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Automotive BIW Design and Development Part 1 using NXCAD

A comprehensive course on Automotive BIW using NX-CAD Software. This course is highly suited for beginners

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Jayesh Suryawanshi

Volkswagen (I) Pvt. Ltd.,

RMD Sinhgad

Mithin SanthaKumar

Timetooth Technology

Cochin University of Science and Technology University in Kochi, Kerala

Manthan Waghaye

Altigreen Propulsion Labs Pvt Ltd

Shri Sant Gajanan Maharaj College Of Engineering

Hemant Sagar

KN Associates

PM polytechnic, Delhi ncr , sonipat

Jangaiah Chikonda



sai dinesh


usharama college of engineering and technology

Vadapalli A S Krishna Maruthi Srinivas

advance technologies

Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Kakinada

Manas Metar

Sphinix World Biz Limited

University of Wolverhampton


This course is full of best-in-class content by leading faculty and industry experts in the form of videos and projects

Course Overview

  • This program is designed
    • Considering the complete Life cycle of a Design Phase in an Automotive Industry.
    • All the mandatory subdomains in BIW like Upper Body, Underbody, Closures, and Engine Compartment are taught in detail where all design aspects with respect to the tooling and production are covered.
  • One will be able to know the complete vehicle development process of both the DIGITAL and SERIAL LIFE processes.

Course Syllabus

On a daily basis we talk to companies in the likes of Tata Elxsi and Mahindra to fine tune our curriculum.

Week 01 - Vehicle Architecture

  • The various sub-assemblies of a car
  • Need for 3 zones of a car
  • Purpose of crumple and crush proof zones in a passenger car

BIW Materials

  • The individual components of a passenger car
  • The various materials used for the BiW components such as
    • Steel(MS,HSS,AHSS,UHSS)
    • Aluminium
    • Magnesium Alloys
    • Carbon Composites
  • Advantages and dis-advantages of various materials

Vehicle Development Process

  • The four main stages of the Vehicle development cycle.
  • Their sequence, significance and importance.
  • Car platforms
  • Tophats


  • Important sub-stage of the Pre-Design and Development stage of the Vehicle Development Process, Benchmarking are studied
  • The aim of this process is to ascertain the design and functional features of the vehicle.
  • Two case studies are discussed and benchmarking is performed for alternate designs/products.

Introduction to manufacturing processes

  • Stamping
  • Deep Drawing
  • Forming

Design of Hood

  • Design Requirements
  • Functional Requirements
  • Euro NCAP Regulations
  • Gap and Flushness Requirements
  • Manufacturability

Design of Fender

  • Design Requirements
  • Functional Requirements
  • Fender Wheel Arch requirements
  • Gap and Flushness Requirements

Design of Roof

  • Design Requirements
  • Functional Requirements
  • Criteria for Bow roof rail positioning
  • Gap and Flushness Requirements
  • Manufacturability

Our courses have been designed by industry experts to help students achieve their dream careers

Industry Projects

Our projects are designed by experts in the industry to reflect industry standards. By working through our projects, Learners will gain a practical understanding of what they will take on at a larger-scale in the industry. In total, there are 2 Projects that are available in this program.

Design of Hood

During this project work, the students will design the inner and outer panels of the hood, as well as the necessary reinforcements, in accordance with the master sections provided to the students.

Design of Roof

In this project, the students will learn how to design the roof using NX CAD. They will design the roof based on the safety criteria followed in the industry.

Our courses have been designed by industry experts to help students achieve their dream careers

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Automotive BIW Design and Development Part 1 using NXCAD

This BIW design course online outlines a fundamental direction in which you will study various aspects of design factors and understand them in depth for their significance in relation to every part, function, reliability, and cost of an automotive. The core focus of the course content lies in the designing and development aspect of multiple automotive bodies in white parts.

During the interim of the project, you will be working on six different projects, including hood and fender. Once you have completed the course, you will find yourself enriched with the comprehensive knowledge of multiple physical and theoretical design elements along with the knowledge of various automotive BIW components. The course will ultimately pave the pathway for you to become a full-stack BIW engineer after you start your career as a design engineer.

Who Should Take The Course?

The BIW fixture design courses, such as the Automotive BIW Design and Development Part 1 using NXCAD, are an apt training course if you pursue engineering. You can also start this course if you have completed your automotive or mechanical engineering graduation. Since this course is highly focused on certain learning concepts, Skill Lync offers the course to you if you are a graduate or are pursuing BE or B.Tech in the area of automotive or mechanical engineering.

