Safiuddin Halim

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I am pursuing Structural Engineering, loves to do structural calculations and design.


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Visvesvaraya National Institute Of Technology

06 Sep 2021 - 26 Jun 2022


Vidyavardhini College of Engineering and Technology

15 Aug 2017 - 15 Jun 2021

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Holy Family Convent High School

15 Jun 2003 - 15 Jun 2015


Construction Technology_Concrete Mix Design_Project 1

  Mix Design for M35 grade concrete with fly ash I. Stipultions for proportion a. Garde designation: M35b. Type of cement: OPC 43 grade confirming to IS 8112c. Type of mineral admixture: Fly ash confirming to IS 3812 (Part 1)d. Maximum nominal size of aggregate: 20 mme. Exposure condition: Severe (for reinforced concrete)f. …

Week 4 Challenge

`bb "Aim"` - `sf"Sketch the layout of a residence plan, seating plan and plan for toilet & utility room in Autocad given in the question sheet. "` Instructions common to all drawings: Assume any suitable origin for all the drawings.Keep object snap and ortho mode on throughout the drawing `fr "Challenge 1"…

Creation of Column Schedule and Drawing Template using AutoCad

`bb"1. Create a column schedule as shown in figure"`   `bbb"INTRODUCTION"` 1. Column C1 is provided with 4 bars of 20 mm dia. and 6 bars of 12 mm dia. The 12 mm dia bars are marked with 'a'.2. Column C1a and Column C3 are provided with 12 bars of 16 mm dia bars.3. Column C2 is provided with 8 bars of 20 mm dia and…

Creating a Wardrobe detailed drawing, Floor Plan, Kitchen Layout and Column Detail using AutoCad

`bb"1. Draw the elevation and details of a wardrobe as shown in the Figure below."` `bbb"INTRODUCTION"` 1. The front elevation, carcase elevation, side elevation and two section views for the cabinet are drawn.2. The thickness of all shelves is 20mm.3. Layers: 4. All the dimensions are in mm.   `bbb"PROCEDURE"` 1.…

Creating a Layout, Section and Elevation with dimensions using AutoCad

AIM - To draw a plan and two sectional views of a G + 3 storey building. INTRODUCTION 1. The slab thickness is taken as 150mm.2. The beam dimensions are taken as 250x400mm.3. The door height is taken as 2.1m.4. Rest all data is as per the data given in the challenge.   `bb"DRAWING 1 - PLAN VIEW"` `bbb"PROCEDURE"`…

Project 1 _Creating an Architectural plan for the provided plot size and develop relevant basic structural drawings

AIM: To develop an architectural plan for a building for a plot size of 18.3x6m and develop the structural layout for the same. INTRODUCTION: 1. The structure is an RCC G+3 residential building.2. Each floor has one residential flat.3. All the dimesnions are in metres.4. The plinth level is 0.6m above the ground level…

Creating Bar Bending schedule, Different Door types, and Creation of standard drawing templates using AutoCad

AIM - `tt"Creating Bar Bending Schedule, Different Door types, and Creation of Standard drawing templates using AutoCad"` INTRODUCTION 1. Almost all the drawings in this challenge are converted into blocks. For creating blocks use the command BLOCK (type B in the command line), give a unique name to the block, select…

Project 1_Comparative study of different storey buildings for Seismic forces

`bbb "1. AIM: "`To examine the factors affecting the time period of the building by considering buildings with various structural configurations and analyzing them using ETABS.     `bbb"2. BUILDING DETAILS"` The following details are applicable for every building unless some other value is specified explicitly…

Course Certificates

Civil Engineering Fundamentals Module

Completion Certificate UID : ehigxmzk8jyu6t9c

Participation Certificates

Mastering Shear force and Bending Moment diagram

Workshop Certificate UID : td9kyevnfq

Designing of elevated metro structures

Workshop Certificate UID : 34ctj0kpuw

Dynamic loading on bridges and building

Workshop Certificate UID : 16rizwpbxn

Soil Investigation and Selection of Foundation Type

Workshop Certificate UID : qfulc4dx81

Composite Structures

Workshop Certificate UID : xsv4iuhelg

Bridge superstructure design

Workshop Certificate UID : hjbi54t7rl

Design of industrial structures using staad pro

Workshop Certificate UID : mik8fv0xah

Pre engineered building design in StaadPro

Workshop Certificate UID : w6i5a3nklz

Soil Anchors - Analysis and Applications

Workshop Certificate UID : jrk1si6af8

Connection design for steel structure

Workshop Certificate UID : jekbqiz4xl

Safe Bearing Capacity

Workshop Certificate UID : kesapo5d0q

Watertight Temporary Earth Retaining Structures

Workshop Certificate UID : au2f1x8vie

Planning and scheduling in construction with Primavera P6

Workshop Certificate UID : cj16rfyo53

Water tanks-Reinforced concrete water retaining structures

Workshop Certificate UID : 39r7ym5d0z

Overview on Engineering Consultancy and Foundations design

Workshop Certificate UID : 304h5xj2rd

Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering

Workshop Certificate UID : 907d4npt8i