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The 21st-century discipline of mechanical engineering is immersed in an era of tremendous technological change. Areas such as computational fluid dynamics, geometric distancing & tolerancing, finite element analysis, computer-aided engineering have all become fundamentals for mechanical engineering roles. 

The permeation of computers into all these fields is apparent, as companies within the sectors such as automotive and aerospace prefer to do much more predictive analytics and simulations to ensure the highest level of safety for their products and services.


Skill-Lync Master's Courses


To take a small example of improved safety in the automotive sector, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in the US has calculated that the incidence of accidents leading to fatalities has reduced by 56% over the last six decades. Improvements in vehicle safety have played a part in increasing the number of lives saved annually from 115 in 1960 to 27,621 in 2012, saving more than a cumulative of 600,000 lives over five decades.

Over the years, core mechanical engineering roles are requiring students to bring much more than just theoretical knowledge to the table. The need for practical experience has become crucial. 

In a country like India, where there is intense competition for all kinds of jobs, companies hiring for skilled mechanical engineering roles are looking for students to have completed practical projects and internalized learnings by doing rather than just by reading.


Skill-Lync for Engineers

Skill-Lync is the go-to place for industry-relevant advanced courses for engineers. Not only are all courses of Skill-Lync reverse-engineered to very specific jobs, but are also designed in collaboration with industry experts to help students build a portfolio of projects. This way, engineers can showcase the knowledge and skills honed through project-based learning and have a better shot at securing their dream job.

If you have visited the website of Skill-Lync, you will have seen individual courses and what we call career packs. Career packs, as the name suggests, are job-oriented courses. The objective of these packs is to equip students with the right knowledge, skills, and mindsets to get into a core mechanical engineering role.

If you are an aspiring mechanical engineer pursuing an undergraduate degree, or a professional wanting to get into a core mechanical engineering domain, then you may wonder "what jobs can I apply to, post a Skill-Lync Post Graduate Course?"

This short article will help you gain key insights into the portfolio of offerings at Skill-Lync, the benefits of various offerings, the knowledge, and skills that you can expect to gain from the primary master's programs. You will also get an overview of Skill-Lync's track record in enabling students to get into core mechanical engineering roles or rotational roles in core mechanical engineering companies.


Post Graduate Programs at Skill Lync

The three main domains offered in the portfolio of masters at Skill Lync are:

  1. Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Post Graduate
  2. Computer-aided Engineering (CAE) Post Graduate
  3. Design Post Graduate

Of course, on the website, a multitude of master's courses can be seen. However, most of the other master's courses are subdomains of the three main domains listed above.


Benefits of a Post Graduate Program From a Job Perspective

1. CFD Post Graduate

Post Graduatecourses with Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) at the core can potentially equip students with the knowledge of vital tools such as ANSA or HyperMesh that can help a student get into a CFD preprocessing engineering role-which involves meshing and setting up boundary conditions.

Another potential set of job tracks for CFD master's students is getting into a CFD analyst or CFD applications engineer type of job. An MTech student with capable coding skills can potentially apply for CFD software developer roles, which are at the forefront of CFD mechanical engineering skilled jobs with high-paid salaries.


2. CAE Post Graduate

Taking up the CAE Post Graduate Program at Skill-Lync can help students get into FEA preprocessing jobs or even jobs as FEA analysts, crash analysts, or application engineers. An MTech student with decent coding skills can potentially apply for an FEA software developer job.


3. Design Post Graduate

Students taking the Design Post GraduateProgram at Skill-Lync can potentially get into design engineering roles post-completion of the course, especially if they build a strong portfolio of design projects. 

Other more specialized jobs that students can seek are-solid modeling based design engineering roles or engineering roles in surface modeling, sheet metal, or plastics depending on the skillsets of the students. 

A Post Graduatein Body In White (BIW) can help students apply for jobs of BIW fixture design or BIW design engineer.


4. Post Graduate Program In Hybrid Electric Vehicles

Students who complete the Post Graduate Program in Hybrid Electric Vehicles at Skill-Lync get to apply for all of the jobs mentioned in the above domains. Additionally, they can also apply for jobs that have a combination of electric vehicles or electric power train architecture together with CFD, CAE, or Design.


Salary Ranges After Completing a Skill-Lync Post Graduate Course

Salary Range after Master Degree


At Skill-Lync, no matter which course pack you choose to take, we have a solid track record in helping students crack core mechanical engineering job roles. The student and customer success team works hard with the students to help them clear the fundamentals and prepare them for mock interviews. 

To date, 150+ students have gotten jobs in core mechanical engineering roles with the help of Skill-Lync. Based on these placements, an undergraduate mechanical engineering student with 0 years of experience can expect to get into a job with a starting CTC of Rupees 2.5 lakhs to 4.5 lakhs. An MTech student can reasonably expect to land a job with a CTC of Rupees 3.5 lakhs to 6 lakhs after having completed a Skill-Lync Post Graduate program.

If you are interested in the various programs at Skill-Lync or any of the individual courses by industry experts at Skill-Lync, then feel free to visit our website.


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