In which field do Mechanical Engineers get Best Salary?


Every fresher dreams of getting a well-paid job, make his family proud, and get well settled. But that’s where the struggle lies. There are a lot of opportunities for engineers to earn but most of them do not match up to the candidate’s dream.

Mechanical engineering is a widespread area. Industries these days look for engineers with specialized skill-set irrespective of whether they are a fresher or experienced person. Some of the common skills mechanical engineers are expected to have, but not taught prevalently in universities include:

  • Knowledge of engineering analysis tools and one or more programming languages
  • In-depth knowledge about performing simulations in domains such as Computational Fluid Dynamics, Finite Element Analysis & Multi-Body Dynamics.
  • Knowledge about mechanical regulations and industry standards in accordance with the country the company is located in.

It would be unfair to not meet up to the industry’s standards yet expect a high salary as everyone else. So if you are looking for a job that pays well, ensure that you are equipped enough for what it demands. A lot of mechanical engineers are deluded that mechanical engineers don’t have to learn to code. But a look at what the employers expect to reveal otherwise. Take a look at this snapshot below:


This image was taken from the Tesla website.


This particular job posted by Tesla requires the candidate to have knowledge about designing, SolidWorks, and FEA. Most of the institutions in India are not preparing the students for this, which leads to a gap between the industry and academia. This is why students are always advised to take up courses apart from what is taught by the colleges/universities.

You must have come across a job with a good salary but mentions that “relevant experience” is needed. Well, our first instinct as fresher would be to immediately put it aside because we think “I am a fresher. I don’t have any experience”. What we fail to perceive is that relevant experience means that you just need to have knowledge in that area and some practical experience. For example, let us say that a particular job needs you to have “1 year of relevant experience in FEA simulations”. You could still apply for the job by showing relevant projects that you worked on. So, the important point is that you must on projects even as a fresher in your college days so that you can graduate with relevant experience. This will ensure that whatever field you choose to get into, you can get a decent paying job.

The national average pay for mechanical engineers in India is Rs.3,50,000. Here are some skills that can affect a mechanical engineer’s salary:


The data displayed in this chart was taken from PayScale.


From the data displayed above, it is quite evident that learning a programming language like C++ or its common counterpart, Python, can boost a mechanical engineer’s salary. On the other hand, walking into an interview and claiming to be a mechanical engineer with good Microsoft office skills is most likely to impact your salary negatively. This is not because Microsoft office is a bad skill but because it is naturally expected from engineers that it carries no special value.

Fields like HVAC engineers, design engineers, and thermal engineers are well paid and they have a scope in a wide range of industries. For example, software companies hire thermal or HVAC engineers to help them in heat transfer inside their micro-level components, data centers, etc.

I would say that if you wish to earn good, your motive must be to persevere in the long run. Rather than shifting jobs in favor of a better salary, I would recommend developing relevant skill sets this will make you an asset in any company that you work for, thus increasing your stake in the company you work at.

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