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Design Loads considered on Bridges using STAAD.Pro

A 3 month intensive course which focuses on accounting for the various loads that act on a bridge during it's lifetime. STAAD.Pro will be used for performing analysis on the bridges that will be demonstrated in the sessions

12 weeks long course | 100% Online

Learn from leading experts in the industry

Project based learning with 2 industry level projects that learners can showcase on LinkedIn.

Learn Key Tools & Technologies STAAD.Pro

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This course is full of best-in-class content by leading faculty and industry experts in the form of videos and projects

Course Overview

  • This course deals with the different types of loads to be considered for the design of Bridges
  • Loads as per Indian Road Congress (IRC) are discussed in detail in this course
  • The course contains the presentation of load concept and calculation of loads starting from Dead loads,Live loads and proceeding to wind loads, wave loads, temperature loads and various other loads as prescribed by IRC-6 code book.

Course Syllabus

On a daily basis we talk to companies in the likes of Tata Elxsi and Mahindra to fine tune our curriculum.

Week 01 - Dead Loads

  • In this session, you will learn
    • The unit weight of concrete
    • Mainly about steel and other materials
    • The self weight of structural elements 
    • The self weight of superimposed Dead loads
    • The application of Dead loads in STAAD.Pro
    • The load application in superstructure
    • The load application in Substructure
    • About static check of loads

Week 02 - Live Loads-1

  • In session, you will learn
    • The basics of Indian Road Congress (IRC) code 
    • IRC Tracked loading 
    • IRC Wheeled loading 
    • Class A and Class B Loading 
    • More about longitudinal forces 
    • More about load factors 
    • The positioning of Loads for the design of various structural elements

Week 03 - Live Loads-2

  • In this session, you will learn 
    • The basics of Indian Railway (IRS) code 
    • Broadgauge Metre Gauge train Loading 
    • Racking forces 
    • Derailment loads 
    • Frictional resistance of expansion bearings 
    • Equivalent Joint Loading 
    • Nominal Live loads 
    • Surcharge Loads 
    • Load factors
    • The positioning of Loads for the design of various structural elements

Week 04 - Earth Pressure Loads

  • In this session, you will learn
    • Unit weight of Soil 
    • Saturated unit weight 
    • Dry unit weight
    • Porewater pressure 
    • The basics of soil report and bore hole drawing 
    • Earth Pressure diagram 
    • Various combination of Soil loads 
    • Soil load on Piers and Abutments 
    • Soil load on Foundation
    • Load factors 
    • Earth pressure at Rest Ko 
    • Active Earth pressure Ka 
    • Passive Earth pressure Kp 
    • The application of loads in STAAD.Pro 

Week 05 - Wind Loads

  • In this session, you will learn
    • The basics of IS 875 Part III code 
    • Wind zones of India
    • Basic wind speed
    • Calculation of Factors k1, K2, K3, and k4 
    • Wind force Co-efficients 
    • Load factors 
    • Design of Wind Speed 
    • The application of Wind load- examples in STAAD.Pro 

Week 06 - Seismic Load

  • In this session, you will learn
    • The basics of Earthquake loads IS 1893 code 
    • Seismic Zones of India 
    • Load factors 
    • Zone factor 
    • The importance of factor 
    • Response reduction factor 
    • More about time period 
    • The design of seismic co-efficient 
    • The calculation of Seismic loads 
    • Hydrodynamic loads 
    • The definition of seismic load in STAAD.Pro 
    • The examples in STAAD.Pro 

Week 07 - Water Current Loads

  • In this session, you will learn
    • The basics of water forces 
    • Velocity of river 
    • How to calculate scour depth 
    • How to calculate water current loads as per IRC 
    • More about Load factors 
    • Calculation of buoyancy  
    • Forces on submersible bridges 
    • Application of loads in sub structure 
    • Examples in STAAD.Pro

Week 08 - Centrifuge Loads and Impact Loads

  • In this session, you will learn 
    • Impact load for RC bridges 
    • Impact load for Steel bridges 
    • Impact load for Class AA and Class 70R loading 
    • Application of the loads
    • The basics of centrifugal action 
    • More about load factors 
    • Reduction or increase for ridges with and without approach slabs-calculation of centrifugal forces 
    • STAAD.Pro examples

Week 09 - Wave Loads

  • In this session, you will learn 
    • The basics of IS 4651 code 
    • The basics of waves and its effects on Load factors 
    • Calculation of wave forces 
    • Application of load in sub-structure 
    • Examples in STAAD.Pro 

Week 10 - Snow Loads

  • In this session, you will learn
    • The basics of IS 875 Part IV code 
    • The definition of Snow Load
    • Shape Co-efficients 
    • More about load factors 
    • How to Calculate of snow load 
    • Application of load 
    • STAAD.Pro examples

Week 11 - Temperature Loads

  • In this session, you will learn 
    • The basics of IS 875 Part V code 
    • Temperature stresses and its effects 
    • Expansion joint 
    • More about load factors 
    • Longitudinal temperature effects 
    • Temperature variation across the depth 
    • Co-efficient of thermal expansion 
    • Application of Temperature loads in STAAD.Pro 
    • STAAD.Pro examples

Week 12 - Shrinkage, Vehicle Collision and Barge Impact Loads

  • In this session, you will learn 
    • Differential Shrinkage forces on Girder slab Bridges
    • Load Combinations along with factors in Serviceability Limit
    • Serviceability Limit State (SLS) and Ultimate Limit State (ULS)

Our courses have been designed by industry experts to help students achieve their dream careers

Industry Projects

Our projects are designed by experts in the industry to reflect industry standards. By working through our projects, Learners will gain a practical understanding of what they will take on at a larger-scale in the industry. In total, there are 2 Projects that are available in this program.

