Automotive Trunk Lid Simulation

A comprehensive course on Automotive Trunk Lid Simulation using MotionSolve. This course is highly suited for beginners

  • Duration : 1 Month
  • Domain : MBD
  • Benefits : A comprehensive course on Automotive Trunk Lid Simulation using MotionSolve. This course is highly suited for beginners
  • Price : 30000
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What will you do in this project?

In this project, you will work on a simulation of the closing of a car's trunk lid

  • Create the necessary four bar mechanism, which aids the required closing operation
  • Import the CAD components required for this simulation
  • Using a motion curve to determine the motion of the mechanism
  • Incorporate collision detection algorithm to find out the time step at which the lid closes entirely

  • Four bar Mechanism
  • Importing BIW components
  • Simulation of the motion
  • Post-processing using Hyperview and Hypergraph

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Project Highlights

Low difficulty

This project will be useful for under graduate students interested in the domain of Multibody Dynamics,

You need to have a fundamental understanding in the domain of MBD

You need to understand the working of Motionview/Motionsolve

You will be using Altair Motionview/Motionsolve

You should be having the recent version of Altair Hyperworks

You can request a trial of the software in Altair's website

The domain of Multibody Dynamics

Multibody Dynamics is a field of Mechanical engineering where you will be studying the motion characteristics of a particular component/mechanism.
You will compute the motion of the component and analyse it for feasibility and resultant forces/motion. This will help you in visualising the real life operations of a particular product.
It will also help you understand the behaviour of the component under loading

  • You will create a mechanism which helps in enabling the trunk lid motion
  • You will import the BIW components of the trunk and define it with respect to the mechanism created
  • You will define the motion with the help of a curve and use collision detection to make sure the lid doesn't move after closing is done
  • You will simulate the motion and post-process the results to check the correctness of the motion


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3What are the pre-requisites for this project?

  • A few premium projects might require a prior understanding of fundamental concepts
  • In such a case, you will be given access to appropriate learning materials to first learn those concepts before jumping to the project


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