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Job Trends In Full Stack Development

There are over 1 billion websites in the world, and it is estimated that 252,000 new websites are created daily. Full stack developers are masters of web development who have the skill set to build both the front and back end of these web applications.

Job Trends In Full Stack Development


There are over 1 billion websites in the world, and it is estimated that 252,000 new websites are created daily. Full stack developers are masters of web development who have the skill set to build both the front and back end of these web applications. Even if there are a billion websites, not all offer the right user experience or are functional. A good full-stack developer with the right skills and experience plays an important role in creating an interactive website.

In the internet age, it is almost impossible for businesses, big or small, to thrive without an online presence. Customers leave websites that offer a poor experience within a matter of seconds. With organizations leaving no stone unturned when it comes to meeting the growing demands of consumers online, the job demand for web developers with full-stack training has skyrocketed.

Industry experts believe that since 2015, the demand for full-stack developers has grown by 35% annually. By 2024, the US Department of Labor Statistics predicts that there will be approximately 853,000 positions available for these experts, up from 135,000 currently. Hence, besides the numerous employment alternatives, this particular career path is also among the highest-paying. Therefore, the future of developers of the MERN stack is very bright.

Upskilling in full-stack development courses opens the doors to many lucrative jobs across tech companies for aspiring professionals. Full Stack Developers are among the highest-paid tech professionals after Data Scientists. However, hands-on, full-stack training is crucial to becoming an expert. Some of the best full-stack developer courses in the skill-building space today belong to Skill-Lync.

These full-stack developer certification courses are the right choices for those keen on stepping into this field or transitioning from their current jobs. These full-stack courses offer learners multiple industry-relevant projects in Angular Web Development, Front-End Development, Java Programming, Microservices using Java, Spring & Docker, and Data Structures and Algorithms using Java. These mentor-led courses are designed to make learners dependable and qualified professionals ready for challenging web development projects.

Types of Full Stack Development Courses

Regarding Full Stack Developer training programmes, many academic institutes in India have not yet incorporated it into their curricula. However, Indian engineering students cannot afford to miss out on building skills in full-stack development, especially because the industry offers many lucrative job opportunities for engineers with full-stack developer certification. 

Therefore students/graduates must prioritize upskilling through full-stack developer courses to be eligible for the latest jobs in web development.

Below are the three popular types of Full Stack Developer courses which any aspirant could consider for upskilling:

Full Stack Developer Courses By Colleges/Universities

Indian colleges and universities are yet to catch up when delivering formal degree programmes in full-stack training. However,  certain IITs have partnered with edtech companies to deliver full-stack developer certification programmes to aspirants.

Full Stack Developer Courses By EdTech Companies

Full Stack Developer Courses offered by EdTech companies like Skill-Lync are quite popular among students and professionals keen on venturing into careers in new-age technologies. Skill-Lync offers one of the best full-stack courses, the Post Graduate Program in Full Stack Web Development.

Moreover, through this NSDC-accredited Full Stack Course, learners can acquire industry-relevant skills recognized by a Govt body.

Full Stack Developer Training Through Internships

Any degree of hands-on experience in Full Stack Developer Training is highly beneficial for one’s career. Prior work experience through workshops and internships can boost one’s chances of employability in the job market. Unfortunately, many full-stack enthusiasts don’t always find the right internship opportunities. 

This is where upskilling in full-stack courses that offer extensive project experience in their study modules, like the ones at Skill-Lync, comes in handy. 

Skill-Lync’s Full Stack Developer Course Online


The Post Graduate Program in Full Stack Web Development explores Java programming data structures and algorithms. It will also help you develop mastery over software tools like HTML5, CSS, Bootstrap 4 and Spring MVC through use cases. Regarding backend development, you will develop expertise in CSS, MongoDB, SQL knowledge and databases through this comprehensive full stack developer certification course. The industry-relevant projects in the program include developing an interactive e-commerce website for consumers and many more.

Cost and Duration of Full Stack Development Course

The cost of full-stack courses at Skill-Lync varies depending on the curriculum and program duration. The  Post Graduate Program in Full Stack Web Development,in particular, is a 24-week-long online program.

The fee structure of this advanced full-stack developer training course has been divided into three different categories: basic, pro, and premium. The fees range from Rs 17,500 to Rs. 27,500 per month.

Through one Data Science training program, they can get ready for the following jobs:

Jobs in Data Science:

  • Full-Stack Developer
  • Back-End Developer
  • Front-End Developer
  • Web Developer
  • Web Designer

Higher Education After Data Science Training 

Learners interested in post-graduate education can choose the following programs for this full-stack training:

  • Master in Data Science
  • Master in Artificial Intelligence
  • Master in Computer Science

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