When the industrial revolution happened, mechanical engineering was the most demanded skill everywhere. Soon after, computers arose, and they had an equal momentum advancing the world. Today, the two lines between the two field, engineering and computer science, are blurred. The current demand is for mechanical engineers with computational skills. And one of the best places to up-skill yourself in those areas is the UK, considering that it is the place where the revolution began. Here are some handpicked, top-rated universities in UK where you can pursue masters in mechanical engineering:

University of Loughborough:

Course offered: MSc Mechanical Engineering

Named as the University of The Year by The Times and Sunday Times in 2019, the University of Loughborough is one of the top research universities in the UK. The MSc in Mechanical engineering at the university is designed to help the students understand the importance of design in engineering, be familiar in CAE tools, analyse complex engineering problems and work in advanced technical levels. The STEMLab at Loughborough University is a state-of-art facility that covers research in the areas of science and engineering. Some of the other research centres at the university include:

University of Glasgow:

Course offered: MSc Mechanical Engineering

The University of Glasgow has a long history in teaching mechanical engineering to students for more than a century. Academic contributors to the coursework include James Watt, inventor of the Watt Steam engine and pioneer of the industrial revolution. The coursework deals with integrating various design methods and techniques. It is accredited to the Institute of Mechanical Engineers for further learning. some of the research centres at the university include:

University of Nottingham:

Course offered: MSc Mechanical Engineering

The University of Nottingham is ranked as the 11th university in the UK for the year 2019 by QS Graduate Employability Rankings in terms of graduate employment and 8th university in the UK in terms of research power. The Mechanical Engineering course allows the learners to graduate in one of the following areas: Advanced mechanical engineering, Aerospace, Automotive, Manufacturing. The coursework is accredited by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers. Some of the research facilities at the university that were involved in engineering areas include:

Heriot-Watt University:

Course offered: MSc Advanced Mechanical Engineering

Heriot-Watt University was the world’s first Mechanics Institute in 1821 before it was granted the university status. The Advanced Mechanical Engineering Course aims to develop the knowledge and skills of the learners through advanced learning, design work and research. The Institute of Mechanical, Process and Energy Engineering (IMPEE) is a multidisciplinary research institute focussing on 4 main themes:

  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Computational & Digital Engineering
  • Energy Harvesting and Conversion
  • Multiphase Flow

Some of the research centres at the university include:

Exeter University:

Course offered: MSc Mechanical Engineering

Exeter University holds a TEF Gold award for teaching excellence and a graduate employability of about 95%. The Mechanical Engineering masters program emphasises on teaching its learners to apply the latest techniques and skills to solve complex engineering problems. Graduates learn various computational skills like numerical analysis, simulation and optimisation. The course work is accredited by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE) and the Engineering Council. The university focusses on research areas such as Computational EngineeringDynamics and ControlMaterials and Manufacturing EngineeringVibration Engineering. The research labs at the university include:

  • Fabrication laboratory
  • Imaging Suite
  • Materials laboratories
  • Renewable Energy facilities
  • Thermodynamics and fluid dynamics


Mechanical engineering is an evergreen subject. It provides multiple skills to the learners and global opportunities – which are the two major reasons why it is preferred widely. the subject carries numerous specialisations – giving the students a chance to work in diverse industries. With being a forefront of future technologies, it sure is a good time to become a mechanical engineer.


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