This is part-2 of a two-part series. You can read the first part that goes into the introduction of the Post-Graduate certification in Hybrid Electric Vehicles program - here

The Post-Graduate certification in Hybrid Electric Vehicle program is an 8-month long comprehensive coursework. Students who take this course can find employment in diverse domains - CFD, FEA, Design, MBD, EV, and HEV.


Some of the Projects Offered in the HEV Course

There are a total of 20 projects in this course. Given below are some of the more noteworthy projects that you, the student, will work on:

  1. Thermodynamic analysis of engine for tractor application
  2. Heavy-duty application modeling
  3. Meshing BMW M6 vehicle and placing it in Windtunnel for aerodynamic analysis
  4. Meshing the turbocharger for internal flow analysis
  5. 1D supersonic nozzle flow simulation
  6. 2D Heat Conduction Simulation
  7. Automated block-mesh generator
  8. Defining control system higher level requirements
  9. Application software development using Simulink
  10. Designing electric powertrain with the type of motor, its power rating and energy required to fulfil aircraft towing application
  11. Designing a motor for an electric scooter with gear ratio seven and tire size as 90/100 R10 53J


Possible Career Options 

HEV, along with other specializations, is a good option for those doing M.Tech in manufacturing engineering. If a student is interested in analysis and simulation, they can take the HEV course with either the CFD or FEA domain. Each of the domains have their own pros-and-cons; FEA has more jobs, while CFD is best for those with an M.Tech.

The possible career options that one can apply for after completing Skill-Lync's course in HEV are:

  • Calibration engineer
  • 1D modeling engineer
  • Harness engineer (mechanical/electrical)
  • CAE analyst
  • Application engineer
  • Design engineer
  • HIL (hardware in the loop) engineer
  • Get in an OEM


Switching Careers With HEV 

The HEV course, along with CAE specialization, is a good option for all mechanical engineers who have four to five years of working experience but wish to switch career domains into electric mobility. HEV is also an excellent option for those wishing to shift from management jobs to engineering jobs.  

Skill-Lync also provides BIW Fixture Design & Plastic Design, where you design the fixtures of BIW components. Before using any software like SOLIDWORKS, it's essential to understand the basics of solid modeling, sheet metal, surface modeling, and plastics.  

In case you want to shift from production engineering to electrical and electronic product development, you can opt for our electrical courses. If someone has worked with innovative electrical/mechanical projects, then they have a shot at landing a job at an OEM. 

Even automobile engineers with no prior knowledge in coding or software can do these courses because we start from scratch. Due to the pandemic, we are getting plenty of free time and need to utilize it well. Hence, it is the best time to upskill yourself for the HEV industry.


Skill-Lync Can Help You Get a Job!

At Skill-Lync, we understand the field of Hybrid Electric Vehicles and its job market!

Once students enrol in our courses, they get to perform real-time projects and eventually select a specialization. Students appear for multiple tests. After six months, they create a strong portfolio and sit for interviews and recruitments. We prepare the students for cracking job interviews as a part of the course curriculum.  

We also conduct job surveys every month and collect the vacancies in India for a particular field. After that, we send the resume of our eligible students to the company. We prepare our students with technical knowledge and higher education opportunities.  


We Offer Industry-Oriented Projects

In the student portal, everyone has a dashboard from where they can access all the courses with videos and challenges. The videos will clear their concepts. 

Every week there will be a challenge comprising of industry-oriented questions set to test their understanding. After submitting the answers, the window automatically creates a project portfolio for the student. The entire process gives a detailed report of their project. 

Our recent trainee, Sankar Raj, got into AXISCADES as an aerospace engineer. It was only possible because he practised such industry-oriented projects. If one is interested in securing core mechanical engineering jobs, then going for Skill-Lync's courses is their best bet

Technical projects are what a student needs to master to get into the core industry. Hence, a strong portfolio with lots of projects will help them stand apart from their peers and eventually crack the interviews.   


Fee Structure and Duration of Our Courses 

Post-Graduate HEV course is of 8 months duration with fee structure: 

  • INR 3,20,00 (offline in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai)
  • INR 2,45,000 (online)

All master's programs like Design or CAE Master's have fees: 

  • INR 1,50,000 (online)


The Benefits of Signing up for Skill-Lync's Master's Program

HEV provides full-fledged knowledge, Design Master's gives product knowledge, while CAE Master's give prototype testing skills. To get a job in the EV section, one can go for the first semester courses in HEV. 80% of students who completed our Master's course got a job.  

Moreover, all our skilled courses are the gateway to admission to large universities for Masters (Germany, US, Netherlands). Students like Nikhit Bolar, Mohammed Anas Imam Khan, and Raj Dave are a few names that have sought admission in universities abroad. 



If you are a Diploma student, start with individual design courses. When companies are looking for one year experience, they are looking for people with engineering experiences. So if you have worked on engineering projects, then your chances of getting selected automatically increases.

The eligibility criterion for these courses is to score more than 60% in mechanical engineering or electrical engineering. We also allow students to finish 12 month-long courses in 6 months, provided they are willing to invest 40 hours a week.  

All in all, Skill-Lync covers a detailed course structure that enables students to achieve their dreams. Your future is just a click away.


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