How do students get their doubts clarified in Skill-Lync's online courses?

Gone are the days when online courses were utilised by individuals to brush up their skills. Virtual education has come under the spotlight as the pandemic has made it impossible for educators and students to attend schools, colleges, and universities. 

Most online courses, although self-paced, pose a significant challenge for students when it comes to asking questions. Either the students can write emails to the course provider or can get some common queries resolved through bots or FAQs. 

This not only hampers the pace of the student's learning but, in most cases, it also discourages them from asking questions from their mentors. For this reason, students resort to the internet and online forums to seek a solution to their queries. Regardless, none of these methods ensures query resolution. 


At Skill-Lync, We Care About Your Doubts!

If you are a prospective student wondering how you will get your doubts clarified in Skill-Lync's online course, you have reached the right place. Skill-Lync prepares students for industry through its world-class advanced engineering courses. It presents multiple solutions to tackle the doubt clarification challenge the online educators face.

At the time of enrollment, Skill-Lync assigns each student a support engineer. The support engineer frequently interacts with the student to ensure they are not facing any challenges while undertaking the course. The students are also advised to ask their queries to the support engineer directly. The support engineer typically responds to the doubts between 8 AM - 10 PM. 

Let us dive deeper and understand the multiple ways in which your queries can be resolved. 


Reactive Support Model

Your Skill-Lync online course will have scheduled weekly videos along with challenges and projects. During the duration of the course, you will encounter doubts and queries. To avoid hampering your progress, you should inquire about your doubts as and when they arise. 

Our online courses simulate the classroom environment when it comes to query resolution. The only difference is that you can be sitting anywhere in the world and get your questions answered.

The reactive support model encompasses various methods that can be employed by the student to get their query resolved once it arises.


Phone Call or Email

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As mentioned earlier, each student at the time of enrolment is assigned a support engineer. The details, such as their email address as well as phone number, are also shared with the student. They can directly reach out to the support engineer through them for quick doubt clarification. 

Emails are encouraged in case the query doesn't need to be answered immediately. However, for urgent questions, students can directly call their support engineers.

WhatsApp Group

Upon enrollment, the students are added to a Whatsapp group where they can reach out to not just their support engineers but also their peers. This method is amongst the quickest for query resolution. Again, this exposes the students to the perspective of their peers and helps them understand a problem from multiple angles.


One-to-One Video Call

Students can schedule one-to-one video calls with their support engineer, where the support staff will attend to their doubts and queries individually. The support engineer will explain the concepts from scratch. The students are encouraged to ask questions until their query is resolved without any hesitation. 

This measure ensures that the students correctly understand problematic or challenging concepts and questions. The students are also asked to share their screen so that the support engineer can understand the issue and resolve it. 


Group Video Call

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Skill-Lync's online courses also have a provision of group video calls. These are organized weekly by the support engineer for all the students enrolled in a particular course. 

Every student is encouraged to attend these video calls even if they do not have queries of their own. This practice allows the students to understand the concepts through the questions of their peers. The video calls also reduce the inhibitions that students might face while asking doubts.


Proactive Support Model

The proactive support model encompasses various methods that are employed by the support engineers before the student comes up with the query.


Weekly Calls for Scheduling Study Plan

At Skill-Lync, students will find that the online courses are self-paced. Although the entire course duration is fixed to 12 weeks, each week, the students decide how much they can learn in a particular week based on their comfort level. 

These decisions are taken under the supervision of their support engineers. The support engineers guide the students on the challenges they might face while undertaking the online course based on the issues encountered in the previous weeks.

If a student finishes the decided material before the end of the week, the support engineer provides the content for the next week. On the contrary, if the student is unable to finish the decided material within the week, the support engineer reaches out to them to understand the constraints they might be facing.


Advantages of Skill-Lync's Online Courses

Although this blog focuses on the immediate doubt clarification in Skill-Lync's online courses, there are various other benefits associated with it.

Upon enrollment, students will develop a unique project profile that will prepare them for their industry-relevant jobs. Students get to publish their projects to get noticed by potential employers. Students can also check the projects of other students under the project header on the website. 

As mentioned throughout the blog, query clarification support reduces the hurdles that students face while undertaking the online course. This also accelerates course completion, ultimately leading to student success.

If you want to make the most of this opportunity and boost your career in the technical field, enroll at Skill-Lync now. In the last 12 months, we have placed over 200 students and have helped students get over 500,000 USD in scholarships.


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