Skill-Lync's Post Graduate Program Is the First Step to Getting a Good Job

Skill-Lync has various courses that deal with many aspects and train individuals for the industry. Skill-Lync provides two types of courses, namely the Individual course and the Post graduate course. 

PG certification courses are job oriented courses. Each Post graduate course consists of six modules or Individual courses in a particular domain. It can be a CMD, FEA, or Design domain. 


How Will Skill-Lync Help You Get a Job After Your Post Graduate Program? 

When you enroll in a PG certifciation course, you access 6 different Individual courses in a particular domain. Each module consists of 4 projects and 8 assignments. Overall, you will be working on over 20 projects and 40 assignments. 

All these projects and assignments will cover up all the theory and software skill-set required not only to work on the projects but also to do well later in your job. 

Skill-Lync aims to provide a realistic idea of the projects you will be working on a job and the types of obstacles you might face. Rather than working on traditional projects, industry-relevant projects are much more effective. 


Provide a Portfolio

While working on 20 different industry-relevant projects, you are creating a portfolio for your resume. A portfolio is a useful way to showcase your competencies that you would like the recruiters to know about. It provides evidence of your skills and abilities. 

When you enroll in a course on Skill-Lync, you will receive a profile with a unique URL address. In this profile, you can provide detailed information about yourself, and also list all your projects with detailed reports. 

Since your profile is public, anyone can visit and check it. You can put the link of profile in your resume or anywhere visible to potential employers.



Skill-Lync Career Success Team

The Skill-Lync Career Success Team will guide you through a three-step process. 


First Step: Make a Profile

Your profile is the first impression when recruiters search for good candidates in your domain of expertise. The first thing that the Skill-Lync Success Career Team will do is:

  • Review your portfolio
  • Review your resume
  • Review your LinkedIn

Skill-Lync will provide you with a mentor, who will guide you with your portfolio, resume, and LinkedIn profile. The mentor will make sure that all your profiles are providing the right skills as well as SEO targets. This way, your profile is visible to all potential recruiters.  


Second Step: Job Interview

The Skill-Lync team will get you 15 different job interviews in three ways. 


  • Skill-Lync Partner Companies

Companies are always in search of good talents to work with them. Therefore, the companies partner with Skill-Lync. In return, Skill-Lync provides them with high-quality abilities. 

Skill-Lync provides a portfolio of the students to these companies. The companies then go through the portfolio, pick the students, and call for interviews.


  • Skill-Lync Internal Job Database

Skill-Lync searches the internet for all jobs in Mechanical Engineering, Automotive Engineering, and Aerospace Engineering posted all over the world. So, any job posted anywhere, Skill-Lync will get to know and eventually inform you if you are in the career success phase.



  • Teaching the Art of Applying for a Job

Skill-Lync does not only help you land a job but also teaches how to apply for one. It's not likely that you will stay at the same company forever; after a few years of getting your first job with Skill-Lync, you may find better growth opportunities that make you consider a switch. As such, it's important to learn to hone your interview and application skills for future jobs.


Third Step: Prepare You For the Interview

Even with an attractive portfolio and interview calls, many students have no idea how to make the most of the interview and secure a job. As the final aspect of landing a job, Skill-Lync makes sure that you are fully prepared for it. 


For this, Skill-Lync uses another 3-Step process:

  • Mock Tool Test
  • Domain-Based FAQ test
  • Mock Technical Test


If you are looking for a job in a particular engineering role, then you definitely will have to appear for these tests. Skill-Lync does the Mock Tool and Mock Technical Test at least 3 to 5 times. 

Most importantly, Skill-Lync collects the feedback from your previous interviews and figures out what went right and what you need to do differently next time. Candidates who have appeared for at least 10 interviews using this process have already got the job. 


Skill-Lync Does Not Guarantee a Job

If you are thinking about how Skill-Lync will help you get a job after your Post Graduate Program, then here's your answer. 

Skill-Lync is not a job consultancy service. It is an up-skill platform that teaches and helps their student to secure a job. After completing the Post graduate course from Skill-Lync, you will be guided throughout the whole process to get a job. It might be lengthy, but you are also going to learn this thoroughly for future purposes. 

Remember, you are not signing up in Skill-Lync just to get a job. You are signing up to strengthen your fundamentals and learn life skills, which will enable you to get a job after completing your Post graduation certification course. 

In any case, postgraduates fresh out of college who are looking to enter the job market will get all the assistance that they require from Skill-Lync.



The most important thing about Skill-Lync's Post Graduate program is the ability to gain wide exposure to certain topics and an in-depth study of all the concepts within a domain. As a postgrad, you will also learn how to approach real-world problems and find solutions for the same.

Moreover, the course makes you job-ready with mock tool tests and technical tests that serve as a warm-up for the main job interview. You will also receive assistance for job interviews and stand to benefit from the feedback for future applications.

In short, the Post Graduate course from Skill-Lync will develop and train you not just for one job, or company, but any job that you desire in the domain.

Upskill with Skill-Lync and land your dream job now!


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