Ashwani Sinha

FEA Analyst || CAE Engineer || ANSA || HyperMesh || Radioss || ANSYS Workbench || Python



So far, I have completed more than 15 industry-oriented projects under the “Computer-Aided Engineering” Master’s Certification Program. Some of the projects are the analysis of “Frontal car crash-BIW”, “Sidecar crash-BIW”, and “Roof car crash – BIW(Quasi-Static analysis)” using HyperMesh and Radioss. Also, pre-processing in ANSA and HyperMesh on different components of car like ‘Hood’, ‘Side door’, and ‘Back door’, ‘suspension Assembly’, and ‘IP substrate’. More recently, I have completed “Python for Mechanical Engineer”, in which I did scripting on the ‘Newton-Raphson Method’, ‘Curve Fitting’, ‘Air Standard Cycle’ and ‘Data Parsing’. Learning these skills and working on projects boosted my confidence greatly. It has also given me the conviction to look towards my future endeavors with optimism.


CAE Engineer - Intern

Skill Lync

19 Oct 2020 - 19 Jan 2021


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Sheet metal meshing

Sheet metal meshingNot verified by Skill-Lync

Plastic meshing

Plastic meshingNot verified by Skill-Lync

2D meshing

2D meshingNot verified by Skill-Lync

Crash analysis

Crash analysisNot verified by Skill-Lync

Durability analysis

Durability analysisNot verified by Skill-Lync

Explicit analysis

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Implicit analysis

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Fatigue analysis

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College Information


Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology, West Bengal

12 Aug 2013 - 10 Jun 2017

School Information


Vandana International School

04 Apr 2011 - 03 Mar 2012


Vandana International School

06 Apr 2009 - 05 Mar 2010


3D Meshing for Arm bracket and Housing

Objective:-  3d meshing using tetra mesh and hex mesh. Procedure:- First model is arm bracket which is divided into 4 part. Base Arm curve Arm straight Boss 1. 2D Mesh on the base then drag the mesh using element offset along the surface. 2. For the arm curve used the spin feature 2D mesh converted into the body at…

Side Crash Analysis of neon BIW Model With Rigid Pole using HyperMesh and Radioss

Objective: To perform the side crash analysis of neon BIW model on the rigid pole and analyze the b pillar, fuel tank, hinge pillar intrusion and the energy curves are generated for the BIW model during the impact and finally the peak velocity for the inner node of the door is also generated. The preprocessing is…

Frontal Crash Analysis of neon BIW model using HyperMesh and Radioss

Objective: check and create the properties for a neon frontal crash model and perform simulation as per the instructions. Procedure:- Check the unit system and either follow[Mg mm s] or [Kg mm ms]. Create an appropriate interface, friction 0.2 and recommended parameters. Make sure of no penetrations and intersection. Correct…

Performing All Possible Connections in the Side Door of a Car using ANSA

Objective: Apply different types of connection techniques along with different 1D elements on the Side Door. Model Given:                                                 FE Model of Side Door There…

Comparing the effect of TYPE-7 interface parameters TYPE-11 along with TYPE-7 interface and effect of notches in the crash box

Objective:1.  Mesh the bumper model attached  2. Comparing the base setup simulation results of a crash tube and with different kinematic condition simulation results with the help of TH/part. Procedure: Bumper was meshed using the automesh tool in the 2D option. I have meshed it section-wise to have better…

Ultimate Product Design of a Yacht using Solidworks

Objective To design the Yacht in Solidworks. To design each part and assemble them. To create rendered images.   Introduction A Yacht is a watercraft used for pleasure or sports. Today’s Yachts are mostly used for leisure. Until the 1950s, almost all yachts were made of wood or steel, but a much wider range…

Performed the 3D meshing on Rear View Mirror in ANSA

Objective: For the given component, check for the geometrical errors and mesh with the given element Quality criteria. Use tetra elements to model the component and there should not and kinks and dips on the surface of the component.  Model Given:        S.No  Quality Criteria  Value …

Extracting Mid-surface performing geometry cleanup Meshing on given model - Hood Inner panel outer panel

Objective:  Perform Midsurface, geometry cleanup & Meshing on given model - Hood (Inner panel & outer panel)           Procedure: Extracting mid surface of the outer panel and performed geometry clean up using quick edit.                  …

Roof Crash (Quasi Static Analysis) of neon BIW Model with a Impactor.

