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Euro VI Calibration using GT-Suite

A 2 month course which introduces the student to Euro 6 Calibration norms and techniques using a 1D tool

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Jayesh Suryawanshi

Volkswagen (I) Pvt. Ltd.,

RMD Sinhgad

Mithin SanthaKumar

Timetooth Technology

Cochin University of Science and Technology University in Kochi, Kerala

Manthan Waghaye

Altigreen Propulsion Labs Pvt Ltd

Shri Sant Gajanan Maharaj College Of Engineering

Hemant Sagar

KN Associates

PM polytechnic, Delhi ncr , sonipat

Jangaiah Chikonda



sai dinesh


usharama college of engineering and technology

Vadapalli A S Krishna Maruthi Srinivas

advance technologies

Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Kakinada

Manas Metar

Sphinix World Biz Limited

University of Wolverhampton


This course is full of best-in-class content by leading faculty and industry experts in the form of videos and projects

Course Overview

  • GT-POWER and GT-SUITE come under the system-simulation domain as it employs sophisticated algorithms to solve fluid flow equations in complex electromechanical systems.
  • Students who aspire to work for Automotive OEMs as calibration engineers targeting internal R&D projects can choose to opt for this course. 
  • This course aims to impart the methodology that goes behind performing such calibrations and analyzing their result.

Course Syllabus

On a daily basis we talk to companies in the likes of Tata Elxsi and Mahindra to fine tune our curriculum.

Week 01 - What is Euro VI?

  • Emission norms
  • Impact due to emission norms
  • Diagnostic requirements
  • Real World emissions
  • On road emissions impact with different technologies
  • Passenger and commercial vehicles norms
  • Virtual calibration overview
  • Resources available to user such as publications, blogs
  • Diesel_VGT_EGR model overview
  • EngState_Vehicle_Aftertreatment_NEDC overview

Week 02 - Case Study for Diesel Passenger Car

  • ICE current status- Astom Martin, Vitesco eCAT, BMW iHydrogen, Mahle Jet Ignition technology
  • Technology upgradation from Euro V to Euro VI
  • VW two SCR technology to reduce real world emissions
  • Future emission norms recommendations
  • Case study on passenger car vehicle with Diesel engine VGT EGR configuration
  • Challenges to Calibration engineer
  • Sensitivity of critical parameters such as rail pressure, main injection, EGR ratios
  • Design optimiser for checking interference of sensitive parameters
  • NOX vs BSFC pareto chart
  • Overview of Genetic Algorithm used for multi objective optimisation

Week 03 - Strategy for Euro VI norms

  • Overview of the DeNOx system used for achieving emission norms such as LNT, SCR, EGR, their advantages and limitations
  • Touareg V8 TDI o very low emission system which purifies ambient air
  • ire and brake wear emissions
  • In-cylinder vs Aftertreatment strategy
  • Engine calibration zone and its challenges, limitations
  • Diesel engine EAT system, DOC-DPF-SCR overview
  • Detailed_CI_Engine_aftertreatment model overview
  • Catalyst conversion efficiency monitors, control logics, urea injection srategy
  • Integration of engine and aftertreatment model with vehicle model-transmission, tyre, driver etc.
  • Close coupled DeNOX system

Week 04 - Virtual Calibration approach to minimize physical testing

  • Significance of virtual calibration, representing physics in mathematical form
  • Volvo D13K Euro VI with EGR and aftertreatment using virtual approach
  • Hardware-in-loop system overview for Engine management system
  • Real Time plant model heart of the virtual calibration
  • Open Loop vs Closed Loop calibration for virtual calibration
  • Plant model requirements for control strategy developments

Week 05 - Case study on Heavy Duty Application

  • Different levels of plant model- physical/semi-physical, Mean Value, Map based, Fast running model
  • Mean Value model example from GT conference publication
  • Mean Value development process, Neural Network, MIMO
  • Calibration for steady state calibration for HD EGR+SCR configuration using Predictive combustion model
  • Case study on PACCAR PX 4 engine

Week 06 - Case study on SI Application

  • SI engine calibration challenges such as knocking, cycle to cycle variations, GPF for GDI
  • Sensitive parameters for SI combustion
  • SI combustion calibration, cylinder pressure analysis, combustion parameters
  • SI Turb predictive combustion model and its parameter optimisation using GA in Integrated Design Optimiser
    • Flame kernel growth
    • Turbulent flame speed
    • Taylor length scale
    • Dilution effect
  • Conversion of non-predictive wiebe model to predictive SI Turb combustion model and integration with EAT

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Enrol Now For The Euro VI Calibration Using GT-Suite Course

The Euro VI Calibration using GT-Suite is a two-month online certification course at the Skill-Lync platform by expert mentors. This GT suite online course help students develop superior skill sets in the automotive domain. 

This lesson program revolves around the emission legislation and the fundamentals of Euro 6 execution, where the students will learn the basics of the calibration process. It concerns perfect technology selection, legislation, and simulation mechanisms to arrive at reasonable solutions, thereby reducing the physical testing endeavours. 

Apart from this, you will also learn the concepts of the calibration and GT Power tools, emission norms challenges, predictive combustion calibration, practical calibration and case study on heavy-duty industry applications. 

