Top Universities in Germany for Mechatronics

When the industrial revolution happened, all the systems and appliances that were invented were fully mechanical. This had several performance issues. First of all, mechanic systems are not fully efficient due to loss of energy in the form of heat, sound, or vibrations. For example, the Bendix model washing machine from 1950 had to be fastened to the ground to stop it from moving because of vibrations. They also heated up fast and produce a distinct, loud noise. Modern washing machines rectified these problems by replacing the mechanical parts with electronic components like sensors, controllers etc. this advancement where we integrated mechanical systems with electronic components was bought forth by mechatronics.

If you are someone interested in specializing in Mechatronics, here are a few universities across Germany that offer Masters in Mechatronics:


TU Munich

Course offered – MSc in Mechatronics and Robotics

To date, The Technical University of Munich has fostered 17 Nobel laureates 20 Leibniz prize winners. The Mechanical and Aeronautical departments of the university rank 25th in the “QS World University Rankings by Subject 2019”. Being a leading engineering and science university, it offers several interdisciplinary courses, including mechatronics and robotics. The course is designed to be an intersection between mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and computer engineering. The Munich School of Robotics and Machine Intelligence (MSRM) is an integrative research centre that concentrates on research related to mechatronics and robotics.

University of Stuttgart

Course offered – MSc in Mechatronics

The University of Stuttgart is one of the leading universities in interdisciplinary research. It is located in Stuttgart, where more patents are issued for new scientific inventions than the rest of Europe. The Master’s in Mechatronics prepares the graduates to be completely knowledgeable in complex technological processes in the field of mechatronics. You can follow this link to view the various institutes and laboratories at the university.

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

Course offered – Master’s in Mechatronics and Information Technology

The Karlsruhe Institute of Technology has 6 notable Nobel laureates in its alumni. It ranks 6th in citation impact. It has been ranked in the 116th by QS World University Rankings in 2019. One of the notable students from KIT would be Karl Friedrich Benz, who designed what is considered as the first practical car, the Benz patent Motorcar. The core modules of the Mechatronics course include numerical mathematical methods, MBD, metrology, control engineering, product development etc.

Chemnitz University of Technology

Course offered – Masters in Mechatronics

The Chemnitz University of Technology is ranked as one of the top 5 universities in Germany and has been ranked in 501st place in 2019 by the Times Higher Education. The course graduates specialize in various areas such as product development, manufacturing, high precision manufacturing, print and media technology etc. Some of the research centres at the institute include SFB 692eniPRODMERGESFB TR 39 – PT-PIESA.

TU Hamburg

Course offered – Masters in Mechatronics

The masters in Mechatronics at TUHH is accredited to ASSIN and EUR-ACE (European Accreditation of Engineering Programmes). The curriculum connects various areas of engineering such as mechanics, electronics, control engineering, and computer science. Hence it reinforces a wide comprehension of the interdisciplinary areas of the aforementioned subjects. The Institute of Mechatronics (iMEK) at the university dedicated to research in the field of mechatronics.



A mechatronics engineer has equal, if not better opportunities than a mechanical engineer since they can get into fields a mechanical engineer cannot. With the industries moving towards a future where engineering is completely integrated with computers, engineers who are specialized in interdisciplinary areas are preferred. Even if you consider core sectors like manufacturing or R&D, the use of computational power is increasing. And this has made mechatronics one of the popular rising field in engineering since it is a highly multi-dimensional field that spans across several subjects.

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