Objective: Perform the roof crash analysis with an Impactor which is a Quasi-static analysis. Procedure: Roof Crush - BIW Import • Car• Impactor Transforms • This will require (in order)• A 180° rotation about the global z-axis• A 5° rotation about the axis through axis AB• A 25°…

Performed Mid-Surfacing, Meshing & Connections on Cross Car Beam Assembly using ANSA

Objective: Mesh the CCB Model and perform all possible connections in the model. S.No  Quality Criteria  Value  1 Target/Average length   5 2 Minimum Length  3 3 Maximum Length  7 4 Aspect  3 5 Warpage 15 6 Skewness 45 7 Jacobian  0.7 8 Minimum Quad Angle  45 9 Maximum…

2D Meshing - Back Door (Inner and Outer Extract) of a Car

Objective: To mesh the backdoor of a hatchback car according to the quality criteria given Procedure:1. A new backdoor CAD file imported in Hypermesh, backdoor geometry was imported, delete solids from the component. 2. Extracted mid surfaces from all the components; the mid surfaces were checked for topology errors and…

1D elements on the Bracket with given cross-section and DOF

Objective: Create 1D elements on the following component with given cross-section and DOF. Procedure: 1. We need to extract the mid surface from the given IGS file of the bracket. 2. Clean up the geometry with the help of Geometry < Quick Edit. option. 3. After that meshing the surface with the targeting size of 6mm.…

Application of different types of connectors in a frame assembly

Objective: Create connectors and attach the various parts of the given model. Procedure:   1. Right_Rail_2 & Front_truss_1:- Seam-Quad(angled+capped+L) 2. Left_Rail_2 & Front_truss_1:- Quad elements 3. Front_truss_2, Front_truss_1 & Right_Rail_1:- Spot weld with 3…

Extracting Mid-Surface and Performing 2D Meshing In a IP Substrate using ANSA.

Objective: For the given IP Substrate component, check for the geometrical errors, and mesh with the given element Quality criteria. After meshing the component the thickness has to be assigned.   S.No  Quality Criteria  Value  1 Target/Average length   4 2 Minimum Length  2 3 Maximum…

Meshing of a Bottle CAP using ANSA for Structural Analysis

Objective : - Cleanup the geometry of the model, perform mid surface and do meshing of the bottle capaccording to the quality criteria provided Procedure:  - Perform topological and geometry cleanup- Extract mid surface of bottle cap- Assign PIDs to mid surface extracted- Performing meshing with the given mesh parameters…

Virtual simulation of same model with different material cards in Radioss

Objective:- In this challenge, we will study about the different material laws and will observe the different behavior of the given model with the different material card and will do the comparison as per the cases defined below:  Case 1: Changing the model name from Failure_johnson_0000 to Law2_epdmax_failure. and…

Hood Mesh using ANSA

Objective: For the given component, check for the geometrical errors and mesh with the given element Quality criteria. After meshing the component the thickness has to be assigned. Procedure: In the check manager, I checked the geometrical errors and fixed them using the below tools and some with a direct fix option.  …

Performed Mixed Meshing of Rear Suspension Assembly in ANSA

Objective: For the given assembly, check for the geometrical errors and mesh with the given element Quality criteria. After meshing the component the thickness has to be assigned for mid surfaces. Use tetra elements to model non-uniform thickness components.   Model Given:     Procedure:  Quality Criteria…

Front wheel assembly of American Chopper

Front Wheel Complete Assembly  

Performed Batch-meshing on the Hood and Fender with the given criteria and assign the non-linear material property Steel to them

Objective: Perform Batch-meshing on the following components with the given criteria and assign the non-linear material property Steel to them. 1. Hood  2. Fender Quality Criteria:- Target Element: 5mm S.N Quality Criteria  Value  1 Aspect Ratio  5 2 Skewness 45 3 Warping 15 4 Taper     …

Extracting Manual Mid-surface, & Meshing on Side Door (Plastic Model)

Objective: Meshing of the plastic Model - Side Door.   Procedure: 1. Load the given model and turn on the topo mode.  2. Divide the model into 4 parts because of its complex geometry and then perform the required geometry cleanup operations using quick edit panel.              …

3D Meshing of Chassis Hub and Cover

Objective: 3D Tetra mesh a) Housing & Hub b) Chassis c) Housing.  Procedure: 1st Method  1. First, create 2D Tria elements and perform element checkups and correct.   Convert the 2D elements to 3D elements using the below panel. 2. Using the direct method when.      3. Using volume tetra. …

Volume mesh of the Intake Manifold using ANSA

Objective: Volume mesh the Intake Manifold using ANSA.   S.No                        Quality Criteria                       Value  1                 …

Basic Morphing Techniques Applied to the Floor Panel Components using ANSA

Objective: Use the morphing technique on the given model. Procedure:  Model Given:      After performing Topology:       Geometry Check:       The next step is to introduce a Morph Box from the Morphing deck in ANSA.The ortho morph box is created for the selected component…

Conceptual design of an American Chopper.

