University in Europe for Mechanical Engineers with Low GPA

In this article, we have selected a few universities in Europe that accept undergraduate students with low grades and provide them with equal opportunities. Such universities are usually located in the Baltic and Scandinavian regions of Europe and so, they come with a benefit of low tuition fees and low living costs while providing elite education to its students.

Like I mentioned in the first part of this article, you might be wondering how exactly low is “low GPA”. Well, the answer varies. In some universities, 60%-70% is considered to be average/low while in some universities 40%-50% is considered to be low. This depends on how much the university usually awards as the highest mark. Either way, when you apply to universities in Europe, your grades are converted into European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) credits. Your application will be accepted only when your grades can be translated into sufficient credits.

Here are a few universities which accept graduates with a low GPA (Note- Order does not denote ranking).


Technical University of Denmark 

GPA REQUIREMENTS – The applicant must possess at least approximately 75 percent of the maximum obtainable grade. This may vary depending on the grading system of the university awarding the Bachelor's degree.

The courses offered at DTU by the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering include:

DTU is one of Denmark’s top technical universities. It offers research-based programs that help students gain theoretical and practical knowledge to solve complex engineering problems. The university covers core and interdisciplinary disciplines such as mechanics, numerical simulation, fluid flows, energy conversions, etc. The university covers areas such as energy, materials, production, etc. Some of the research labs at the university include:

Vilnius Gediminas Technical University– Lithuania

GPA REQUIREMENTS – A minimum of 65% overall.

Courses available – Master of Engineering Sciences in:

VGTU is ranked by QS World University ranking as the 39th university in Emerging Europe and Central Asia region (2019). It is one of the biggest research universities in Lithuania with a focus on engineering and technology. VGTU is regarded to be a leading research institute. 19% of the VGTU researchers have an h-index of 10 or higher (h-index is a metric that is based on the set of scientist’s most cited papers and the number of citations that they have received in other publications) (1)

Some of the laboratories at Vilnius Gediminas Technical University that work on projects related to Mechanical University include:

  • Laboratory of Experimental Mechanics
  • Laboratory of Medical Models
  • Laboratory of Numerical Simulations
  • Institute of Mechanical Science

To find complete information about the laboratories at the university, visit this link: Research Laboratories Faculty Level

The Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava – Slovakia

GPA REQUIREMENTS – Contact the university directly. Scroll to the bottom to get more info.

The courses offered by STU include:

STU is a modern research institute. STU graduates enjoy a high employment rate in the Slovakian market. In recent years, STU hit the lowest record of postgraduate unemployment in the country. The research teams at STU are involved in international projects. STU has successfully joined European Union programs for research activities. All the members of the Faculty of Mechanical University are a part of the CERREC research.

Some of the research laboratories at the lab include:

You can find information about the rest of the labs here

Technical University of Ostrava – Czech Republic

GPA REQUIREMENTS – Contact the university directly. Scroll to the bottom to get more info.

The courses offered by the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at the Technical University of Ostrava are:

The University of Ostrava is a public research university. Recently in 2019, the university acquired institutional accreditation that allowed it to shape its own syllabus. It has also partnered with several local organisations that provide work experience to students while they study. The university focuses on several areas for research purposes. Some of the labs at the University of Ostrava where research is carried out regarding Mechanical engineering are:

  • Laboratory of mechanical properties of advanced materials and defectoscopy
  • Laboratory of contact fatigue
  • Laboratory of experimental dynamics
  • Laboratory of Technical Diagnostics and Advanced Simulation Systems
  • Laboratory of Foundations of Automation
  • Laboratory of Measurement and Sensors
  • Laboratory of Mechatronic Systems and Modelling

You can find more information on the laboratories using this link: Labs in the Department of Mechanical Engineering


Technical University of Liberec – Czech Republic

GPA REQUIREMENTS – No minimum grades are required but there is an online entrance test.

The courses offered by the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering by the Technical University of Liberec are:

The Technical University of Liberec excels at both academic and scientific research. All study programs are accredited by the Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sports of the Czech Republic. The country of Czech Republic is known for its textile, material, chemical, mining, and automobile industries and the TUL focusses strongly on these departments in addition to be a forerunner in the production of nanofibers and nanotechnology. Research takes up 25% of the activity happening at TUL. The university houses several laboratories under each department. Here are some labs that the university uses to carry out research related to mechanical engineering:

  • Laboratory of Experimental Mechanics
  • Laboratory of Mechanical Examinations and Tribology
  • Laboratory of Numerical Simulations
  • Laboratory of 3d Measuring and Digitization, Reverse Engineering
  • Laboratory of Cutting Technology and Processes (LTT)
  • Laboratory Metrology Laboratory (LSM)
  • Metallographic Laboratory
  • Laboratory of NDT methods
  • Carbon layer laboratory

Apart from this, you can visit the individual departments to know about the laboratories in each department:

Apart from the above-mentioned universities, there are some universities that do not offer a direct postgraduate degree in mechanical engineering but rather a specialised or interdisciplinary degree related to mechanical engineering. A few handpicked ones are mentioned below:

Template for contacting universities directly:

In some universities, the admission committee cannot tell in advance if you are qualified for admission. In such cases, you must contact the university directly with a copy of your transcript for evaluation purposes. To inquire if about the eligibility criteria at a particular university, you can use the below template to mail to them:


I am (insert name), a prospective student looking to enroll in your Master’s in (insert course name). I was looking at your course page for the eligibility criteria and I wish to know the minimum grades required for an undergraduate international student from (country where you did your undergraduate degree) to enroll in that course. It would be great if you can provide me with info regarding this, thank you!

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