Basic load calculations for the given bridge data

In this project, you will be asked to determine the various loads like dead load, live load, earth pressure and seismic load acting on a bridge under a given specification and analyze using STAAD.Pro

Load calculation on girder

In this project, you will be asked to determine the various loads like water current, centrifugal, Impact, Wave, Snow, Temperature & Barge Impact loads acting on a bridge under a given specification and analysis using STAAD.Pro.

Our courses have been designed by industry experts to help students achieve their dream careers

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Design Loads Considered on Bridges Using STAAD.Pro

Design Loads considered on Bridges using STAAD.Pro is a specialized course that focuses on the various loads intended to act on a bridge. An essential aspect of bridge designing is identifying the different loads the structure will bear. It is important to determine these loads and their combinations to ensure that the bridge construction remains safe for use under all circumstances. 

Structural engineers need to consider design loads correctly when it comes to the perfect design. It involves accounting for transient and permanent loads. You will be introduced to a specific type of load each week during the course. The concepts will be demonstrated through software sessions using a step-by-step procedure for ease of understanding. At the end of the course, you will have to complete a challenge.

This STAAD.Pro certification course is of 3 months duration. It is intended for students belonging to civil engineering and structural engineering disciplines. The course fee starts from INR. 7,000 for one month access to INR 15,000 for lifetime access, depending on your choice. 

Who Should Take Up This Design Loads Considered on Bridges Course?

This Design Loads Considered on Bridges Course is suitable for candidates with a Civil Engineering degree or students pursuing post-graduation in Structural Engineering.

The scope of this course is not limited to the current students belonging to civil engineering and structural engineering disciplines. This course is for individuals who are in the structural design and construction sector and want to widen their knowledge in this subject area.

If you are interested in building your career in the infrastructure or construction industry and want to deal with structural projects of any scale, you can consider enhancing your skills through this course. This bridge design course online is for those who want to gain competence in designing under any dynamic or static loading conditions. It is also for those candidates who want to leverage the use of technology while dealing with complex projects involving multiple load cases and combinations for quicker executions.

What Will You Learn?

This STAAD.Pro course involving design loads considered on bridges will help you to know about the codal provisions related to different load specifications that act on bridges. When you enrol in the course, you will learn the following:

  • Concept of dead loads and their calculation.
  • Dead load application in superstructure and substructure.
  • Static check of dead loads.
  • Introduction to Indian Road Congress (IRC) code. 
  • IRC tracked and wheeled loading.
  • Introduction to Indian Railway (IRS) code.
  • Broad gauge, metre gauge, and train loading.
  • Positioning of Loads for designing various structural elements.
  • Concepts of earth pressure loading.
  • Introduction to soil report and borehole drawing.
  • Types of earth pressure loading.
  • Calculation of wind loads.
  • Wind zones of India and basic wind speed.
  • Introduction to earthquake loads or seismic loads.
  • Seismic zones of India.
  • Calculation of seismic loads.
  • Introduction to water current loads.
  • The velocity of the river.
  • Buoyancy calculation. 
  • Introduction to centrifuge loads and impact loads.
  • Impact load for RC bridges and steel bridges. 
  • Introduction to waves and their effects load factors. 
  • Calculation of wave forces.
  • Concept and calculation of snow load.
  • Introduction to temperature load.
  • Temperature stresses and their effects. 
  • Concepts of shrinkage, vehicle collision, and barge impact loads.
  • State (SLS) and Ultimate Limit State (ULS).

Skills You Will Gain

This course will help you gain STAAD.Pro skills. Using the software, you will quickly solve the most complex analysis and design problems. You will acquire the ability to handle projects of any scale at optimum speed, projects with multiple load cases, and design under static or dynamic loading conditions.

Key Highlights of The Program

  • A merit certificate will be given to the top 5% of students and course completion certificates for all students.
  • The course is of 3 months duration.
  • This online course is supported by software demonstrations, video lectures, zoom sessions, and discussions by expert instructors.
  • The program has a flexible fee plan.

Career Opportunities After Taking the Course

  • The bridge engineering courses online certifications are designed to help candidates advance their careers in the field of civil engineering. Structural engineers are always in demand as new infrastructure and construction projects are coming up every day around the world. This certification course provides you with an extra edge to surge ahead in this competitive field.   
  • Once you complete this course, you can build your career in the infrastructure industry by taking up projects that require civil engineering candidates. You can opt for a career in the capacity of a structural engineer.
  • Joining a private or public utility company that employs civil engineering candidates for their projects is a rewarding career option that you can explore. You can also work under civil engineering contractors or railway operators. For those who want to be your boss, you can start an engineering consultancy firm and provide services as a structural design consultant.


  1. What is this course about?
    This course provides knowledge about the various types of loads acting on bridges in their lifetime.
  2. Can I opt for this course online?
    Yes, this course is available online.
  3. What software skills are taught in the course?
    You will learn to use the latest version of STAAD.Pro. The software is widely used in the industry.
  4. Is this a certification course?
    Yes, this is a certification course.
  5. What is the eligibility to join the course?
    Any civil engineering graduate or structural engineering postgraduate can join this course.
  6. Will this course be helpful for pursuing higher degrees?
    The course strengthens your understanding of the subject topic and helps you when pursuing higher degrees, such as MS or PhD.
  7. Does the course provide placement job offers?
    No, this course doesn’t provide placement job offers to candidates.
  8. Can I pursue the course along with a regular course?
    Yes, you can join this course while pursuing a regular course.

Instructors profiles

Our courses are designed by leading academicians and experienced industry professionals.


1 industry expert

Our instructors are industry experts along with a passion to teach.


12 years in the experience range

Instructors with 12 years extensive industry experience.


Areas of expertise

  • Structural Engineering

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