Introduction Solidworks has rich complex functionalities and design capabilities that we can use with a simple and dynamic interface. We can pick up desired functionalities at your active interface and hide useless ones from the active interface. Objective Conceptual design of an American Chopper. While modeling an American…

Extraction of a Mid Surface and Meshing of a Switch Panel and Floor Panel in ANSA

Objective: To repair the geometry, and extract the mid surface of the given component andgenerate the mesh according to the given quality criterion. Quality Criteria: S.No  Quality Criteria  Value  1 Target/Average length   4 2 Minimum Length  2 3 Maximum Length  6 4 Aspect  3 5…

Simulation of the forward kinematics of a 2R Robotic Arm Using PYTHON.

Objective: Write a program in python to simulate the forward kinematics of a 2R Robotic Arm.   Procedure:     Theta 1 is at origin (0,0) Theta 2 is at (x1,y1) The desired location is at (x2,y2) so equation comes out to be: x2 = x1 + l2 cos (theta 2) Y2 = Y1 + l2 sin (theta 2)   1. Open the sublime…

Scripting and Plotting of a P-V diagram of an Otto Cycle using Python

Objective: Write code that can solve an otto cycle and make plots for it. Explaination: As in an ideal Diesel cycle four distinct processes are also followed in the Otto cycle: reversible adiabatic compression, addition of heat at constant volume, reversible adiabatic expansion, and rejection of heat at constant volume…

To demonstrate the transient behavior of a simple pendulum using Python.

Objective: To show the transient behaviour of a simple pendulum using Python.   Given data: In the above equation, g = gravity in m/s2, L = length of the pendulum in m, m = mass of the ball in kg, b=damping coefficient. Write a program in Python that will simulate the pendulum motion, just like the one shown in the…

Breaking Ice with Air cushion Vehicle - Find minimum pressure with Newton-Raphson method using Python

Objective: To determine the minimum cushion pressure needed to break a given thickness of ice using an air cushion vehicle, Muller (“Ice Breaking with an Air Cushion Vehicle”) using the following equation  where p denotes the cushion pressure, h the thickness of the ice field, R the size of the air cushion,…

Performed curve fitting of the given data using python and check which polynomial function is the best fit for the data given.

Objective:  Perform curve fitting of the given data using python and check which function is the best fit for the data given.   Given data link:    1. What does popt and pcov mean? Ans. - popt:(array) Optimized parametre to fit the…

Data Parsing using Python

Objective:   Write a script which should take column numbers as the input and plot the respective columns as separate images Each file should be saved by the name of the column. Calculate the area under the P-V diagram. P is in column 2 and V is in column 8. Calculate the power output of this engine. Assume that RPM…

Spur Gear detailed analysis with cast iron, cast steel and cast bronze using Ansys

Objective: Write a detailed report comparing the results of the three cases mentioned below and conclude which material would you recommend based on these results.  Case 1: Using Cast Iron(ductile) as a material, carry out a static structural analysis to find out Equivalent stress, Total deformation,…

Bevel Gear detailed analysis with different mesh sizes (6mm, 5mm & 4mm) using Ansys.

Objective: Bevel Gear detailed analysis with different mesh sizes (6mm, 5mm & 4mm) using Ansys. Theory:  1. Grid Dependency Test: It is also known as mesh convergence test should mean computing the solution on successively finer grids. The difference between the two refinements is usually taken as a measure of…

Structural Analysis of the Railwheel and Track with different load setup using ANSYS

Objective: Structural Analysis of the Railwheel and Track Setup with the different case mentioned below: Case 1: Multiply the bearing load by 5 times and compare the results with the load of 100000 N Compare the Total Deformation, Equivalent stress and the life under both the loads Case 2: Implement a User-defined…

Performed Sheet Metal Bending with Three Different Alloys- Aluminum, Magnesium & Copper using ANSYS WorkBench

Objective: Sheet metal bending is to be performed for 3 different materials mentioned below.  Case 1:Aluminium Alloy 1199( mentioned in the course video), Copper Alloy NL, and Magnesium Alloy NL. Find out the Equivalent stress, Equivalent elastic strain, and Total Deformation in the Y direction and compare…

Simulation of Three Different Types of Welding using Three Different Weld Materials - Stainless Steel, Aluminium Alloy, & Bronze using ANSYS WorkBench.

Objective: Simulate three different types of welding using three different weld materials Case 1.  Stainless Steel: In this case, the material of the plates must also be the same. Use Stainless steel for both weldments and plates.  Case 2. Aluminium Alloy: The material to be chosen for this case is Aluminium…

Simulation of The Rolling Operation on A Workpiece made of Copper using ANSYS WorkBench.

