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Well, you have arrived at this page just because you see yourself as a “potential” designer. You have come here to understand “how to sharpen my design skills?”.

But, that’s not it. You can continue reading only if you are looking to become a Product Designer in a short span of time. If you think design is your career, you are at the right place and this blog could change your life.

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Wait a minute, I will ask you few questions before we move on with the blog. Please try answering the questions, genuinely.

  1. Have you ever given up sketching an image on a paper just because you thought it was not good?
  2. Have you ever lost hope that you will never be able to pseudo-realistic amazing products on SolidWorks by trying it out just once?
  3. Do you have an ambition to create great products/images but got lost over the ocean of internet by trying to learn designing?

If Yes is an answer for either of these questions, THEN YOU MUST READ THIS BLOG.

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 How Do I Make A Career Out Of My Designing Skills?

Employment rate of designers around the globe is 14% (much higher than the global average). People who have completed our course are working as Lead Product Designers with top automotive & industrial manufacturing companies. They design all manner of consumer products like bicycles, dispensers, bottles, fireplaces, design light fixtures & much more.

Taking an expanded view of industrial design and including designers who aren’t just working on commercial products, but using design thinking to design user experiences etc. Here is a comprehensive data of employment of designers in the U.S.

Here are some of the most interesting takeaways:

  • Two states employ more than 3,000 industrial designers apiece: California and Michigan.
  • Industrial design is at an all-time high, and U.S. design patents have reached a 25-year peak.
  • 54% of design patents awarded since 1998 were awarded in the following product categories: furnishings, recording and communication, tools and hardware, packaging, food service equipment, transportation, environmental heating and cooling, and games, toys and sports.
  • Industrial designers are often inventors, but inventors aren’t often industrial designers. Between 1975 and 2010, 40 percent of people named on design patents were also named on utility patents; comparatively, only two percent of people names on utility patents were also included on the design patent.
  • Overall employment for industrial designers is expected to grow 10.5% from 2015 to 2016, slightly lower than for all occupations as a whole, where a 14.3% growth rate is anticipated.
  • The top ten U.S. companies ranked by number of industrial design patents are: Microsoft, Procter & Gamble, Nike, Goodyear, Black & Decker, Wolverine World Wide, Kohler Company, Apple, 3M, and Ford.
  • Internationally, the top ten foreign companies ranked by number of industrial design patents are: Samsung, Sony, Foxconn, LG Electronics, Panasonic, Honda, Nokia, Toyota, Toshiba and Canon.

How To Master Product Designing With Just 3 Skill Sets?

There are just 3 skills that are required to master product designing-

  • Skill 1- Hand Sketching
  • Skill 2- 3D Modelling
  • Skill 3- Photorealistic rendering

Skill 1- Hand Sketching

The basis of any invention is ideation. It is very important to fix the design that you would like to create before modelling it in 3D.

Visualizing your ideas involves an A2 sheet & drawing pencils. This is the only method to note down what your brain has in terms of the product design and further translate it onto the sheet to work on it.

Hand sketching is a skill that you must possess during the first phase of design process.

You can start by scribbling rough idea sketches, detailed sketches etc in main lines & proportions of your design before modelling it in 3D. Here is an example of the idea generation for the design of a car

Skill 2- 3D Modelling

One of the biggest disadvantages of hand sketching is that it is very hard to imagine how your final design will look like in 3D. This is particularly very difficult with double curved products like cars, yachts, bikes, planes etc.

This is exactly why I think that it’s crucial for a professional product designer to learn the art of 3D modeling. 3D modeling will help you to design your products in much better detail. I personally prefer to work with SolidWorks.

One of the big benefits of SolidWorks is the easy to use user interface, that allows you to learn quickly and provides you with higher GUI options to execute complex models. The 3D files can be used to make technical drawings, as input for 3D printing, as input for a milling machine but your 3D files can also be used to make molds for injection molding etc.

A product designer without 3D modeling skills is like a color blind painter. Without 3D modeling skills you will miss an important opportunity to make a good design great!


Skill 3- Photorealistic Rendering

Although it’s a clear representation of your ideas, there is a good chance that your client doesn’t understand the vision you have in mind.

The single best way to increase your chances to get the projects you want significantly, is by making amazing photorealistic renderings of your design.

Discover The Most Efficient Way To Become A Designer

There are a lot of traditional design books, ePDFs, coaching classes in the market that will show you how to use the tools that a professional product designer would need.

The major problem that lies within here is- They all follow a theoretical way of teaching which is not recommended to learn Professional Designing. This is because, designing by itself can never have theoretical steps to arrive at a conclusion.

There are just 3 tools which will enable you to master Product Designing and they are-

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • SolidWorks
  • SolidWorks Visualize

This is exactly where we differ from the others. EdxEngine decided to help Engineers in India to become great Product Designers in an engaging & practical manner. Not just by explaining the features of these software but by explaining how to sketch manually, simulate the model in 3D & render a super cool product all from the scratch.

In this all-in-one video training course you will discover how to make a professional mood board, ideation sketches, presentational sketches, a detailed 3D model in SolidWorks and realistic environmental renderings, in PhotoView 360 and SolidWorks Visualize.

This is by far the best and most practical video training course on designing. We’ve worked on it for a very long time and put our best tips, tricks and advice we have learnt over the years into this course. We worked together with some of the most talented designers in the Design Industry to make this course the best online video course for product designers out there.


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