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Dileep kumar kurmapu

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  • HEV



15 Projects

Week -2


1.SIMULINK MODEL OF DOOR BELL USING SOLENOID BLOCK : SIMULINK BLOCK DIAGRAM : PULSE GENERATOR OUTPUT PLOT : SCOPE OUTPUT : PHYSICAL  MOVEMENT OF THE PLUNGER The above model represents the opertion of doorbell using a solenid. pulse generator input values: SOLENOID: A solenoid is a type of electromagnet the…

10 Nov 2021 10:31 AM IST

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    Week - 4


    1.CONTROLL LOGIC FOR WASHING MACHINE IN STATE SPACE :  state space : Stateflow provides a graphical language that includes state transition diagrams, flow charts, state transition tables, and truth tables. You can use Stateflow to describe how MATLAB algorithms and Simulink models react to input…

    20 Nov 2021 07:36 AM IST

    • MATLAB
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    Week-3 Challenge: ADVISOR Tool


    1.Default condtion of electrical vehicle in advisor tool : This is the main GUI for the default electrical vehicle. this contains lot of input variables regarding each part of the electric vehicle like motor , battery ,transmission,wheel axle etc We can vary all the input variables from this page . We can add additional…

    07 Dec 2021 09:14 AM IST

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      Week-6 Challenge: EV Drivetrain


      1.POWER CONVERTER : A power converter can convert alternating current (AC) into direct current (DC) and vice versa; change the voltage or frequency of the current or do some combination of these. It is a device with power semiconductor switches arranged in fashion to contoll or modify the input based on our requrement.…

      13 Dec 2021 08:28 AM IST

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      Week-4 Challenge WOT Condition Part-2


      1.MAPPED MODEL : The mapped models is made with the help of lookup tables . These lookup table consists of the data of device parameters .  Lookup table blocks use arrays of data to map input values to output values, approximating mathematical functions. The following figs are 1D and 2D lookup tables The models take…

      16 Dec 2021 03:40 PM IST

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      Week-7 Challenge: DC Motor Control


      1.Speed control of a DC motor using BJT H-bridge : BJT H-bridge : There are two terminals ‘A’ and ‘B’ of DC motor. Now if we connect terminal A with +Ve supply and terminal B with –Ve supply or ground the current will flow from motor from A to B and motor will rotate in one direction –…

      30 Dec 2021 04:06 PM IST

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        Week-11 Challenge: Braking


        1.Energy required for the braking : The thing is, the amount of energy required for vehicle to accelerte is the same amount of energy is required to braking the vehicle. in same condtion. The energy required for acceleration =1/2*mV(Vf-Vi)^2 where  m - mass of the vehicle (kg)            v-…

        05 Jan 2022 10:37 AM IST

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        Project-1: Powertrain for aircraft in runways


         1.list out the total weight of various types of aircrafts : There are many factors that lead to efficient and safe operation of aircraft. Among these vital factors are proper weights and balance control. The maximum allowable weight for an aircraft is determined by design considerations. The manufacturer provides…

        08 Jan 2022 10:27 AM IST

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          Final Project: Design of an Electric Vehicle


          1.ELECTRIC VEHICLE :  A vehicle(automobile) which uses  only battery as a source to propell the vehicle and auxillary purpose is said to be an pure electric vehicle.which consists of diffrent (major) parts like vehicle body motor motor controller battery On board charger  SIMULINK MODEL OF AN ELECTRIC VEHICLE…

          17 Jan 2022 07:43 AM IST

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            Week 1 Understanding Different Battery Chemistry


            LITHIUM ION CELLS: LITHIUM IS ONE OF THE FAMOUS METAL FROM THE MODERN PERIODIC TABLE ,AND ALSO PLACED TOP ON THE TABLE. But the point is it has a tendancy to loss its electrons ,ie, reactive one easily reacts with water and loss will be there . That's why it is mixed with metals and used as a lithium ion by losing one…

            24 Jan 2022 08:51 AM IST

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              Project 1 Mechanical design of battery pack


               BATTERY PACK DESIGNING : Cell: ANR26650M1-B : A123’s high-performance Nanophosphate lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery technology delivers high power and energy density combined with excellent safety performance and extensive life cycling in a lighter weight, more compact package. Our cells have low capacity…

              29 Jan 2022 09:29 AM IST

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              Week 7 State of charge estimation


              THE BMS MODEL : This model tells us the how BMS model of battery pack works . The block mainly consists of closed loop BMS block . BMS state request block. Test sequence variant for diffrent test sequences. lamps for diffrent states faults identification. If the indicator glows green there is no fault condtion , if it…

              29 Jan 2022 04:43 PM IST

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                Project 1 (Mini Project on Vehicle Direction Detection


                AIM : TO IDENTIFY THE VEHICLE DIRECTION USING CAMERA AND STEERING WHEEL INPUT . General Overview: Identifying the direction of the vehicle is one of the important & diverse features in Autonomous driving & Advanced Driver Assistance Features. This particular sub-feature of identifying the direction of vehicle is…

                14 Feb 2022 09:52 AM IST

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                Project 2 Adaptive Cruise Control


                  Objective of the Project: Developing Adaptive Cruise Control feature as per the Requirement Document using MATLAB Simulink. Follow all the MBD related processes: Requirement Tagging & Traceability, SLDD creation, Configuration Parameter changes, Model Advisor check & Code Generation. In Configuration Parameters:…

                14 Feb 2022 02:23 PM IST

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                Project 2 Thermal modeling of battery pack


                Thermal modeling of battery pack : THe model shown below is the Thermal modeling of battery pack model. The model mainly consists of temperature source subsystem. cell model subsystem, and controlled current source , signal generator block . And electrical reference , solver configutration block , tags (goto &from),scopes.…

                15 Feb 2022 02:00 PM IST

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                  Introduction to Physical Modeling using Simscape

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                  Introduction to Hybrid Electric Vehicle using MATLAB and Simulink

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                  Introduction to Battery Technology for Electric Vehicle

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                  Introduction to Model-Based Development using MATLAB and Simulink

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