Objective: Simulate the rolling operation on a workpiece made of copper.  Find out the: Equivalent stress for the whole setup. Equivalent Plastic strain for the workpiece. Directional Deformation in the Z-axis for the workpiece. Prove that the workpiece has displaced by 90mm.  Model given:    After…

Simulate The Bending of An IPHONE and Calculate Fatigue Life Using ANSYS WorkBench

Objective: Simulate the bending of the iPhone as per the given cases below. Case 1: Simulate the model as it is given in the video Case 2: Move the bottom fingers from their defined position to the given position X= 22.5mm & Z= 10mm and obtain the results for the simulation. Also, define the S-N curve for…

Transient Simulation of a Long Piston With Cam Mechanism Model Using Ansys Workbench.

Objective: Transient simulation on a piston and cam mechanism model with three different cases. Case 1: Frictionless contact, Case 2: Friction co-efficient 0.1 Case 3: Friction co-efficient 0.2 Model Given: Rigid Body:           Material Used:     Case 1: Connections: Contacts: Frictionless…

Transient Structural Analysis on a Double Universal Joint with a Spring Using Three Different Materials in ANSYS Workbench

Objective: Perform a transient structural analysis on a double universal joint with a spring using three different materials: Structural Steel, Stainless Steel, and Titanium alloy. Model:    Material: Structural Steel also called as High Strength Low Alloy (HSLA) steels have a typically small difference…

Performed The Tension and Torsion Test Challenge using Ansys Workbench

Objective: Perform the tension and torsion test on the specimen provided. Model Given:     Theory: In tensile load, fracture depends on the behavior of the materials: 1. Ductile Fracture:     a. Behave in a highly ductile manner:                - Large…

Week 11 Car Crash simulation

Objective: A parametric study using 3 different values of thickness for the car body. Model: Definition of a Car body:   Implicit vs Explicit Analysis: Implicit and Explicit analysis differ in the approach to time incrementation. In Implicit analysis each time increment has to converge, but you can set pretty…

Week 10 Bullet penetrating a Bucket Challenge

Objective: Simulate a bullet penetrating into a bucket using 3 different nonlinear materials. Model: Material Used: Aluminum and Magnesium  Comparison between aluminum and magnesium: Mg alloys are used less in comparison of Al alloys due to the resons below: 1. Magnesium is highly reactive and less stable than aluminum…

Simulate The Drop Test of the Cell Phone Using LSDYNA

Objective: Simulate the cell phone drop test using LS-DYNA. Model:    Procedure: Keyword Manager setup 1. Material Creation  2. Section Creation 3. Creating Part id and assigning Mat and Sec to the respective part 4. Setup Database card: Binary and ASCII 5. Boundary Conditions  6. Contact definition…

Week - 4 - crash box simulation

Objective:  Simulate a crash test for a crash box using LS-DYNA. Model:   The units system to be used is: gm-mm-ms   Material Card:   Section Card:   Contacts: Initial Velocity:   Control Termination:   Rigid wall: Binary Plot: Results: Directional Stress: X-axis:   Directional…

Week - 5 - Modelling Spotwelds

Objective: Model spot welds for the given assembly of parts and run a crash and plot stress acted on welds. Model:    The spot weld is a rigid beam that connects the nodal points of the nodal pairs; thus, nodal rotations and displacements are coupled. The spot welds must be connected to nodes having rotary…

Calculate the Stretch Ratio by comparing the ELFORM (-2,-1,1,2) with Ogden_Material Model in LS_DYNA

Objective: Create a block of 10mmx10mmx10mm dimension with 10 elements for each direction and use the material card attached (Ogden_Material.k) that is representative of the material properties from the above figure. Use appropriate boundary conditions to simulate tensile behavior for the model and finally compare…

Week-7 Head Impact

Objective: The impact simulation of a simple head impact with the Rigid wall. The impact simulation of the Headform provided with the Rigid wall with the Stress / Strain plots and acceleration plot. The impact simulation of the head form with the Hood with the Stress / Strain plots and acceleration plot. For the hood,…

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Crashworthiness Analysis using HyperMesh and Radioss

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HyperMesh for FEA Plastic and Sheet Metal Applications

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HyperMesh for FEA Plastic and Sheet Metal Applications

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Preprocessor for Structural Analysis using ANSA

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Python for Mechanical Engineers

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Ultimate SOLIDWORKS Course

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Introduction to Structural Analysis using ANSYS Workbench

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Simulation Drive Product Development

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Introduction to CRASH ANALYSIS

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Introduction to Machine Learning

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Computational Fluid Dynamics

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Practical Approach Towards Structural Analysis using CAE

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Demystifying ML and DL using Python

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Python for Beginners

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Engineering Calculations using MathCad

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CFD Preprocessing using ANSA

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Basics of electric vehicle simulations using Ansys

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Design optimization using Finite element analysis - FEA

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PLM for automotive industry

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Introduction to Automotive Cybersecurity

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Mastering Shear force and Bending Moment diagram

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Introduction to Vehicle Dynamics

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Crash Analysis using ANSA & LS DYNA

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Introduction to Automotive NVH

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Fundamentals of Computer Aided Engineering

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