If you are interested in pursuing a career in automotive engineering or mechanical engineering and interest in designing, you can opt for this course. Further, this course paves a pathway for you to pursue a career as a design engineer in the domain of sheet metals. Once you have completed the course and gained some experience working in this field, you can further advance your career as a BIW engineer.

What Will You Learn?

The BIW design course brings you an apt knowledge of various concepts in engineering. After completing this course, you will understand and know automotive and industry-related technical skills. With the backing of this knowledge, you will be able to understand what is BIW design and BIW engineering. Along with this, you will use various work tools such as NX CAD software. After completing this course, you will be able to illustrate the process of automobile manufacturing and how various parts of a car are combined using several methods. The course is vastly explanatory in vehicle development and elucidates the software and strategies part of it.

Students will engage in the completion of various projects as a part of the course, which will impart practical knowledge and offer deeper insights into the concepts of the topic. The course is self-sufficient in gaining resourceful knowledge of the domain while learning with the help of practical projects. You will be able to understand the deeper intricacies of the architecture of a vehicle, the zones of a car, and the design requirements and regulations of various parts of a car. At the same time, the course also touches on various ancillary topics.

Skills You Will Gain

After completing this course, you can expect to face challenging arenas in the field of automotive designing with crucial skills including creativity, critical thinking, problem-solving abilities, quick communication, and a technical mine of knowledge about automotive. With apt designing skills, you will be able to craft innovative solutions, together with the help of technological advances.

Key Highlights Of The Program

  • The course's duration is of 6 months.
  • On completion, you gain a certificate, and after securing a rank in the top 5%, you gain a merit certificate.
  • The course is the first in a series to help you gain expertise in BIW designing.
  • The course contains various projects for practical learning.

Career Opportunities After Taking The Course

After completing BIW design courses, you can bag a job in automotive design across multiple job profiles. Here are some of the promising job profiles which you can pick while working as an automotive designer:

  1. Architect: Design structures for automotive spaces using relevant information, including site selection, zoning laws, and more.
  2. Drafters: Convert designs into technical drawings with the help of computer aids and software programs.
  3. Automotive engineer: Design old and new automobiles and troubleshoot engineering problems.
  4. Product designers: Design products based on product requirements by focusing on improving existing products or enhancing the efficiency of old ones.
  5. Designer: Design various illustrations by producing consistent output.

As one of the fastest-growing industries, the automotive sector offers many opportunities. You can find employment across various graphic designing, automobile, architectural, production, and IT firms.

FAQ's on Automotive BIW Design and Development Part 1 using NXCAD

  1. What type of certificate will students get after completing the course?
    An online certificate will be provided to students based on their achievements in the course.
  2. What is the mode of delivery for the course?
    The course will be delivered online through video tutorials. 
  3. Is there any provision to clear questions and doubts?
    The course offered by Skill Lync gives the student access to various support options through phone, email and chat with a skilled engineer who can resolve all student queries.
  4. Will Skill Lync participate in finding a career opportunity for me after completing the course?
    Skill Lync will offer an internship opportunity to students interested, but the institute shall not find a job for the candidate.
  5. Will I work on any projects during the interim of the course?
    Yes, you will be working on various projects during the course, such as designing the hood, bonnet front fender, front roof, rear roof and more.
  6. Is there any pre-requisite to start this course?
    Ideally, students should either be pursuing or have graduated in Mechanical or Automotive engineering to start this program.
  7. Will I get an e-verification after completion of the course?
    Yes, you will get a shareable e-verified profile which you can upload on social media platforms.
  8. Does Skill Lync offer any community forums where I can get support?
    Yes, you can join community forums to communicate with experts and batchmates from Skill Lync.

Flexible Pricing

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INR 40,000

Inclusive of all charges

Become job ready with our comprehensive industry focused curriculum for freshers & early career professionals

  • 1 Year Accessto Skill-Lync’s Learning Management System (LMS)

  • Personalized Pageto showcase Projects & Certifications

  • Live Individual & Group Sessionsto resolve queries, Discuss Progress and Study Plans.

  • Personalized & Hands-OnSupport over Mail, Telephone for Query Resolution & Overall Learner Progress.

  • Job-Oriented Industry Relevant Curriculumavailable at your fingertips curated by Global Industry Experts along with Live Sessions.

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