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Renewable Energy Industry Reports

Renewable Energy | Renewable Energy Report

Who can download this Industry report?

For Electrical, Mechanical and Civil Engineers

Domain : Mechanical

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A Quick Overview

Skill-Lync is an engineering e-learning platform based in Chennai. The brainchild of two engineers, we are at the forefront of re-shaping engineering education in India.

In the winter of 2019, we became the 1st start-up from Chennai to be funded by Y-Combinator. Today, close to 10000+ students from over 58 countries study at Skill-Lync. Over three years we have helped 280 engineers achieve their dream careers.

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1How to start your career in renewable energy ?

To meet the Government's intended target of 137GW of installed capacity by 2030, the renewable energy sector has to grow at a rate of 16% YoY. This will create an estimated 3.3 lakhs employment opportunities in 2022 alone, a windfall for engineering students who want to start a career in the renewable energy sector. The lion's share of this growth will be seen in the hydro, solar, and wind sectors with - design, construction, and commissioning, and operations and maintenance being the verticals that an engineering student can start their career in renewable energy. We have compiled an industry report in which we have mentioned all the available employment opportunities in the various renewable energy sectors, we have listed the various job offerings and the key skillsets that are required for the students to get selected.

2Do you want to be in the renewable energy sector?

The effects of climate change have started to affect our lives, everything from irregular crop patterns, sea erosion, and increase in the summer heatwaves has started to create a tangible effect on humanity. A career in the renewable energy sector is not only promising but has the added benefit of helping the entire human race. Students who want to start their careers in the renewable energy sector should look for employment opportunities in the solar, wind, and hydro sectors. With an estimated 3.3 lakh jobs being created by 2022 there has never been a better time to start your career in this sector. Skill-Lync recommends students consider the construction and commissioning vertical if they are inclined towards the solar energy sector and the operations and maintenance vertical if they want to work in the wind energy sector. This is an industry report that offers recommendations to the various job opportunities that are available in the renewable energy sector, split into various domains and the key skills that are required for a student to get employed. 

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