Who should take this GT suite software course?

The Euro VI Calibration using GT-Suite online certification program is for beginner-level engineers and engineering students involved with an automobile engine, after treatment and vehicle calibration, including fundamental exposure with the help of GT Suite software

Apart from this, automotive engineers and students planning to build a career in the automotive industry will find this course worthwhile. Also, research and engineering students working on industry projects who want to learn different mechanisms used in the end application of the 1D tool can enrol for this GT suite certification course. 

This course will likewise remain valuable for learners to equip them with engineering aptitudes to excel as chemical engineers, automotive engineers, electronic and mechanical engineers. Also, in this online course at the Skill-Lync platform, you get excellent technical assistance and expert guidance to comprehend the ideas and concepts and understand the simulation tools and physical testing methods for better career advancements. 

What will you learn?

The Euro VI Calibration using GT-Suite online course at Skill-Lync assist you in understanding the practical utilization of instruments for calibration and the challenges encountered by the automobile industry. 

Apart from this, students learn various industrial skills and concepts such as predictive combustion and its sensitive frameworks and emission norms, including the strategies to optimize the combustion standards for SI Turb models and DI pulse and DeNOx systems.  

Under this GT suite online course, you also get a chance to work on crucial parameters of system functionality and practical calibration. This online certification course at the Skill-Lync platform provides immense opportunities to students to perform case studies on heavy-duty PACCAR engines and diesel passenger cars. In addition to this, you can also learn the following concepts in this online certification course.

  • Expert understanding of GT Power 1D thermodynamic tools to apply in industries like the automotive, aviation, power sector and battery production.
  • Outline of the DeNOx system employed for executing emission norms like SCR, LNT, EGR, their benefits and hindrances.
  • Mean Value standard model from GT conference publication.
  • SI engine calibration challenges like cycle to cycle variations, knocking and GPF for GDI.
  • Technology up-gradation to Euro VI from Euro V.

Skills You Will Gain

  • Practical knowledge of IC engine fundamentals, emission correlations, optimization, engine and after-treatment technology restrictions and client requirements 
  • Better insights about how they can apply their engineering aptitudes learned in textbooks to real-world situations. 
  • Learn about different grades of the factory model, semi-physical, physical, map-based, mean value and fast running model.

Key Highlights of The Programme

  • On completing this GT suite course online, you receive a certificate for upskilling your career.
  • This online certification course is for two months.
  • The students get guidance from expert mentors via individual or group sessions.
  • After completing this course at Skill-Lync, students get exceptional job guidance and placement assistance.

Career opportunities after taking the course

After pursuing this online GT suite course, you can advance your career in the following fields: 

  • Automotive EngineersAutomotive engineers, also known as automobile engineers, improve the technological execution, aesthetics and software parts of automobiles. An automotive engineer's top duties include developing and sampling different components of automobiles, including safety systems and fuel technologies. Also, some automotive engineers operate in the after-sale maintenance of automobiles, making repairs and reviews. 
  • Research Analyst: Research analysts assist automobile companies in reducing their workload and enhancing products. They collect data, plan samples and help ensure data is accurately documented and evaluated. They further participate in clean up and managerial responsibilities as well.
  • Electronic Engineers: Electronic engineers can work in diversified fields, such as automobile manufacturing, aerospace or robotics engineering. An electronics engineer remain engaged in planning, designing and testing elements and devices systems such as diodes, capacitors, resistors and transistors. 

FAQs on Euro VI Calibration using GT-Suite

  1. Which is the best education platform that offers the certification course on Euro VI Calibration using GT-Suite online?
    Skill-Lync is the best online platform that provides an excellent GT suite online course. 
  2. What is the GT Suite course's total duration at the Skill-Lync platform?
    This is a short-term course of two months. 
  3. Can I make the fee payment for this online course in instalments?
    This online certification course holds flexible payment options for the various access versions.
  4. What is the prerequisite for enrolling for this GT suite course?
    While there are no such prerequisites, mechanical and automotive engineers can highly benefit from this online course. 
  5. Will students get a merit certificate for this ‘Euro VI Calibration using the GT-Suite certification course?
    Yes, if you rank in the top five in your batch, you get a merit certificate upon course completion or receive a course completion certificate. 
  6. Can I get a demo lecture before enrolling on this online course?
    Students can have a demo lecture before registering for this GT suite course. 
  7. Will this course help me get better jobs?
    Pursuing this online certification course will unquestionably help you upskill your career. 

Flexible Pricing

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INR 40,000

Inclusive of all charges

Become job ready with our comprehensive industry focused curriculum for freshers & early career professionals

  • 1 Year Accessto Skill-Lync’s Learning Management System (LMS)

  • Personalized Pageto showcase Projects & Certifications

  • Live Individual & Group Sessionsto resolve queries, Discuss Progress and Study Plans.

  • Personalized & Hands-OnSupport over Mail, Telephone for Query Resolution & Overall Learner Progress.

  • Job-Oriented Industry Relevant Curriculumavailable at your fingertips curated by Global Industry Experts along with Live Sessions.

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