Discover Skill-Lync Students and Their Productivity in These Challenging Times

On the 24th March 2020, India, under the direction of its honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi, imposed a nation-wide lockdown to curb the coronavirus spread. While all around the nation, engineering students and freshers seeking job opportunities lost heart, Skill-Lync came to rescue. 

Skill-Lync is India's leading industry-relevant online course provider in the mechanical, electrical, and civil engineering streams. And the organization firmly believes that the lockdown is the best time for engineering students to invest in themselves. 

Let's now explore Skill-Lync students and their productivity in these challenging times.

How Skill-Lync Students Are Using This Lockdown to Upskill Themselves

Skill-Lync has some great data to share with you during these quarantine times. It's amazing how students are investing time and energy to upskill their profiles. Following are some insightful data for you to probe:
  • 5 times increase in the course enrollment over the quarantine period
  • Students are working on industry-relevant projects
  • Students are building strong portfolios
  • Students are leveraging Skill-Lync's dynamic technical support system
  • More than 20,000 students have attended the organization's live webinars

What about you? What have you been doing in these times? If you do not know where to start, don't worry, let's walk you through the journey of Skill-Lync's students.

Skill-Lync Students Overview

Regardless of whether you are a mechanical or civil or electrical engineering student, Skill-Lync has a wide array of industry-relevant courses to choose from. You can discover them here

Also, you could be pursuing your engineering degree at the moment, or you might be fresher seeking job opportunities, or you might even be a working professional with 0 to 4 years experience looking to take the next step of your career. Irrespective of what your state might be at the moment, Skill-Lync has a blend of both advanced and fundamental mechanical courses, civil courses, and electrical courses to upskill you. 

So, as of now, Skill-Lync has witnessed a five times increase in the number of course enrollments than ever. What's more, the rate of project submissions has also increased at the same velocity. Into the bargain, Skill-Lync students are spending between eight to ten hours a day, to understand the course fundamentals and carry out the assignments and projects. 

So, what does the coursework involve?

Well, when you enroll in a course, be it a Design Masters or an HEV Masters, you would have eight assignments and two to four projects to work on. Let's lead with further discussion for a better understanding.

Skill-Lync Projects

You can visit the students' project center here. If you visit the page, you'll understand how students are posting their projects online, which is accessible for everyone, and especially recruiters. Now, all the projects that you see on the site are student-driven. 

You can simply click on any of the projects and take a look at how they are upskilling themselves. 

Skill Lync Profiles

Alternatively, just like how you can see the standing projects on Skill-Lync, you can take a look at the popular profiles, too. This is how Skill-Lync students develop their portfolio. So, you can click on any of their profiles and explore the various projects they've worked on. 

For instance, let's navigate to Alexander's profile. He has taken up Skill-Lync's CFD Masters course. As you scroll through his profile, you would be able to see the skills he has developed and the projects he has worked on. If you want to know more about his projects, you can click on their respective links. 

Now, as a case in point, let's see his project "Conjugate Heat Transfer Simulation." Notice the detailed report he has penned. Similarly, when you too enroll in a course, for each of your projects, you would have to write a detailed report. This way, you not only understand your project better but also showcase adept expertise to your recruiters.

Just like Alexander, you can also build your portfolio through these industry-relevant courses. The more the number of projects you work on, the higher is your chance to ace a job. For your motivation, take a look at another Skill-Lync student's profile, Naga Jitin.

Would you want to build a strong profile such as those discussed above? Let's enlighten you about Skill-Lync's coursework to trigger you to follow suit.

Skill-Lync Coursework

After enrolling in a course, you are given your login credentials and a unique dashboard where you can see your course, its syllabus, and its associated tasks.

For example, if you are enrolled in Post Graduate Certification in Hybrid Electric Vehicle Design and Analysis. In your dashboard, you would see the set of courses you need to take up to finish the program. So, if your first course is "Introduction to Advanced Driver Assistance System using MATLAB," you will have to go through its respective lecture videos. 

While learning, if you have any doubts, you can create a ticket, and they'll be clarified in real-time. You can also benefit from their WhatsApp peer-to-peer support, wherein doubts could be raised and solved by fellow students.

When you enroll in a course, a support engineer will be assigned to you to help you with your coursework. So, you can connect with him on call, or a live discussion board, or a video conferencing meeting via Zoom. The mode of support from your support engineer could be chosen subject to the complexity of your doubts.

Next, besides the lectures, you would have to take up challenges in the form of assignments or projects. As and when you complete these challenges, they would automatically be embedded in your portfolio. This is one prime reason why Skill-Lync students have a bright and robust portfolio. 

Get, Set, Go!

It's your turn now. Students of your age are making great use of their time. What about you? Don't think that there's no hope to get a job because of the economic downfall. Doors are always open to fresh and dynamic talents. You only need to get upskilled. 

Join Skill-Lync today, and victory is yours!

Click here and make the best out of the COVID situation.


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