mainstream, in the Indian consumer space. 

In 2021 Skill-Lync continued to help engineering students in India reach their dream goals. Our career success team was instrumental in helping more than 100 students in the month of November alone. Through our repeated interaction with the industry, we have been able to understand the engineering requisites of firms across domains. We have leveraged this to create programs that train engineers for the jobs that are available and will be available in the future. 


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2022 will be defined by massive growth, engineering firms and sectors which had to slow down their growth will finally be able to let go and start creating value in the supply chain. And this increase in demand will require engineers, a whole load of engineers. 

Industry requires engineers who can start producing value from the first day, which unfortunately does not bode well for most engineers in India. Engineering students in India only work on the theory part with no option for practical experience. 

  • But what if students could work on projects that are being worked on in engineering firms around the world? 
  • What if students could gain experience on projects and software tools that are used in the industry and gain experience of 2-years in just 6-months?

Skill-Lync started as a dream from two engineers who wanted to reduce the gap that existed between industry and academia. There are four fundamental reasons that help Skill-Lync create engineers who produce value. 


  • Courses Designed with help from Experts

The courses at Skill-Lync are designed by industry experts. Our courses are created by engineers for engineers with inputs from leading members of academia.
A holistic training program that factors in the present and future requirements of various engineering domains, students at Skill-Lync develop and train in engineering skills that will allow them to start producing value from day one.


  • Technical Support 

When studying, chances are that students will have queries, but with an online mode of learning the onus is on the educator to provide efficient redressal tools. The Skill-Lync technical support team has been drawn from the very best engineers in India, between them they have decades of work experience across various domains. The technical support staff at Skill-Lync will be available around the clock for the students who will be able to reach the technical support staff through email, WhatsApp, or video calls. The technical support staff at Skill-Lync ensures that when a student enrolls in a program they achieve a conceptual understanding of the syllabus.


  • Industry-Relevant Projects

Projects that a student works during their coursework at Skill-Lync are similar to projects being undertaken at engineering firms around the world, the only difference being their scope. While working on a indutry relevant project an engineering student will be able to gain experience in software programs and attain real-life experience on tools that are used in the industry. The ability to apply theories in real-world experiments allows an engineer to understand the essence of their subject. This also affords Skill-Lync students the ability to start working from the first day at their company, because it is essentially the same project that they have been working on during their course for the last 6-month, albeit on a larger scale. 


  • Placement Support 

 The engineering employment market in India has at the same time enough openings for all engineering graduates but at the same, a high enough barrier for entry that only engineers with a defined skillset will be able to find employment. But, even with training in the requisite skills, there are engineers who are still unable to find employment, for a myriad of reasons. This might be everything from not being able to perform during an interview to not being able to translate their experience into the expertise that engineering firms require. 

Every single student, once they complete three modules in the Master’s program, will start to train with Skill-Lync’s placement support. The placement support team will work with students to set up their resumes, pruning and editing them such that only data that will help the student get employed is included. Students will also go through extensive mock interviews that will ensure that they will ace any interview that they attend. 

Skill-Lync’s programs have been fine-tuned over the last three years to ensure that every single engineer reaches their dream career.

And to help you get started on your engineering dreams in 2022, we are offering you a 25% discount on every Master’s program along with a free laptop if you enroll before the 8th of January 2022. 

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