Top 7 Highest Paying Engineering & Technology Jobs in 2022


Salary is the defining criterion when it comes to employment.

The primary reasons why students from premier institutions get the big paycheck has to do with their expertise in the tools being used in the industry, their understanding of the supply chain, and experience with project management.


highest paying engineering jobs


Firms tend to hire engineers who can start working and producing value from the first day without having a long, drawn-out induction period. Towards the end of this blog, you will learn about the different ways you can work on industry-relevant projects and get recruited in the domain of your choice. 


Salaries for jobs in the mechanical engineering domain

Mechanical engineers earn a median annual salary of ₹352,835, this amount does vary from domain to domain with some like aerospace engineering paying considerably higher than others.

Design engineering is one of the job roles that you can apply for out of college, to start your career as a design engineer you need to have experience in design tools like AutoCAD, CATIA, and Solidworks while having demonstrable experience in working on industry projects. Graduates who fulfill these criteria and start their career as design engineers can expect to draw an average salary of ₹4,60,678/year.


highest paying engineering jobs 2022


If you are interested in the flow of the creation of a new product from scratch, you should consider becoming a product design engineer. A product design engineer works closely with the various stakeholders with an aim to create a cohesive product before it hits the market. A product design engineer constantly reviews the prototype to ensure it meets the specifications and also provide support once the product has reached the open market. Students who wish to start their career as a product engineer should have experience in AutoCAD, and other design software tools like Seimens NX, MATLAB, Simulink and can expect an average annual salary of ₹6,12,945/year


Computational fluid dynamics is one of the few domains in engineering that will always require new talent. CFD engineers are instrumental in designing everything from the latest F1 car to a simple plastic water bottle that you use every day and have one of the highest paying jobs in engineering. With such a diverse range of responsibilities to choose from students can expect a satisfying career in the CFD domain. Students who are considering a career in CFD should have an understanding of any popular meshing tools like Ansys Fluent, OpenFOAM, Converge, or Autodesk while having a good understanding of the principles behind Fluid Dynamics, Heat Transfer & Mass Transfer. Average salaries in the domain of CFD are around  ₹5,30,000.


Salaries for different jobs in the electric and electronics engineering domain


The salary range for electrical and electronics engineers falls between ₹1,90,000 and ₹9,00,000 with the annual average salary being ₹3,40,000. Among the domains of electrical engineering, the fields related to electric vehicle design and development, and in the electronic engineering domain fields related to wireless communication and embedded engineering are among the fastest-growing sectors currently. 


highest paying technology jobs


Everything from the lights in your house to the pacemaker of the heart are examples of embedded systems, if you want to start your career in the embedded systems space you will have the whole gamut of options to choose from. 

As an embedded systems engineer you will need to design, develop, test, and launch software that works seamlessly with your hardware. Students should also have experience in working on industry-standard tools like Simulink or the LDRA test suite. The average starting salary for an embedded engineer in India is around ₹433,927/year with companies like Cyient, TCS, Robert Bosch, TATA Elxsi being the primary firms looking for embedded engineers currently. 


India’s Electric Vehicle domain is set to become one of the world’s largest markets for hybrid or complete electric vehicles creating an internal market of $206 billion by 2030. This surge in investments in the sector will correspond to an increase in the number of jobs available to electrical engineers with a passion to change the world. With an average salary of ₹7,00,000/year, a career in the EV industry will have the highest remunerations in the country. Some of the roles that an electrical engineer can apply for in the EV-HEV industry include; BMS engineer, design engineer, and embedded engineer among others. 


Best engineering jobs in the software engineering domain


engineering jobs 2022



A full-stack developer is a versatile developer who works on the back end and the front end of the website. The front end of a website makes use of software like Angular.js and jQuery while the back end of a website uses tools like MySQL, Javascript, and MongoDB. In India, a full stack developer draws an average salary of ₹582,659/year depending on the experience that an engineer has under their belt. If you want to start your career as a full-stack developer you should consider having a portfolio of projects which will showcase your expertise with both the frontend and backend tools. To have a head-start against your competition your portfolio must contain a working website, preferably an eCommerce site complete with an intuitive frontend and flawless payment gateway integration. 

The data science domain constantly ranks among the highest paying engineering jobs in the world. In India, a data scientist can expect to earn an average salary of ₹698,412/year with some data science companies even offering stock options. Data science at its base is simply trying to make sense of data, drawing insights from the data that can be used to further the business, and presenting that data in an understandable format. Data science does not require you to be a genius at math, but it does require you to have an analytical mind that can draw inferences from randomness. If you want to start your career in data science, you should have a comprehensive understanding of how mathematics works, hands-on experience in Python programming, Power BI, and Tableau. You should also understand how server-side tools like SQL work and how you can leverage its functionality in data science. 


Jobs for civil engineering graduates


Civil engineers can accept an annual salary of around ₹3,00,000 with increments based on experience in the tools being used in the industry. Students who want to start a career in the civil engineering domain should have a good understanding of the various CAD software tools used in the industry/company and also understand the civil codes. Some of the jobs that you can get in this domain are; site engineer, BIM modeler, design engineer, structural engineer, and precast production engineer. You can find employment at companies like GMR group and L&T


Building information modeling is seeing an increase in adoption among architectural firms and structural engineering firms. To start a career in this domain you should have experience in software tools like Revit or Naviworks while having an experience in these tools is required, you should also be able to create plans that can be understood by engineers and architects easily. Becoming a BIM engineer is a collaborative effort and if you are not able to accept positive feedback, it will become detrimental to your career. If you start your career as a BIM modeler in the civil engineering domain you can accept an average salary of ₹ 4,60,833. 


Structural engineering is a perennial job role under the umbrella of civil engineering and will exist as long as buildings are built. Students who want to start their career in this field should have experience in software tools like and understand the various loads and stresses that act on the beams and trusses. A structural engineer can find employment building anything from a high-rise building to a nuclear power plant and can expect annual salaries of ₹4,86,046.



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