What Can A Data Scientist Work As?

Data drives the modern economy, steering most major industries. The fact that we have consumed and shared over 64.2 zettabytes of data in 2020 goes to show its prominence. Studies even show that the trend will surge, amassing 180 zettabytes of data in the next five years.

With its importance surging globally, many organizations have designated specific roles to handle data. Nowadays, businesses hire experts to monitor every data-related activity - from analysis, processing, structurization, and utilization.

That is why roles like data scientists have become the cornerstone of the IT sector. A data scientist packs the capability to turn scattered numbers on a graph into useful insights that produce value. The role involves critical thinking, predicting patterns, and analyzing existing trends.

Given the complexity of the market, data scientists combine the knowledge of modelling, statistics, computer science, math, and analytics skills to curate precise results. Such sophisticated activities require in-depth expertise and generate hefty income as well.

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Depending on the candidate's skills and experience, a data scientist can earn around 10 lakh INR per annum. Such numbers entice numerous candidates towards the industry; however, aspirants must possess a firm grasp of the role to land a well-paying job.

The simplest way to do so is by enrolling in a professional course. However, many candidates prefer to read about the concept before investing in a data science course fee. So you can get the needed insight about the role of Data Scientists by reading further.


Different Jobs for Data Science Experts

Data analysis has become the Meta for most huge scale companies, and they hire specialized experts to handle the job. That's why a data science expert can enrol for multiple roles. What are these roles? Let's find out.

Data Scientists

A data scientist is the most popular position associated with data science expertise, offering around 10 lakh INR per annum. The role requires candidates to explore different patterns to assess their impact on the organization.

Moreover, data scientists design data modelling procedures to develop predictive models and algorithms to perform customized analyses. A data scientist must analyze complex figures and explain them to a non-technical audience.

Data Analysts

Data analysts is another popular job role related to data science, earning around 5 lakh INR per annum. This position requires candidates to assess market trends and provide keen insights into the organization's standing. Data analysts offer datasets to reach the goal after setting an optimal objective.

However, the role may differ depending on the company's portfolio and requirements. For example, a company's marketing department can require data analysts' expertise to formulate marketing strategies to assess user tendencies and behaviour.

Most data science courses provide training for such instances. Moreover, aspirants can find an option with an economic data science course fee, given the role's prevalence.

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Data Engineer

Data engineers work with the company's core, and many consider them the support pillar. The role offers an average salary of around 8 lakh INR per annum. They are the designer, managers, and builders of a huge database. In addition, they monitor activities, such as:

Facilitating seamless data flow
Developing data pipelines
Making sure the data reaches relevant departments

This role requires candidates to collaborate with other data experts and communicate results. The shared insights help the management devise viable strategies using data visualization and other methods.

Business Intelligence Analyst

Business intelligence analysts assist in assessing the gathered data optimizing the organization's efficiency. Like every other role, the objective of the position is to generate more revenue. The position is more technology-oriented than analytics-centric, asking for intensive knowledge about popular machines.

As a business intelligence analyst, candidates must act as a bridge between its IT departments. Business intelligence analysts must comprehend existing and upcoming trends given the role's complexity.

Market Analyst

As the name suggests, market analysts help companies unify their marketing departments. This role requires candidates to assess and suggest products with the best marketing outlook. Market analysts decide the quantity of the product that has to be produced.

Moreover, they assess whether a product should be discontinued or replaced. The core objective of the role is to monitor customer satisfaction and maximize it. The best way to achieve that is by targeting the ideal customer demographic with the best price.

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Machine Learning Engineer

With an average salary of 8 lakh INR per year, machine learning engineers are among the most sought-out roles in the industry. They build data funnels and provide software solutions to different departments. The role requires candidates to possess a firm grasp of programming and statistics with extensive knowledge of software engineering.

A machine learning engineer can design and build customized ML systems. They primarily run tests and experiments to monitor the functionality and performance of the systems.

Applications Architect

An application architect can earn 19 lakh INR per year; however, the role is relatively inclusive. It requires candidates to track apps used in the business. They assess the app's behaviour with users and business operations.

The role revolves around building a framework for apps, including infrastructure and user interface components.

Skills Needed for the Data Science Positions

Excelling in any field of data science is only possible after mastering computer programming, statistics, and mathematics. That's why most aspirants look for options with a reasonable data science course fee to understand the field.

With numerous courses being offered in the market, candidates should opt for the ones that teach the given skills:Programming: Expertise in coding languages and computer programming.
Unstructured Data Skills: Ability to streamline unstructured data from multiple sources.
Analytical Tools Knowledge: Mastery of tools like Spark, R, HADOOP, SAS, etc.
Communication Skills: Interacting with different personnel regarding complex matters.

In Conclusion

Data science is a prevalent field in the modem market due to its increasing usability and applicability. As organizations rely on data, the role will gain more prominence. Organizations assign different positions to specialized data science experts even in current market settings.

The article has talked about some of the most popular positions and their duties. If you still require some information or want to pursue a career as a Data Scientist, you can take a professional Data Science course.


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