Introduction to the Future of Vehicle Validation-ADAS

Introduction to the Future of Vehicle Validation-ADAS

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A Quick Overview

The Introduction to ADAS course is especially concentrated on giving the students a sneak-peek into the Automotive industry, and not just a theoretical explanation of the concepts of ADAS. Thereby ensuring that the basic knowledge of the domain and industry is strong for the students before they venture into job-searching. With a perfect balance between the theory behind ADAS and the practical usage of the tools used in ADAS R&D, this course ensures that the students have a well-rounded view and knowledge of the domain and industry. Tool knowledge without system knowledge is dangerous, and system knowledge without tool knowledge is incomplete. This course aims to ensure that the students are well-versed with basic system and tool knowledge by its completion.


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1History of ADAS and ADAS features

  • History of ADAS
  • Anti-lock braking system (Inc. Simulink)
  • Cruise Control

2ADAS features

  • Adaptive Cruise Control

3ADAS features

  • Autonomous Emergency Braking
  • Lane Keeping Assist
  • Traffic Jam Assist

4ADAS and Autonomous Drive Development/Validation in the Automotive Industry

  • ADAS/AD Levels
  • SDLC types
  • Simulation Tools
  • Companies

5Scenario Creation

  • Automated Parking Valet using Simulink Model

6QGIS (Quantum Geographic Information System)

  • QGIS opensource software basic functioning

7Post-Validation Scripting

  • Python Basic Scripting

8Driving Scenario Designer

  • Exploring Driving Scenario Designer Matlab App

9Autonomous Emergency Braking With Sensor Fusion

  • Exploring AEB with Sensor Fusion Model

Projects Overview

Project 1


Obtain Real-time coordinates of any chosen place from Google Earth, then manipulate those coordinates with any problem statement of your choice (something close to real time e.g. Checking if Vehicle Coordinates are maintained within the lane or road coordinates) using M-Scripting


Project 2


Combine all knowledge learned through the course and try developing a Simulink Model for a combination of any 2 ADAS features of your choice and do Post-Validation Scripting for the same using either Python or M-Script

Also, explore the option of ‘Exporting Simulink Model’ or ‘Exporting Sensor Data’ in the Driving Scenario Designer App, which will automatically create a simulink model and .MAT data respectively.  Then using the .mat data, create any simple post validation script (for e.g. to check if the acceleration was within a real-time limit(s), If stopping distance was below safe distance etc.) 




  • Graduates with a bachelors in ECE, EEE or Mechanical


Matlab Scripting, Simulink Modeling, Python Scripting, Driving Scenario Designer Matlab App

90% of the work done for validation in the ADAS domain revolves around the above skills and will thus give the student a well-rounded and wider base of knowledge


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Frequently Asked Questions

1Who can take your course?

 Graduates with a bachelors in ECE, EEE or Mechanical

2What is included in your course?

A complete basic level introduction to Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS):

  • Information about the History of ADAS
  • Study of the various ADAS features
  • Introduction to the tools and methods used widely in the ADAS domain of the Automotive Industry
  • Basic Coding and Modeling knowledge that will be required to develop the ADAS features

3What will the student gain from your course?

An introduction to the inner level industry-based learning of the ADAS domain, that will give them a head start when they apply for positions in the domain.

4What software skills are you teaching and how well are these tools used in the industry?

  • Matlab Scripting
  • Simulink Modeling
  • Python Scripting
  • Driving Scenario Designer Matlab App

90% of the work done for validation in the ADAS domain, revolves around the above skills and will thus gives the student a well-rounded and wider base of knowledge

5What is the real world application for the tools and techniques that you teach in this course?

It will be used to validate the functioning of vehicles that are currently in the R&D stage, and ensure that before it reaches production stage, various real-time, virtual simulation and validation is done on the vehicle, thus greatly reducing the costs for physical testing

6Which companies use these techniques and for what?

All OEMs and Suppliers use these techniques to ensure extensive testing and validation is completed, to provide full safety before the production stage

7How is your course going to help me in my path to MS or PhD?

Any MS or PhD course in the Automotive subject will definitely contain content regarding the ADAS domain, as it is the current up and coming field. This course will give you a clear introduction of how work is being done in this domain in the industry, thereby helping you visualize better when you start your course

8How is this course going to help me get a job?

The demand for Jobs in the ADAS domain has increased greatly in the past few years due to the global increase in interest of creating fully autonomous vehicles. Hence, the need for in-depth R&D has increased tremendously, opening up many new positions.

This course will give you a head start over your peers as it talks about the current functionalities of the domain in the industry itself, and is not just theoretical.

9How much time should I spend each day to complete the course?

A dedicated 2 hours of time is more than enough to understand the concepts, noting the concepts down and performing the challenges.


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  • Top 5% of the class will get a merit certificate
  • Course completion certificates will be provided to all students
  • Build a professional portfolio
  • Automatically link your technical projects
  • E-verified profile that can be shared on LinkedIn


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