Springs and Anti roll bar selection for a Sedan and plotting the bump oscillation profile

In this project, you will be doing calculations to select the spring and anti-roll bar based on a 4WD sedan with a Mcpherson strut in the front and Multilink in the rear.

  • Duration : 3 Months
  • Benefits : In this project, you will be doing calculations to select the spring and anti-roll bar based on a 4WD sedan with a Mcpherson strut in the front and Multilink in the rear.
  • Price : 30000
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What will you do in this project?

In this project you will use the given vehicle level targets to calculate suitable numbers for the selected subsystems, you will performing calculations for:

  • Spring Rates

  • Rear Ride frequency and flat ride plots

  • Anti-characteristics

  • Roll-bar diameters

  • Vehicle Parameters and its Significance
  • Spring selection and Ride Frequency Calculation
  • Roll Gradient Calculation and Anti-Roll Bar selection
  • Anti Characteristics and Pitch Gradient Calculation

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Project Highlights

Who can take up this project?

  • If you are a 3rd-year student with an aspiration to become a vehicle dynamics engineer. (As a starting point for your career)

  • If you have a plan to do Masters in motorsport/automotive engineering related courses.

  • Anyone interested in developing their skill sets in vehicle dynamics.

You will be using Matlab/Octave.
By taking this course, you will get to know about the suspension design parameters and its significance in the performance of the vehicle. You can also design the vehicle and tune it for better performance.

Importance of Pitch Compensation and Selection of ARB and Springs

                       Springs and Anti roll bar plays a vital role in the performance of the vehicle , as Anti roll bar is used to resist the rolling action of the vehicle and springs are used to isolate the sprung mass from the road disturbance. These two components are selected based on the mathematical modelling of the vehicle parameters, for this you should understand all the suspension parameters and its significance.  The ride frequency optimization is done to avoid the pitching effect of the vehicle, when it undergoes a bump, in this project you will plot the bump oscillation profile and tune the vehicle parameters accordingly. As a result of this project , you will get to know how to analyse the vehicle loads at various hard points and spring rate and ARB diameter will be found to get the optimized result.

  • You will learn how the load distribution takes place in vehicle.
  • Significance of Springs and Anti Roll Bar is vehicle performance
  • Bump profile plot and tuning vehicle parameter accordingly


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