In the first part (Top universities in Germany for Mechanical engineers – Part 1), you would have seen the Top 5 universities in Germany. Here we are going to explore another five universities that are recommended for mechanical engineers. If you are planning to use this information as a guide to select a university for your higher studies, then I would recommend that you go through the course pages of these universities so that you can get an idea about the syllabus as well.

University of Stuttgart:

The research at Stuttgart is highly interdisciplinary. It is the university’s mission to transcend department boundaries in terms of research. Several departments come together to work on projects that would benefit society. Located in a region of economic strength, Stuttgart enjoys the highest research funding among German universities. Annual funding reaches as high as 250 million euros and this shows how much the university is the powerhouse for industry, national and industrial researches. Also, the funding ensures excellent research facilities, including Europe’s most powerful supercomputer. Additional funding means opportunities to work with professors as Research Assistants on their projects.


Companies near Stuttgart Employment stats
·        Daimler AG


·        Behr GmbH & Co KG

·        Dürr AG

·        Horváth & Partners

·        Mahle GmbH

·        Mercedes-Benz

·        Porsche

·        Recaro

·        Wolff&Müller

Out of ~36000 active graduates from Stuttgart from 1900,


6,260 are working in a field related to engineering.

2733 are into research

The rest are spread across fields such as IT, business development, operations, etc.

TU Clausthal:

TU Clausthal is involved in regional and international research. The university acquires about 30 million euros in funding every year.

The four research priorities of the institute are:

  • Sustainable energy systems
  • Resource security and resource efficiency
  • Novel materials and processes for competitive products
  • Open Cyber-Physical Systems and Simulation (1)


Companies near Clausthal Employment stats
·        PSL Systemtechnik


·        Domanski Maschinenbau

·        Ge:Net GmbH

·        Haacke Vermessung Markscheider

Out of ~6300 active graduates from TUC from 1900,


1048 are working in a field related to engineering.

510 are into research

The rest are spread across fields such as IT, business development, operations, etc.

TU Braunschweig:

The core research areas of TU Braunschweig are metrology, mobility, urbanization and smart cities, infection, and therapeutics. Apart from this, the institute also works on several projects in various other fields. In the field of mechanical engineering, the institute focuses on areas of automotive engineering, aerospace, energy and process, production, and systems engineering.


  • Computational Sciences in Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Mobility and Transportation
  • Aerospace Engineering
Companies near Braunshweig Employment stats
·        Büssing AG


·        Blumenbecker Engineering LLC

·        UPAS Halle

Out of ~19390 active graduates from 1900,


3009 are working in a field related to engineering.

1750 are into research

The rest are spread across fields such as IT, business development, quality management, etc.

University of Bayreuth

The University of Bayreuth focuses on interdisciplinary research and has earned an international reputation for the same. This is considered to be beneficial since we are moving into an era where the lines between different disciplines of study are becoming blurred. The university has earned a spot among the top-ranked global institutes that are less than 50 years old.

Research areas focussed at Bayreuth: Advanced Materials, African Studies, Cultural Encounters, and Transcultural Processes, Ecology and The Environmental Sciences, Energy Research, and Energy Technology, Food and Health Sciences, Governance and Responsibility, High Pressure and High-Temperature Research, Innovation and Consumer Protection, Molecular Biosciences, Nonlinear Dynamics, Polymer and Colloid Science.


Companies near Bayreuth Employment stats
·        Cybex


·        Luft- und Thermotechnik Bayreuth GmbH

·        TenneT TSO GmbH


Out of ~18600 active graduates from Bayreuth


2782 are working in business development.

1475 are into research

The rest are spread across fields such as education, business development, program and project management, etc.

Hamburg University of technology:

TUHH has a simple research goal – to develop technology for people. And they aim to do this by focusing on three areas: Aviation and maritime systems, Green technology and Life science technology.


Companies near Hamburg Employment stats
·        Skysails


·        Aurubis

·        Blohm+Voss

·        C. Illies & Co.

·        Hamburg Süd

·        Hamburger Flugzeugbau

·        Hapag-Lloyd

·        Körber

Out of ~54,400 active graduates from OVGM from 1900,


2050 is working in a field related to engineering.

3740 are into research

9560 are into business development.

The rest are spread across fields such as IT, business development, operations etc.

The figures mentioned here about the employment stats are estimates and not the actual numbers. The companies I mentioned here are not the complete list either, but only a select few. The sole intention of putting these facts was to give you a rough idea that would help you zero down on a good university. If you are looking for more guidance on the topic of studying in Germany, you can check out our article “How to apply to Germany for my Masters?


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