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Fuel cell and Ultra capacitor for EV using MATLAB & Simulink in Mumbai

A comprehensive course on Fuel cell and Ultra capacitor Modelling for EV using Matlab and Simulink. This course is highly suited for beginners

12 weeks long course | 100% Online

Learn from leading experts in the industry

Project based learning with 2 industry level projects that learners can showcase on LinkedIn.

Learn Key Tools & Technologies MATLAB, Simulink

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This course is full of best-in-class content by leading faculty and industry experts in the form of videos and projects

Course Overview

  • The students will gain a thorough knowledge of the theoretical and practical aspects of network planning principles for fuel cells and ultracapacitors.
  • Various insights about the basics and fundamentals of different energy storage systems including batteries, ultracapacitors and fuel cells are covered.
  • A good in-depth is covered on various control strategies for energy management are discussed.
  • We will see an introduction to MATLAB programming and complete modelling of a hybridised energy storage electric vehicle from scratch in simulink.
  • A well to wheel analysis will also be performed using the GREET software.

Course Syllabus in Mumbai

On a daily basis we talk to companies in the likes of Tata Elxsi and Mahindra to fine tune our curriculum.

Week 1- Introduction to the course and topic

In thisweek, the following concepts are covered:

  • Fuel cell
  • Fuel cell stack system
  • Current development in the market 

Week 2- PEM fuel cell fundamentals

In this week, the following topics are covered

  • Internal structure of PEM fuel cell
  • Losses in fuel cell that affect performance 

Week 3- Fuel cell operation.

In this week, the following topics are covered:

  • Fuel cell operation
  • Starvation
  • Control parameters of starvation 

Week 4- Batteries and Ultracapacitor

In this week, the following topics are covered:

  • Details of batteries and ultracapacitor
  • Modelling of batteries and ultracapacitors in Matlab/Simulink 

Week 5- Introduction to programming in Matlab

Matlab is used for a wide range of applications mainly for computational mathematics.

In this week, 

  • The basics of programming in Matlab and Simulink is covered
  • Modelling assignments in MATLAB and Simulink is covered

Week 6- Control strategies for energy management

In this week, we will learn the following:

  • Understanding different energy management strategies
  • Rule based load following is covered

Week 7- Creating basic vehicle model

In this week, we will learn:

  • Important and advanced Simulink tools
  • How to create a basic vehicle model using Simulink

Week 8- Creating fuel cell model, UC model and battery model

In the week, the following models are created using MATLAB/Simulink:

  • Fuel cell model
  • UC Model
  • Battery Model

Week 9- Creating the energy management strategy

In this week, we will see

  • Power management techniques
  • How to create a basic strategy for power management using Matlab/Simulink

Week 10- Well to wheel analysis of fuel cell vehicle

In this week, we will see:

  • The concept of wheel to wheel analysis
  • An implementation of wheel to wheel analysis for fuel cell vehicles 

Week 11- Conclusion and project discussion

In this week, we will see:

  • A summary of all concepts covered in all weeks
  • A project implementation 
  • Integration of different models that were created before 

Week 12- Live Webinar

In this week, a live webinar is conducted to clarify students on the questions and queries.

Our courses have been designed by industry experts to help students achieve their dream careers

Industry Projects in Mumbai

Our projects are designed by experts in the industry to reflect industry standards. By working through our projects, Learners will gain a practical understanding of what they will take on at a larger-scale in the industry. In total, there are 2 Projects that are available in this program.

Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle Development

In this project, Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle Modelling in MATLAB/Simulink environment is implemented, for the learners to get a good understanding of the subject.

Energy Management Technique

In this project, an Energy Management Strategy Model is implemented in MATLAB/Simulink.

Our courses have been designed by industry experts to help students achieve their dream careers

Ratings & Reviews by Learners

Skill-Lync has received honest feedback from our learners around the globe.

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Upskill Yourself with the Fuel cell and Ultra capacitor for EV using MATLAB and Simulink Course in Mumbai

This course focuses on using MATLAB and Simulink to model fuel cells and ultra capacitors for electric vehicles. 

This online MATLAB simulation course follows a practical approach to teach you how batteries, fuel cells, and ultra-capacitors work. This method uses Simulink as well as MATLAB programming. 

The curriculum of this MATLAB and Simulink training course by Skill-Lync was developed by industry experts with 8 years of experience. You will gain knowledge of how to use the GREET software. It also focuses on building two Simulink models: a vehicle-based model and a powertrain concept model.

The two industry projects included in the course curriculum will help you to become job-ready.

FAQS about the Fuel cell and Ultra capacitor for EV using MATLAB and Simulink Course in Mumbai

Why should I choose the Fuel cell and Ultra capacitor for EV using MATLAB and Simulink course in Mumbai?

You will gain an understanding of how MATLAB and Simulink work through this course. You will also learn how to combine UC and fuel cell models while creating and designing Simulink models of a primary fuel cell. 

What are the prerequisites for taking up the Fuel cell and Ultra capacitor for EV using MATLAB and Simulink course in Mumbai?

The course is carefully curated for students and graduates of electrical, electronics and related engineering streams.

What is the program fee for Skill-Lync's Fuel cell and Ultra capacitor for EV using MATLAB and Simulink course in Mumbai?

This MATLAB and Simulink course has three fee plans: Basic, Pro, and Premium. The Basic plan offers 2 months' access at Rs 7000 per month for 3 months. The Pro plan provides 4 months' access at Rs 10,000 per month for 3 months, and the Premium plan offers lifetime access at Rs 15,000 per month for 3 months. 

What are the benefits of pursuing the Fuel cell and Ultra capacitor for EV using MATLAB and Simulink course in Mumbai?

Pursuing a MATLAB Simulink online course at Skill-Lync would offer many benefits to you.

  • Industry-oriented curriculum.
  • Hands-on experience in solving industry projects.
  • Email and forum support from the technical support team to clear your doubts.
  • A certificate of completion for all participants and a merit certificate for the top 5% of the scorers.

After completing the Fuel cell and Ultra capacitor for EV using MATLAB and Simulink course in Mumbai, what are the available career opportunities?

After completing this course, you can apply for different positions, such as:

  • Simulink Software Engineer
  • Test Engineer -Model-Based Development
  • EV Engineer

What is the expected salary range after completing the Fuel cell and Ultra capacitor for EV using MATLAB and Simulink course in Mumbai?

The range of the salary depends on the experience of the professional. The average salary range of a design engineer is INR 6.9 LPA. 

Can you tell me more about Skill-Lync?

Skill-Lync is among India's leading EdTech platforms dedicated to transforming engineering education. We equip young engineers with the latest skill sets and cutting-edge tools in new-age technologies.

The brainchild of two engineers, Skill-Lync, is on a mission to bridge the skill gap between aspiring professionals and the industry's demands through job-oriented courses.

Instructors profiles

Our courses are designed by leading academicians and experienced industry professionals.


1 industry expert

Our instructors are industry experts along with a passion to teach.


8 years in the experience range

Instructors with 8 years extensive industry experience.


Areas of expertise

  • Automobile Engineering

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